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7 Year Old Son Will Not Stop Peeing at Night While He Sleeps

I need some help from some moms with boys and girls, esp. boys, My son is 7 and is a heavy sleeper. I have bribed him, and disciplined him for this. He says he really does try to stop. I try to limit his liquids, make him go use the bathroom before bedtime and still am having not really any good results. The doctors have said, oh, just give it time, boys take longer, he'll grow out of it. Last week while he had a cold and went to the doctor I asked the doctor again about it, he said bring him back in for a urine check and there are"things" we can do to help alleviate this 75%.For a while i did not buy pull-ups thinking that was enabling him, but after a while of urine sheets in the morning I began to put them on him again, now I have stopped just trying to hang in there to help to stop. My daughters were done with all this by 2 1/2 or 3. I just need help!!!!Thanks.

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Ok everyone!!! It's amazing looking back and seeing how things were with my son last year! My son is 9 now, about 6 months ago he decided to stop peeing at night, I was tired of buying huge pullups and stopped. He still peed some but would wake up, shower, I'd change sheets, but he eventually just stopped, I still try to limit his fluids at night, make him use the bathroom before bed. It was a trying time for him and our family. Hang in there moms!!!! Thanks for the responses!

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My son had problems with this. I took him to a chiropractor for spinal adjustments and it improved almost immediately, and was compeltely gone after just a few weeks of treatments. And he has not had problems since.

Good luck! I know that there is myriad possible reasons for this, and all you can do is try one thing after another...

Does he snore, have enlarged tonsils? Believe it or not enlarged tonsils/snoring/sleep apnea can lead to bedwetting at this age. (I am a RN and work for and married to an ENT doctor) Many parents are delighted when the tonsils come out, the wetting stops!

My son was 10 before we stopped the pull-ups at night. At that point it was because he said he was just convenient not to get up! That's when we knew he was ready! He still has accidents every so often. Eveyone's body just works at different times for different reasons. Don't worry, just be patient and forget about it!

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My daughter did the same thing. I took her to a urologist and he did tests on her. She had a bad bladder infections, but that wasn't the problem with the bed wetting. He explained to me that the pituatary gland tells the kidney's to stop making urine when you are asleep. In some kids the pituitary gland doesn't mature as fast as they do and it doesn't send the message to quit producing urine. The solution was simple. He gave her DDAVP nose spray. At night we would spray her nose on each side and she would go to sleep. DDAVP is the hormone that the pituitary produces to tell the kidneys to stop the urine. As long as we sprayed her nose, she wouldn't wet the bed, but miss one dose and she would wet it everytime. When she was ll the doctor took her off of it. She went through puberty and the pituitary caught up with her age. She has been fine and is now 25 and very healthy.

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I have a 12 yr old daughter that is just now growing out of this. Unfortunately I did all those things you did, including getting upset at her and punishing her. I spoke to the doctors and they told me that there are some children that are very deep sleepers and whose bladders are not big enough that are prone to this. There are some therapies i haven't been able to get in order to help her bladder get bigger. There are underwear alarms to try to train the childs brain to wake when they urinate. I just beg you to understand your son cannot control this and give him that understanding love. I felt sooo horrible when I really understood that it was as beyond my daughter's control as it was when she was an infant, and I had made her feel guilty for it. She is getting much better now with many fewer accidents. She wears pull-ups and she is responsible for them and for washing her sheets if they leak but we are on a better road now. I hope this is helpful.

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My brother wet the bed till he was 12. He is 50 now and has 5 kids and no longer has the problem! He slept so incredibly sound, and my mother would carry him to the BR, but he was a big guy. Just ignore the whole thing and let him wear the pullups, and don't sAY a word to him. These kids are very ashamed.

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My daughter had the same problem. We used the potty alarm. It took about 6 weeks of consistently (very important) using it. Do not punish your son. His brain has not learned how to wake him from a deep sleep. He has no control over it UNTIL his brain learns this.

I have recommended the potty alarm to several people. All who has used it consistently have had great results. Those who use it only some of the times or don't follow the directions have had poor results and given up to soon.

I recommend that you do NOT wake your son up during this process. Let his body feel the fullness, let him pee, the alarm to go off. It is that cycle that trains his brain to recognize that he needs to go and wake him up. His brain doesn't learn anything if you are the one to wake him up before the accident.

I also recommend that you use potty pads (for puppies). I put them in the spot that my daughter would pee and used shirt stays or sock garters to connect the potty pad to the sheets. That way if he has an accident in the middle of the night you only have to change the potty pad and not the whole bed sheets. (I wouldn't tell him the potty pads are made for dogs. We took them out of the packaging and said they were just for this purpose!)

My daughter is 5 years accident free!

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I sympathize with what you are going through. It can be very frustrating. I just wanted to let you know that with some boys it takes into their teen years before they grow out of nighttime bed wetting. I have a nephew that struggled with this into his teens. He is a great kid, kind, energetic, obedient, etc. He was just a very heavy sleeper and his body would not wake him up. His mom handled it very well. She did not punish him or belittle him because he could not prevent it. He did have to put his sheets in the washer when he had an accident before he left for school. Keep things simple. Get a rubberized mattress pad so the mattress does not get ruined; use just the bottom sheet and a comforter (both of which can be washed easily and remade quickly. I also had a girl friend who's son struggled with this into Jr. High. They really can't help it, as long as nothing is wrong medically. Getting mad at them or bribing them to not do it will only frustrate you both and give him a complex about it. This to shall pass...as they say. B. E.

My son still wears a night-time pull-up at 5 1/2 years old. The pediatrician said his son was 8 and was just getting out of them. So, I'm not pushing it right now. I've heard that chiropractics can help with bed wetting, but I don't know if that is for someone who STILL wets or someone who has been dry and RELAPSED to wetting.

hang in there, my son took a while too, I think he was 8 when he stopped wearing the night-time pull-ups. Boys definitely take longer than girls.

I have asked this question and still have the problem with my almost 7 year old boy. We have an alarm that I need to try again. He had a cold the last time we tried it and was just to exhausted. The Bedwetting Store online has many great ideas. There is also an Enuresis Clinic in Rochester MN, that will help long distance after several other things have been tried. The one thing I have been lectured about is do NOT punish your son. Have him help you clean up the sheets and put new sheets on. Buy some washable geripads (like at the hospital) so you don't have to change the sheets as often. I have a coworker whose son finally outgrew bedwetting when he was 15. My brother did until he was 10 so that is what I am hoping for. I do not recommend the medicine because it only helps while on it. When they come off they start wetting the bed again.

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