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8 Month Old Body Twitching/spasm

I am getting myself really freaked out as I look online for what this could be. I need to know if it sounds at all familiar to other Moms. I am a first time Mom and my daughter will be 8 months old tomorrow. Just today she started to have full body twitches or spasms. They last for a second and are gone just as quick, but have happened several times in a row. It is always while I or my husband is holding her. She is very active and wiggley as she is starting to army crawling everywhere. So she is one the floor alot and does not want to be held for long periods of time. I have only first noticed this today as I was holding her for about 1/2 to 45 minutes while outside speaking to someone. Then it did not happen again until my husband came home from work about 6-7 hours later and held her. I plan to observe her very closely tomorrow and call her pediatrician at the first sight of another occurance. This twitch/spasm thing does not seem to bother her it is almost like she is being startled but she is not at all. Any suggestions or advice would really help. Again I have sort of freaked myself out thinking she might have infantile spasm/ west syndrome thanks to the internet (a blessing and a curse as we can make ourselves nuts).

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I did contact her Pediatrician's office as all of you urged me too. I am to keep an eye on her as it appears to have been something that only happened that one day. I have not seen any reoccurance as of yet. If I do she will be at the MD's office in a heartbeat. I can't imagine what could have been going on, but am relieved it has not occured since and feel better that her MD knows about it and if it does happen again that they are aware of it. Strange as it did not seem like a chill nor did it seem like a seizure....I am praying it was just a onetime thing. Thanks for all the comments/advice.

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My son did the same thing! That weird "shiver" another mom mentioned, and it totally freaked me out! I just kept an eye on him, and he outgrew it in about a month. I hoped it was just something strange that his body was going through as it developed and grew- and it seemed to coincide with crawling/learning to cruise.

No shivers now, and he's just fine!

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My son did this for a few weeks - it almost seemed like he was cold and having the chills - the dr said to touch him while it was happening to see if you could stop it and to time how long it lasted. My son's twitching was so quick that I couldnt even touch him during. My dr took this very seriously when i told her, but reassured me that it did not sound like seizures unless it lasted longer... then i read on the internet that many babies do this because of their immature nervous system. My son's just went away after a few weeks so hopefully you'll find the same-

i would have her checked to make sure that she is not having mim seizures...this info is not to scare you, but to help you

My son would do a little shake, like a shiver, every so often when he was that age as well. I was freaked out, too. I talked to my ped about it and he said if it was very brief and if my son maintained eye contact and seemed fine while it happened, not to worry. Their nervous systems are still developing, I guess. Video taping it is a good idea, but we were never able because these "shivers" were so brief. He doesn't do it any more, so maybe your daughter will just outgrow it like he did. Good luck!

Hi E., Yes! You should consult a doctor. Hopefully you can rule out your fear but if it is anything you can deal with it rather than guessing. My prayers for you and your baby, Grandma Mary


If you haven't already done so, please stop everything and get her to the doctor. You need to have peace of mind. My son was about 2 years old when he had similar symptoms. It was epilepsy. He outgrew it. Like other mothers are saying, I'm not telling you this to scare you, rather to run and get a solid diagnosis and start treatment immediately if necessary. I can't stress it enough that the sooner you get her seen, the better. I wish you all the best, and I pray that you are spared my experience. But whatever it is, we get through it. Good luck. Please keep us posted.

STAY OFF THE INTERNET!!!! and Call your doctor.Get the facts not the "What if's". Set your mind at ease and get a medical diagnosis.

Also it may be beneficial to the doctor if you can document what she was doing, when it occured, how long it lasts and even if you can video tape it. She may just do it hersself or it may be a muscle thing. Don't freak just write it down.

My 2yo can make her whole body shake when she is mad. She has been doing it for a while now. I worried the first few times and then realized it only occured when she was mad and that she completely controlled it. For her it is a control thing. She wants to be in control and is willing to do anything to get it. A.

I would not observe her for another day. If there is a possibility that your baby is having multiple seizures, I would be on the phone with the pediatrician NOW, not soliciting internet advice from people who can't examine your baby and give your reassurance or a diagnosis
Good luck

Hi! Regarding the twitching/spasm. I recall my son also having that same occurance. It made me nervous as well. I asked his Dr. and was told that it is a baby's body falling into place. I believe it is their nerves. It looked as if he had a chill, that is my way of explaining it. Do keep an eye though, and Do tell your doctor about this.

E., what are you waiting for? Call your pediatrician! It might be epilepsy, or a small brain tumor, or nothing. Stop torturing yourself and call your doc. If he doesn't know what it is, get yourself another pediatrician. (I would get a second opinion, in any case.)
I wish your baby good health and good luck.

Dear E.
My son also had these body twitches/movements. At first they said it was an immature nervous system, them we had to rule out seizures, pretty scary!!!! What it ended up being was acid reflux, when he would have symptoms, he would shake from the pain/discomfort. Please call your pediatrician, its easier in the long run to begin to rule things out then it is to let yourself think and get really freaked out. Good luck

If you just had your child Vaccinated then it could be a result of them. Which could be really serious. I would call you ped asap.

I would call my pediatrician immediately, especially if your child just had a vaccination. It could be an adverse reaction to it. Either way, I would not wait in case it's something serious. Better to be safe than sorry. Call the Dr. now!


I just found out that my friends son with the same thing has Lyme!!!

My son did the same thing! That weird "shiver" another mom mentioned, and it totally freaked me out! I just kept an eye on him, and he outgrew it in about a month. I hoped it was just something strange that his body was going through as it developed and grew- and it seemed to coincide with crawling/learning to cruise.

No shivers now, and he's just fine!

Sometimes you might see a "chill" or "shiver" when a baby pees.

See a pediatric neurologist and stay in touch with your primary pediatrician! Gently message her little body! If it happens while holding her, then leave her exploring her way on a cleaned floor.

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