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7 Year Old with Severe Allergies, Asthma, and Eczema

HI To keep it short my 7 year old son has severe allergies, asthma and eczema and has had since birth. We have seen tons of doctors,dermatologists,allergists,even a chiropractor. We were seen at the oklahoma allergy clininc for 3 years and he had to take shots twice a week for 3 years. The allergy shots did not do anything for him. He was allergy tested for some 300 things and is allergic to 288 of them. We are unsure exactly how many he is allergic to the standard skin scraping or the skin injections do not work on him because of his eczema so the doctors have to draw blood this is called rasp testing. I am unsure on how accurate the rasp testing is. Some things i have read on it are very discouraging. He has been in and out of the hospital so many times bless his heart i just feel so bad for him. Was just waundering if anyone knew of any home remedies or treatments for me to try. His skin is horrible and his breathing is even worse. The breathing at night is very scary he wakes up litterally gasping for air. I have an pulse oximitor. It tells your oxygen saturation and it is always 50 or 60% in the middle of the night. He never seems to have these episodes during the day. I have tried to time myself and give him a neb. treatment while he is sleeping before any of this happens but it doesnt seem to make any difference. We have our bed in plastic. no sheets only a thin blanket i wash daily. My husband or i neither one have any of this so we have just went by what all the doctors have told us and everyone always seems to have a different opinion on how to deal with it. We are on 12 different medicines right now and have no relief what so ever. I keep thinking he may outgrow some of it but that day never comes. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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For eczema I use shea butter. My son is 13 and was diagnosed with eczema when he was 5. I buy it in a small tub from vendors, it is similar to cocoa butter. But it coats his skin well, and has tremondously helped with his scratching.

You need to place honey from the area you live in his food.i have allergies myself.the pollens from where you are are in the honey.i place it in my coffee every morning.it will make a world of difference i promise

My husband (age 68) was born with problem skin, until last year we fought the battle, now he uses Cetaphil soap, not 100% but does help with dryness, itching, etc., also, my grandmother fixed my aunt cherry bark tea for her asthma, these may sound old fashioned, but sometimes old remedies work better than new. A great-grandmother L.

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Hi S.
Well I have ALOT of info about this because my 9 year was tested for allergies and my little one has SEVERE eczema!!!!!!! First let me say I found out after 4 years of not knowing what my daughter was allergic to that just by getting rid of the toxic chemicals in my home she no longers takes ANY prescription meds. Another thing my little no longer uses a steroid cream daily.
Now what is it that has truly changed the lives of my children... I began using products that did not contain harsch chemicals and found that they work wonders. The lotion I use on my daughter has been tested to moisurize longer than other expensive store brands. I have a daily routine that I do with her that keeps her skin feeling like that baby soft skin should be. I use a bath oil, a bar of soap from them and their lotion. I also use the laundry detergent and things that reduce her inflamation! Please let me call you or email me or something I would be VERY glad to send you some things to try!!!! I know for me SEEING is believing!!!!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW !!! I know you have read alot of responses but I can only tell you that if you would like to try this out that would be fine!! I can also send you info on the products too!!!! KEEP in mind one of the reasons I gave them a try is because they have a 100% guarantee on ALL there products and will give you a full refund if you are not happy.I thought well worst case I would try some products and they not and then get my money back!! I knew Wal-Mart and prescription meds do not do that!!!!
You can go to this site and .it will give you a little info on different things!!

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I agree with the student doctor regarding the advice that you be very careful trying home remedies when your son's health situation is so precarious. I fully believe that a lot of those remedies are useful...my mother is a homeopathic nurse...but get to the root of it before you start throwing things at the poor little guy!

Anyway, one piece of advice from me...one very good tool that you can begin now, if you haven't already, is to keep a food journal. Write everything down that he eats and log all of his attacks, good days, bad days...whatever you can write. Also, track shampoos, soaps, laundry products, etc. Once you find a doctor that you feel will help you, this is an invaluable tool. It will give them the jump start they need to help even faster! Good luck!!

I have heard of great results with a specific diet. You can go to http://www.hacres.com/testimonies/testimonies.asp to read testimonies on it's effect on allergies, asthma, and eczema. My older sister had severe asthma and no longer does. They say she outgrew it in her 30s but has since changed her diet to this and runs 13 miles a day now. Just FYI. Also, in a column by Dr. Gott someone wrote in that rubbing the inside of a banana peel on their skin made it clear up. Also just read the response about using tea tree oil. If you are interested I know of a source for a high grade as well as safe cleaning and laundry supplies. You can contact me at ____@____.com.

I had a young cousin with sever allergies. She is about nine now and is finally growing out of them. She still has to carry an epi-pen, but she's okay.

I don't know if you've done this, but take him to an allergist and find out exactly what he is allergic to. You may have to play with his diet a little. There could be something in the foods he's eating that could be causing frequent reactions.

As far as the exzema, several people in my family have it. They use Cetaphil lotions, and mild soaps. Make sure his bath water isn't too hot.

For his asthma, get everything that's allergen free, a vacuum with a hepa-filter.

If nothing seems to work, you may have to look into your climate and consider a move.

Hello S.:

I am a mother of a 13 yr old with allergies, asthma and also eczema. My experience has been that if you have asthma, generally you have a triad of symptons (rhinitis, ecezema and the upper respiratoy) and as parents you and I are in the same boat with our children's symptoms. I also, was told they can grow out of this. Hasn't happened yet. My son had allergies as a small child and pneumonia at age 4 and shortly thereafter, the official diagnosis of asthma. We also have seen general medical doctors, had allergy prick tests, seen allergy/asthma specialists and also dermatologists ( even biopsies of the skin). Currently, my son takes allergy shots twice a week, takes daily oral meds and inhalers as well as the occasional nebulizer when flare ups occur. Clearly, based on what I am reading is that your child's asthma is not remotely under control and you may need to see another asthma doctor?? Surely, there is a doctor out there that can provide a treatment or combination of therapies that can better help. I would like to chat more with you about the eczema but I am running out of space. You are the first I have talked to with a situation similar to mine. I do know that IMMEDIATLEY after bathing if you would apply "Cetaphyl" (it's a hypoallergenic cream or lotion and can be found over the counter at any drug store) or any kind of lotion that is very gentle to moisturize the skin and do this ALL the time it will provide his skin more moisture and give it a layer of protection and conditioning against the eczema and outdoor pollutants. Please reply.

First, I am sorry I took so long to respond. I am a lifelong asthmatic, and have severe allergies. I am allergic to different foods, scents, flora and fauna or any combination of said. The first thing you need to do is keep a Food Diary/Trigger Diary for your son. Sometimes an attack can be triggered just by one food, but sometimes it can be triggered by a combination of foods, or foods in the same family. You are going to have to educate yourself, for example, say on everything that is in the peanut family. For asthmatics, the most common food triggers are wheat, corn, peanuts, soy, egg whites, nuts, chocolate and shellfish. You could start by putting him on a bland diet for 7 days and then slowly adding different foods and noting his condition. I have found a pure gylcering soap, called Clearly Natural (can be ordered online) that does not irritate the skin, ALL makes a sensitive laundry detergent and Downy makes a sensitive softener. His bed should not have down pillows or comforters - you should get hypoallergenic covers (JCPenneys is pretty cheap)that can be washed at least once a week. His room should not have wall to wall carptet. Frequent sweeping & vacumning. Mold and dust are also triggers. Perfume and scent in the house should be at a minimum. NO SMOKING - tobacco is a severe trigger and stress on his lungs. Hopefully, you have a good Asthma specialist. But you have to make note of how he reacts to different situations, exercise and medicines. You should always carry a list of his current meds and his history with you. I hope he is of the percentage that gets better. It may seem overwhelming - but it can be manageable. Please contact me if you want. God Bless.PS: My brother, who had the same condition, had eczema - they found out it was from touching nickel, he liked to play with cars.

I would like to tell you about a few things you might want to try.For his allergies try using a saline nasal wash,you can find them at Wal-Mart and other drugstores nationwide,and they all come with instuctions for use even on children.I have used them with success in the past.For the eczema,I can give you the name of a company,that makes a body-wash that will not irritate the skin like soap and soap products.The name of the company is NuSkin Interprises and the website is www.nuskinusa.com and phone # 1-800-487-1000.Look them up online and see if they can help with your son's eczema.They are very nice people to talk to and will help if they can.Hope this helps,I don't like to see kids suffer.D. F.

I think with all the doctors and hospitals you have taken him to he probably feels emotionally stressed more than anything. Keeping him calm will relax alot of the problems. They may not go away but there are some theories that say the more stressed you are the more exagerated the physical symptoms can be. Try a bath before bed with some mild sedative oils like a couple drops of camomile and lavender mixed of course with some liquid no scent soap before adding to the bath. Dr. Bronners Baby Mild liquid soap is great for this. Rub his tummy clockwise once a day to aid in digestion. Stimulate his immune system by massaging his spine from the base of the spine to the neck once a day. Most of all do this for yourself as well. Our children are like little sponges to our feelings and emotions too. Periods of calm and peace are so difficult at times but really the best medicine.

Love and Blessings

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