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8 Month Old Ate "Old" Baby Food

I realized tonight (after my baby was happily asleep) that my caregiver gave her some fruit that had been opened for probably 2 weeks (refridgerated). I've been sick with the flu and hadn't cleaned out the fridge.

Should I be worried? I know that 3 days opened in the fridge is the max on this food. Any suggestions? Call the pediatrician? Wait and see?

What can I do next?

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Since baby food is cooked before it's jarred, you're probably safe. Once it starts to smell enough that you'd notice, then it's a problem. :)

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My husband gave my son an opened jar of baby food that had meat in it that had been left out for 24 hours. I didn't realize it was still on the counter, had heated up a new jar, and put it on the other counter, then asked my husband to feed my son. It was summertime and when I worked we didn't air condition our house during the day, so it had been very hot in our house during that day. When I realized that the jar I just heated up was still sitting on the counter I had a total freak out. It was evening, so we called the pediatrician's office and had to wait for a call back. He said that if it was bad enough to hurt my son it would have tasted really bad and he wouldn't have eaten it (he ate the entire jar). They also said to watch for the next 24 hours for vomiting, but he doubted he would have any problems. He actually told my husband he was going to catch more grief from me regarding this than from the child. So long story short I wouldn't worry about it. Keep an eye out for vomiting, but most likely she will be fine. My son didn't so much as spit up in the next 24 hours, it turned out to be a complete nonissue thankfully. (Although I was still furious with my husband for being so careless). We laugh about it now, but that was 4 yrs ago.

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I would wait and see too.. if she does get sick... then I'd take her to the dr. and at least you know what would be driving the illness.. they can respond quickly and appropriately... chances are she'll be fine...

let's see mine ate crackers they dropped on the floor... but had sat on the floor for at least 30 minutes... and I wasn't even thinking... I had just sprayed a floor cleaner.. I didn't realize how disgusting they were until I ate a cracker that was soaked with the cleaner... Called poison control (I have them on auto speed dial)... and they said... "Yeah... you would think the kids wouldn't eat it it tastes so bad... but still not to worry... I had an oxy product... apparently not a big poison... "


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Dear M.,
I think it's fine to wait and see. If it was going to make her sick, you'd probably know it fairly quickly...diarrhea or vomitting or a tummy ache.

My friends had a pet rabbit and wouldn't you know, their little guy decided to have some bunny poop for lunch. Mom had a panic attack and raced him to the doctor. She thought surely he would have to have his stomach pumped or something. The doctor said not to worry about it, to just give him lots of water and wait for him to poop it out.
It wasn't funny for the mom at the time, but believe me, after the scare wore off, we all had quite a giggle over it.
I've known little kids that have eaten snails, bugs, dirt, crayons, you'd be surprised at the things that won't really hurt them.

For the baby food though, you can keep a Sharpie in the drawer and write the date you opened the jar on the lid or label. That way, regardless of who feeds the baby, you'll all know how long the jar has been opened.

Best wishes!

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I wouldn't worry about it. Think about applesauce- it stays good in the fridge for a long time. I have four children so I'm sure I've fed someone something outdated. In fact today my 3 year-old was eating strawberries next to strawberries with mold. Don't be hard on yourself...I hope you feel better soon!:)

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I had 2 containers of the same thing open and accidently gave my daughter some from one that had mold in it!! I of course totally freaked out. Since it was lunch time the ped office was closed so I called poison control because I was really concerned that she had ingested mold. They told me it was probably fine and to observe her for 30 minutes and call them back because apparently that would be the time frame for a critical reaction. Fortunately nothing happened and the poison control people were awesome.
I never ended up calling the ped so not sure what their advice would be, it would be interesting to know. In general I think companies are super conservative about expiration dates but in my case, w/ actual mold, that was obviously a problem!! I'm sure your baby will be fine, especially since she went to sleep no problem but calling the ped is probably a good idea.
Good luck,

wait and see but also depends what was in the food...if meat, call the pediatrician

Since baby food is cooked before it's jarred, you're probably safe. Once it starts to smell enough that you'd notice, then it's a problem. :)

Hi M.,
I'd call the pediatrition if I were you. Just to be sure. Hopefully your daughter is fine. I read that it's best to throw away unused portion of baby food if you are feeding baby from the jar, because their saliva will hasten the process of it getting contaminated. It's been a day since your post so hopefully she's fine.

If it had been bad I think you would have known pretty quickly.

But keep a close eye on the baby and if you notice anything going on, take her in right away.

And it probably wouldn't hurt to give your pediatrician a call in the morning (if she shows no signs or symptoms of illness tonight) and let them know what happened and see what they have to say.

2 weeks is pretty old, did you see the jar? was there any mold or anything on the lid? My gut feeling is that your daughter is okay and to wait and see, maybe call the pediatrician to let them know the situation but unless your daughter has symptoms the Dr may not be able to diagnos anything. Babies have weaker immune systems but the acid in the stomach is strong and is meant to Kill alot of bacteria and mold that may enter the body, so I would wait and see and I think she will be okay

I think the other advice you got is good. Don't be too worried and just wait and see, but give the pediatricians office a call just to ease your mind.

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