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8 Month Old and Constipation

My eight month old has severe constipation. For the past 4 days has been pooping rabbit pellets. In fact last night he pooped and when i changed him, his bottom was so raw that his little cheeks were bleeding. I have tried juice, change of diet, and nothing has worked. Has anyone ever used a probiotic and prebiotic on their infants? I am looking for anything that would work. I do not want to do medication. I want to stay natural. I also do not want to go to the doctor unless I absolutely have to. We do not have insurance. I would love anything that works out there from you smart mammas.

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I want to thank everyone for the wonderful advice. What we decided to do is go back to strictly breastfeeding and start again with solids. I think he wasn't getting enough liquids, he was only breastfeeding 4 times a day. So yesterday I strictly breastfed him, with a little bit of pears and some apple juice (which he took, he is horrible with a bottle) and he went. I am going to continue to breastfeed him more and see if that regulates him. As for the raw bottom. We use cloth diapers, so I am going to try some of the suggestions that won't ruin his diapers and wash away. Thank you so much

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when mine was young like that I was told to put about a tbs of caro syrup in about 6 ounces of water. It worked great.

Both my son and daughter went through the same problem. Eating ripe bananas helps. Green beans, corn, spinach all help with the tract. When none of those worked, I would use the suppositories sold in the baby section of the store. It is not harmful and it works right away. You just simply deposit it in the rectum and right away sit them on the stool. It works that fast. Usually once you have done that, it seems to solve the problem. It may happen down the road again but you at least will know what to do. As for the redness, there is a product called Bag Balm. It is also what is used on female cows utters to keep from chaffing. Sounds a little wierd but it works. You also might want to try Dark corn syrup in the bottle if you are still bottle feeding. Good Luck

I had the same problem with my baby at this age. Miralax worked wonders! Just put 1/2 teaspoon or so in his bottle every day. You cannot overdose on this medicine and it is safe for babies. It seems expensive but if you get it at Costco it's a lot less...plus, you only use a little so it lasts forever. For immediate relief you can use glycerin suppositores. Gross to use but will very quickly take care of the constipation. Good luck

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I have no idea if this will make any difference, but it may be worth a shot. I'm still breastfeeding my 7 month old, and we're dealing with exzema. Someone told me to quit using dairy to help clear this up. It's been great (other than no cheese or ice cream for me :)), the exzema is about 50% gone in 2 weeks. But other than that his poop has totally changed!! He doesn't seem to be as fussy at night, and his poop has gone back to a soft consistency, not those hard turds (sorry if this is too discriptive). Anyway, I've heard now that dairy allergies are quite common, and can have a wide range of simptoms, and Dr.'s usually don't pick up on it unless it's quite severe. Good Luck!

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I have two suggestions for you. My daughter had the same problem with severe constipation and my doctor suggested changing to a low iron formula and that did the trick. I guess most of the regular formulas have much more iron than most kids need because of the lower income mom's tend to water down the formula to make it last longer. As for the rash, try Boudreaux’s Butt Paste - it works wonders!

Hi I am sure you have gotten a lot of advice already,but I have found with my 2 half year old boy, and my 18 month old daughter, they both get constipated, my son was soo bad he couldnt get it out, I had to help... I dont want that for you or anyones baby, so I have found a carefully orchestrated diet. Oatmeal every morning, yogurt to help regulate digestion for snacks, lots of green vegetables, my daughter loves beans which also helps tremendously, fruit 2-3 times a day. Not too much with the red meats, slowly work into that it causes constipation as does bananas, apples, cheeses, etc. And lots of liquids!!! Anything can be pureed into baby food, the fruits and grains are the best bet as well as green vegetables, keep his diet really natural and healthy and I have eliminated the constipation for the most part. And A&D ointment REALLY helps with the raw butt. My pediatrician said also it can be yeast and told me to use lotrimin cream on their butts if it gets bad and it goes away fast. Good Luck!!

hi S.. my daughter has had the same problem since she was about that age and is now 2. something that has helped a little for us is using powered fiber and putting in her all her drinks. the trick for us was to keep her regular. id definetly suggest powered fiber.

I had the same problem with my baby at this age. Miralax worked wonders! Just put 1/2 teaspoon or so in his bottle every day. You cannot overdose on this medicine and it is safe for babies. It seems expensive but if you get it at Costco it's a lot less...plus, you only use a little so it lasts forever. For immediate relief you can use glycerin suppositores. Gross to use but will very quickly take care of the constipation. Good luck

Does the little guy like baby prunes? When my daughter was was little she was a little constipated also so I gave her the prunes for babies, she would tell me when she needed prunes and ate them till she was four. She would go to the cupboard and point till she started talking then she could tell me.
Good luck and try that for awhile, you might have some gooey diaper to change but that will be okey.

My husband is a Chiropractor and he has recommended probiotics for newborns. They are safe and I would definitely recommend them. We use the kind in capsules and open the capsule and dump it in applesauce. You could mix it with any kind of baby food. I would also make sure he's getting plenty to eat, and since my husband is a Chiro I would recommend finding a Chiropractor in your area that works on infants and children. A misalignment of the spine could be causing his problems. Good luck!

Our little guy was the same way. We found out he had reflux and was only nursing for comfort, not for food. Thus, the constipation was the result of not enough liquids. Once we took care of the reflux the other went away. He was initially put on Zantac and Prevacid. Prevacid will help with constipation. If your DS has growth problems as well, that could be the problem. If you know someone who would let you see how much he is nursing, that would tell you if he's drinking enough. Our doctor doesn't charge for that. I've done it after the morning patients are all checked in and there is a room available, just before they're lunch. All you do is weigh the baby, feed the baby, and weigh again. Do not change a diaper in between weighings. The amount of weight gain is the number of ounces eaten. There may be more natural ways you could treat the reflux. Our DS was so very ill from malnutrition by the time he was diagnosed that we needed a quick fix to it. GL!

Probiotics definitely helped my son, still does help with regularity. You can get some that are specially formulated for baby at Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage.

I'll add to the woman who suggested switching formula to switch to a non-dairy based formula. Also, check your son's diet for any milk products and eliminate those to see if that affects it.

Hi, S.. Yes, I have used a probiotic on my now 8-month old son, starting when he was about 6 months old. I used it to clear up his eczema rash, which it did, but it also helped his BM's. I noticed that if I skipped a day of giving him the probiotic, he wouldn't poop that day. I used an infant probiotic powder that I got from Pharmaca in Boulder. I got the ok from my pediatrician ahead of time, who said it was perfectly safe to use. Good luck!

Find a chiropractor and get your baby adjusted! Most likely a nerve is being interferred with. Many children have been relieved with this type of treatment. And it's better than drugs and side effects.

I'm sure that everyone has filled you in on prune or pear juice knudsens make's organic but paseurized juice. You can mix with breast milk or formula. Also if he is eating babyfood maybe it is a good time to introduce pears or plums or prunes and/ or peas. There are also glycerine suppositories. I don't believe that it is categorized as medicinal? good luck.

Here are just a few tidbits that have worked for me in my years.
CONSTIPATION - Take 1T of Dark Karo syrup mix with 8oz of warm water. Let mix in. This should help. Also when they are on the floor help them exercise their legs by playing "Runny Runny" (my mother's terms) move their legs in and out for them to exercise and teach them to push out. Let them push themselves up onto you also.
UPSET STOMACH- Take a toothpick and swirl it into a peppermint extract and then into 8oz warm water. It helps take the gasiness away.
TEETHING - If you don't have extra $ and they are fussy and a clear runny nose, take a wet clean white wash cloth and put it into the refrigerator and after it has frozen somewhat, take it out and let them chew on it. The cold sewths their gums and the chewing helps the tooth to break through.
I hope these help you. Kay

when mine was young like that I was told to put about a tbs of caro syrup in about 6 ounces of water. It worked great.

At 10 months, my daughter started passing golf balls...I s**t you not. It was excruciating. We started adding 1/4 avacado mashed with 2-3 Tablespoons of flaxseed oil at least once a day and it made a HUGE difference. Also, foods that start with "P" tend to promote pooping: peaches, plums, prunes,etc. Applesauce and carrots can contribute to constipation.

Good luck.

My pediatrician has told me that anything you can do from above (orally) is better and less invasive to the system than anything you do from the bottom (rectally). He discourages enemas and suppositories unless there's some kind of emergency.
My first child had some major digestive issues, so I've dealt some with constipation. I have used Senekot successfully--it's like concentrated prune juice you can get at the regular pharmacy, usually. My son drank it willingly so it must not taste too bad.
I'd keep trying juice and fruits, since both apple and pear juices have big sugars that should loosen the stool. A change of diet might take a couple days.
I've also used Miralax, which is available over the counter now. It's pretty much tiny benign particles than absorb moisture into the stool to bulk it up and make it easier to pass. I wouldn't use very much of it or more than a dose on such a young child, because you could give him other troubles. But it could get you through this.
I am surprised such a young baby is constipated. Are you nursing? Human milk is a natural laxative. If not, and you don't think this is weird and you have a friend you trust, consider offering your son a drink of human milk. Maybe someone you know has a stockpile of milk in her freezer and can spare some. That's about as natural as it gets and loaded with antibodies to keep him healthy.
A bit of nudity has always been my best remedy for hurty bums. I hope things get better soon!

I had something exactly like this happen when my oldest daughter (now 3.5) was 6 months old. I'm not sure what caused the constipation exactly, but she had the same raw bottom, too. It was so sad, she had to scream every time she "went." If it appears shiny or slick and red, and has bleeding spots, it could be a bacterial infection. (This is what my daughter had.) At first, I was told to keep using diaper cream and antifungal - since others thought it was a yeast infection. But, it wasn't, so that didn't work. Yeast infections usually have little red bumps, and this one didn't. I'm not sure if you are okay with using antibiotic creams, but this is how I got rid of it finally... I would put a small layer of antibiotic CREAM (thicker than antibiotic ointment) on her bottom, followed by a layer of diaper cream to seal it in. I also made plenty of time for her to not have a diaper on. I would lay out towels and pads and let her lay on her tummy without pants on. It seemed to help to let it air out.

As for the constipation...just keep doing what you are doing, and hopefully it will pass. I also used pureed prunes in small amounts a couple times a day.

I hope this helps...it sounds similar to what I went through.

I had a similar problem with my son because he was sensitive to iron. We put about a tablespoon of corn syrup into each 8oz bottle of formula, and it helped out a lot. Also, if he's eating rice cereal, it's more constipating than the baby oatmeal, so you may want to switch that out, too. Definitely try the glycerine suppositories, they're not habit forming, either, and they work to soften the stool without laxitives which can cause cramps in the tummy. See if you can get him to drink more water, too, as that will make sure there is enough in his little body to make things move along smoothly.


We started probiotic powder for our little one once she started eating table food - I think about 9 months? Jarro is a great brand. They make an infant formula, but their regular formula (JarroDophilus) is approved for all ages. We all have some sprinkled in our morning yogurt. I have three capsules, and my girls have one capsule each. It's great stuff.

Some things to keep in mind... you're doing awesome going back to breastfeeding, that has been huge for keeping my girls hydrated and regular. Limit the amount of processed "baby" food that you are offering, as much of it is iron-fortified and can cause constipation. If you are concerned about iron levels, soft-cooked meat is a wonderful early food for little ones. Basically anything that comes out of the crock pot is good. Your son is getting close to being old enough to feed himself small chunks of soft table food. Lots of fruit and soft-cooked veggies are great. Beware constipating foods like banannas and cheese. They are still good for baby, but limit them and make sure you balance them out with high-fiber foods like fruits and veggies. Whole grains are great. As your son gets older, make sure you are choosing crackers and breads that have whole grains. You will also have the side benefit of getting his palatte used to the flavor of whole foods instead of highly-processed ones. Finally, hydration is really important, but if you are breastfeeding on demand, you don't need to give him any extra water. Make sure you offer to nurse BEFORE you offer solids. My little ones were both so enthsiastic about food that they filled up on solids and wouldn't nurse if I offered after a meal.

I'm glad some of the other mamas' suggestions have helped your little man. I hope you both get in balance soon!

As for the bum, Desitin Creamy formula is generally approved for cloth diapers. I prefer not to use any diaper creams in mine. If my little one gets a rash, I just bite the bullet and put her in paper - 7th Generation and Earth's Best both make chlorine-free diapers that work well, and G-Diapers can be flushed, composted, or thrown away. If they are thrown away, they are plastic free and will break down within a couple months, so they are much more eco-friendly. Usually her rashes clear up within a day or two with several hearty doses of original Desitin. That being said, if his bum is not rashy, but rather scraped up from passing hard poop, you can't do any good with a rash cream anyway. You might want to try a little Neosporin on his bum, but other than that, you will just have to let it heal. Air time is supreme for both rashes and wounds - some naked bum time outside should help him a lot. Also, plenty of soaks in a warm bath might help. If he has a rash, you can add some baking soda to his bath to help his bum heal.

Best of luck,

Sorry to hear that your little one is so uncomfortable. My son (7months) has gone thru some constipation issues also. I've added prunes to his rice cereal and that has helped greatly. also, I know that gerber makes prune juice - you can add some juice to breastmilk or formula, and this can help as well.
There are also some baby massage techniques that promote healthy digestion. Do a google search for a tutorial on these.
Best of luck and I hope your little guy feels better.

Both my son and daughter went through the same problem. Eating ripe bananas helps. Green beans, corn, spinach all help with the tract. When none of those worked, I would use the suppositories sold in the baby section of the store. It is not harmful and it works right away. You just simply deposit it in the rectum and right away sit them on the stool. It works that fast. Usually once you have done that, it seems to solve the problem. It may happen down the road again but you at least will know what to do. As for the redness, there is a product called Bag Balm. It is also what is used on female cows utters to keep from chaffing. Sounds a little wierd but it works. You also might want to try Dark corn syrup in the bottle if you are still bottle feeding. Good Luck

Add 1 Tablespoon dark Karo syrup or 2 Tablespoons dark brown sugar to the next 2 or 3 bottles, whichever you have on hand. It always worked within 24 hours for my kids. (The light will work but not near as well as the dark)

Poor little guy!

I used probiotics with my son when he was a infant, so it's safe. I know you can get infant and children's probiotics, but I mixed Primal Defense powder (one of the BEST probiotics out there) into a little goat yogurt and fed it to him.

If you're still nursing, you should get yourself on Primal Defense as well.

You're going to need something a little stronger than juice to get his system working. I'd mash up some prunes or other dried fruit and give him several tablespoons, several times a day.

And for the time being, you might want to take all dairy and wheat out of his (and yours if you're still nursing) diet. They are notorious for causing constipation in infants.

As for his sore little bottom, I make an all natural salve that will heal that right up. Contact me off list and I'll send you a sample.

You can read about it at www.MARImagic.com. Make sure to read the Testimonials, there is a story about a little girl who had a hiney issue similar to your son's soreness.



what kind of juice did you try? Prune or Pear are your best bet. Have you checked with your doctor for suggestions? I might have an immediate solution and then a long-term solution.

My doctor told me to try dark karo syrup in a bottle of water. Add 1 tsp of the dark syrup to one bottle. It's a natural laxative. Also, when my daughter would get contipated, which was a lot, I would feed her a small jar of prune baby food. you may have alread tried that, but if not, it's pretty good at cleaning out their systems. Start out with a little because a little goes a long way with that stuff and it can cause cramping if you overdo it.

I know you've received good advice already, but I just thought you might want one more bit of info. I had to take my 10 month old to a pediatric gastro. He suggested a bottle of juice with a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Benefiber. Dark Karo syrup didn't work on my baby. The Benefiber worked like a charm. It is a natural ingredient, and doesn't cause gas or bloating. I still put it in her juice a few times a week to keep her regular. She is 4 now.

My daughter had constipation issues when she was a baby. I did baking soda baths and also added Karo Syrup (dark) to her bottle. Both worked well. For the bath, use just enough warm water to reach his belly button and about a half a box of baking soda. Let him sit in there for as long as can--that always did the trick for us. Good luck.

Hi S.,
We still have this problem with our 4 year old. She isn't very regular so we have tried a variety of natural laxatives. We've tried lots of water, prune juice, all kinds of dried fruits, grapes and apples but the best yet has been the almonds. Now this might not be very helpful considering the age of your little guy but if you can figure out a way to "chop" the almonds up or even make a tasty paste out of them it might work for you. I understand avacado's are also on the list of natural laxatives. Best Wishes and God Bless, L.

When my son got constipated, the doctor told me to get glycerin tabs cut the ends off because they are too big, and put them in his bottom and squeeze his cheeks together until his body accepts it, then it will loosen up the poo and let it out. It worked.

Hi Shanon,

I LOVE probiotics. They have worked really well on all my kids. My favorite is a brand call PB8, you can get it at FredMeyers in there Nutrition section. Another thing I have used is Chloraphyl. It is a green liquid that comes from plants. I get the mint kind and put a 1/2 a tsp in 8 oz of water, and my kids drink it up happily.

The other thing I use for my kids EVERY day to keep them regular is an Isagenix Protien Shake that has the probiotics in it, and all the nutrition they need for the day (vitamins, minerals, etc). A site you can go to for that is www.wantenergy.isagenix.com You can get a canister (14 shakes) for retail or wholesale, both are great prices.

Good luck!
A. Mayer

I'm sure a lot of other moms have given great advice. Have you tried giving him water?

HI There,

I had a baby with such severe constipation, that she needed stools to be removed manually. We couldn't get anything to work. Finally, out of desperation, when she was 11 months old, went back to exclusively breastfeeding (which was exhausting for me) but I was able to get her to have normal bm's again, and then I slowly re-introduced solids, at which time we found she had and apple allergy. So, it is entirely possible, that your baby is reacting to something in his diet.

I hope this is helpful! Perhaps taking him back to where he was pooping normally would help.

Yes, you can buy baby probiotics at the health food store, it is powdered and I just put it on her tongue.

Good luck and happy pooping!

Oh, one last thing. If your baby doesn't have a berry allergy, we found that blueberries and raspberries made our gal poop like mad. We never did strawberries until she was 1 year old, but the properties of strawberries and other berries are different, from the research i did. You could try fresh mashed raspberries or blueberries and see what happens.

Hi S.,

I have given my daughter a probiotic for children off and on since she was born. I get a powdered probiotic from the refrigerated supplement section of Wild Oats. It helps clear up diarrhea, as well as prevent constipation. Also, for the diaper rash, I love Burts Bees brand--you can get that at Wild Oats as well. It works quickly, and has a ton of naturally healing ingredients.

My daughter had one bad round of diaper rash at about a year, and our pediatrician advised rinsing with running water for at least 30 seconds with every diaper change to remove all residue from the pee/poop. (We did a lot of sink baths at that time--made it easy to spray her off!) Also, you need to wash with running water before every application of diaper ointment, or you could be sealing acids from the waste in next to their skin--wipes just don't get it all. Also, to help with the rash, you might try giving him some time to hang out with nothing on his bottom. If he isn't terribly mobile, you can sit him on a towel or something, or just try to do it right after you know he has peed--to avoid messes. You could also just put them in the kitchen or on a hard floor that is easy to clean up, just in case. Lots of air circulation, quick changes, and good cleaning can be very helpful to clear up the rash. Also, on the broken skin, I would clean really well and apply neosporin or some other antibiotic ointment.

Good Luck!

Some things you do not want to try with a baby under 1 year old, even with natural remedies.

Most pediatricians will answer questions over the phone at no charge, and yours knows the history of your baby.

There is also a free service: www.askanurse.com

The Ask-A-Nurse program puts you in touch with a Registered Nurse who can help answer your healthcare questions quickly and accurately. With the assistance of physician-approved guidelines, the Ask-A-Nurse representative will guide you in making an informed healthcare decision for you or your family. If needed, the staff can also assist you with a referral to a physician in your area.

Even if you don't qualify for medicaid your baby does, and there is also state programs available for children. In colorado it is called CICP. Contact your local department of social services.

You may want to try and remember what he's been eating for the past couple weeks so that your pediatrician or the nurse can have an understanding of his current diet.

Good luck.

Don't be afraid to use suppositories too! I think everyone is right, you need to figure out why he's constipated, but if he's fissuring (tearing and bleeding) then use the suppositories. They are a tad uncomfortable going in, but they do the trick. Your pharmacist will know where they are and how much to use (probably 1/2 one). ... and check with your state on their health care for children. My sister has it for her children and it does a lot! They also have plans that if you have healthcare offered to you through work but can't affort it.

try giving your boy water he is proable just a little dehydrated. just a little at a time. if that doesnt work then try jello water that always helps. 4oz water and 1 Tbsp jello. he will love it and soon after go poop. good luck

I don't know about the constipation, but for the rash try plain old petroleum jelly. Really slather on and do this for several days. Skin is an organ and needs protection when it becomes raw the vaseline makes a barrier. Really worked for me!

Why kids were the same way for a while as they were growing up. The problem may be that he has had too much milk byproducts and he's not processing it fast enough. Put a tablespoon of Karo syrup in his milk or juice and shake it. This should relive him in a couple of hours. Next time, you might want to add apple juice in his regular diet for fiber to keep him going regularly. As kids age, their diets change, so give him anything that has fiber. It is difficult for a child to have to be constipated for 4 days. That is wayyyy too long. Good luck

One thing I didn't notice out of all the great responses is Phillips Milk of Magnisum (sp??). All 5 of my kids had problems with constipation and just a little works great. That was recommended by a pedatric gastro docter when my oldest was having such bad problems it would cause her to bleed.

Good luck!!

Have you tried Dark Karo Syrup? I am in love with it. I just put a tablespoon in my sons milk cup and he slurps it down and within a couple hours he is ok. You can use it as often as you want and it is totally natural and you can pick it up in the baking aisle at the grocery store! Good luck poor baby.

Hi S.. I have a 11 month old son. He has had constipation issues off an on since his birth. Our doctor has us add a 1/2 teaspoon of Miralax to his bottle once a day. It does help. Maybe you should try it. We use the Miralax as needed.

You can get Insurance on your child through your state, I would check into it. With all the vaccinations and all the well baby visits they need coming up it is very important that they not miss one. Even if you are anti vaccination, babies need to be seen quite often as they grow to just check weight and all that.
Is he exclusively breast fed? It could be something in your diet that needs changed if so. If not try Nutramigen formula. It is predigested and goes through their system a lot better.
They make Gerber Prune juice you can dilute with water too that would help my daughter when she had issues.
Going natural is fine but not for infants!! There are so many things out there that can be fatal to an infant that a grown up or older child can handle. I would not do anything unless checking with a Dr first that was like herbal or probiotic, just my two cents.
Probiotics help regulate the system and I do give it to my 4 and 7 year olds but I would double check with your Dr. You should be able to call your dr and get a question answered without having to pay for a visit!! At least with my Pediatrician you can.

Good old prune juice is what my gramma would say. Let that tushi get some fresh air, try wiping w/ a wet cloth after changes, even the mildest wipes have irritatng stuff when there's a rash involved. make sure he's dry as can be before putting his diper back on. Also there's a lot to be said for cloth diapers in this kind of circumstance.

p.s. have you tried butt paste? (it worked great for my little guy.

S., my daughter has had terrible constipation in the past and we found out it was her formula. We put her on soy formula and the problem fixed itself. Then, when she was ready for milk we tried regular whole milk and the constipation came back. She now drinks only soy milk. I also make sure that she has plenty of fruits and fluids everyday. Hope that helps you.

Did you use pear juice? We gave my dd pear juice at that age because it wasn't too acidic and it helped to regulate her. She only pooped once a week, it freaked me out but some kids that is normal I guess...anyway she still gets the pellet poops if I don't keep her with a good balance AND give her yogurt, it has the enzymes in it that they need for their bodies--that worked for us without having to go to a medication. So keep your little dude hydrated with the juice I would do 3 parts juice one part water when her poops were hard and give her about 4 oz of yogurt a day. She does more now but at 8 months that is where we were.


Have you tried making your own baby foods out of fresh fruits and vegetables or is your child still on the bottle? I had a severe problem with this issue as an adult and finally found the right nutritionist who knows about real nutritional needs for the body. Baked beats help things move through the body. Watermellon is also a natural hemectant. Don't eat it with any other food for at least a half hour and it does a lot more good.

Our bodies will form a mucas wall through our intestinal track to protect us from anything it doesn't understand. Medications and things even with artificial colors or flavors are not generally good for us for this reason. It doesn't mean never use medicine because sometimes we must but I would be careful about creating any medicine as a long term solution. In the long run it could do more harm that good. Good luck with your little one! I hope all goes well soon.

P.S. Don't be startled when the baby poops red after eating the beats. It is the dye from the beats not blood.



It may be that constipation is a sign of something more serious, you really should take your baby to see a doctor, he should be having frequent check-ups at his age as well. Have you looked into CHIP? It is free health insurance for young children from familues that meet financial guidlines. There may also be free health care clinics in your area that you can go to. Call your local Health and Welfare offices for information.

IF it is simply constipation that is the problem, make sure that your baby is getting plenty of breastmilk or formula, and make sure that you are not feeding him too much cereal, cereal can cause harder stools. If your baby is formula fed you can also give him plain water, but if he is breastfed he does not need much, if any, supplemental water. Massage can be an effective way to reliev constipation in babies, as well as children and adults. The most basic thing to do is to rub his tummy in a clockwize motion using enough pressure to affect tissues deeper than the skin but not deep enough to cause him any pain. Also do a knee-to-tummy push and pedel his legs like he is riding a bicycle. The "I love you" stroke is also good, you make a straight line down the left side of his tummy (decending colon), then a crosswise stroke from right to left on his upper part of the tummy (transverse colon), then an upsidedown U from his lower right tummy (acending colon), across the upper part, and down on the left side. It sounds complicated but it is not, maybe you can find better directions on the internet, or preferably talk to a massage therapist in your area. Good luck, and get health insurance for your baby, it is so important!

A few suggestions:
Bottle feeding: switch formula

Breastfeeding: try the elimination diet (see La Leche League), Dairy in your diet could definitly be the culprit!

If you have started new foods try taking the new ones out or just going back to breast/bottle. I know the docs to start feeding at 4 months but in reality a breastfed baby doesn't need anything extra till about a year... and often this will resolve the entire issue... I really just don't think their systems are ready for 'big kid' food till a year or later anyway.

Probiotics.... DEFINITLY!! I started my son on acidophilus because of a thrush issue, it worked better than the $60 worth of meds the doc gave. It worked so well, and keeps his system so regular that I give it to him most everyday!! If you are still concerned try giving him a few bites of plain yogurt everyday.


My almost 10 month old had some pretty serious constipation issues. We switched to Oatmeal baby cereal instead of Brown Rice Cereal - rice is horribly constipating. Other constipating common baby foods are bananas and applesauce. Try introducing avocados if you haven't already. Give him 1/2 of an avocado at one meal and give him prune baby food at the other meal. Pears are also good for constipation, so you could try mashing up a fresh, ripe pear, or giving pear baby food. Avocados a few days in a row with prunes and oatmeal cereal and no rice cereal may do the trick for your little guy as it did for ours. Otherwise call your pediatrician and they could suggest something to at least get him cleared up before things get too hard and then you can do more green vegetables and less orange vegetables, too.
Hope that helps.

Hi. My fourth child had this exact problem when I stopped nursing him. We took him to several doctors, that perscribed meds. These only gave him stomach problems, and did not help at all. This went on untill he was a year and a half. The one thing that helped for instant releif was mineral oil, one tsp. in babies food or just straight. We also found a cultcure called Cumbaca (I think that is spelled wrong)The chinese use it, We got some(available over the internet) and gave him a little each day.(it has a fizz to it so he liked it) He was cured after one week and has never had a problem since

Hi S.,
I am not sure about the "rabbit pellets" (never experienced that one), but for constipation we absolutely used children's suppositories. They were suggested by our pediatric gastroenterologist (our premie daughter had acid reflux and pooping problems until about 10 months of age). They are completely natural (just glycerin) so no worries of addiction or drug interactions. I asked the Dr a million questions and he assured me that they weren't hurtful in any way. The hardest thing is using them the first time and that is our issue (not the little ones). She did great! They pretty much just slide in and work within 5-15 minutes. It helps lubricate and ease the BM. They look huge (they have adult and children size, but no infant size), but really are fine. Just look for the children's version in any drugstore. The doctor said we could use once a day or 10 times a day and it wouldn't matter. It is completely natural. I hope this helps!
Good luck,

My baby had the same problem. At first my doctor recommended 1 tsp of Miralax in her formula/bottle. It worked fine as long as she had it everyday, but I wasn't comfortable relying on meds for her to poop. Another visit to the doctor and they told me to change her formula. We were using Enfamil Lipil but changed to Good Start Supreme. It has worked wonders and she is pooping normal now. The doctor also recommended giving her foods that are high in fiber, juice, and yogurt with live active cultures and to avoid constipating foods such as rice. You got to be careful too because a lot of those Graduates finger foods are made with rice flour, which is very constipating. Good luck. Hope your little one gets better soon.

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