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7 Year Old Having Daily Headaches

Hi.. My daughter who is 7 has been having headaches, i took her to the eye dr. and she did need glasses but she still is complaining about headaches, when she wakes up in the morning, at school and at home. I don't want to freak out and think tumor, but is there other reasons for daily headaches in a lil one like sinus, allergies or tension? I am nervous but trying not to be!

Thanks for all the responses so far.. it helps to know she probably doesn't have a tumor!!.. and I am getting her to the dr. asap!! keep up the encouragement i need it

and the only dramatic thing that has happened to her was in Kindergarten her friend died in the hallway right beside her... it was almost two years ago... maybe she is still in some sort of depression?

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Thank you all for all your responses!! I took her to the Dr. today and she had strep throat!!.. but they are also sending her for a CT scan next week to rule out any kind of tumor or anything.. so i will keep you updated!!

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I didn't read all the responses and I see you have followed up with a doctor, but I immediately thought- allergies. That was a big problem for me that came out in sore throats and headaches through my youth!

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Hi M.,

I wouldn't want to worry you unnecessarily. Mothers tend to default to that position anyway, but I would see a neurologist to be on the safe side. I would consider imaging - probably a CAT w/ contrast to exclude the possibility of a tumor. You also need to exclude Dx such as migraines, sinus infections, allergies, etc. Unfortunately, in my experience, doctors are too quick to default to a Dx of tension in little girls. I wouldn't be so willing to accept that explanation without ruling out the more worrisome issues first. Tension is, of course, also worrisome. Having a friend die in the hallway right beside a child who is of Kindergarten age sounds extremely traumatic. Regardless of the outcome of your testing, I would pursue some type of play therapy to help her express any unresolved issues from this tragedy. One warning, I would not take her to a therapist who insists that you leave the room. If the professional isn't willing to have you present or have you view the therapy situations through a two-way mirror, then don't agree to it. I could share at least five unrelated stories of friends who opted for this scenario in the name of mental health and their children are now more traumatized as they are victims of sexual predators.

Do you have a relaxing bedtime ritual with a warm bath, reading or prayer time, etc.? Do you sit with your daughter and color pictures or Play-Dough with her and allow her time to share thoughts that are too overwhelming to be put to words? Is there a dynamic at school that is bothering her or any stress in the home? These are simply questions that may give you ideas. When my son was little and having problems, everyone was quick to "mother bash." Your concern and proactive approach will yield much info.

God bless you as you advocate for your child,


P.S. Along the way, don't be surprised if you ruffle feathers. Most doctors don't like to questioned. If you're not happy, keep looking for answers and never do anything counterintuitive!

I didn't read all the responses and I see you have followed up with a doctor, but I immediately thought- allergies. That was a big problem for me that came out in sore throats and headaches through my youth!

My daughter went through all of this and ended up getting glasses she still had her headaches. I called back the eye doctor and he said they would go away when her eyes would adjust to the glassed of correcting her vision. Tell her to hang in there if this doesnt work maybe have her looked at by your family practioner for stress related headaches.

I'm 30-years-old now, but my migraines and headaches started at age 4. They were being caused by smoke (my step-dad smoked in the house and car). I also have scoliois (curvature of the spine) that wasn't discovered until I was 11. When your back/spine is out of line, it can cause headaches. My mom took me to a neurologist when I was 16. He did a few short motor tests to rule out a tumor. He said that my headaches were probably caused mostly by what I ate....chocolate, nuts, and cheese.

Is there any major changes going on in your daughter's life? Death, divorce, change of school, new sibling? She could be really stressed about something.

Does she grind her teeth at night? This could cause a headache.

I would recommend a trip to the pediatrician and chiropractor.

Hello M.,

I had the same issue with my 7 yr old. I took her to the dr because they where making her vomite. They said that it could be caused by some of the foods she is eating. To take notes of what she eats that day and then the next day do something completely different. Then you can start eliminating some of the foods. I found that my daughter if she had to much dairy it would give her a headache.

Good luck.

Think about having her tested for migranes. Does anyone in the family have them. If not, it doesn't matter, she could still be having migranes. I was diagnosed with them at the age of 5, and my son was diagnosed with them at the age of 7, but yet, my mother wasn't diagnosed until she was in her 40's. If it is that they can give her some meds to prevent them. Talk to your doctor about that. It could also very well be depression. That is alot for a 5 year old to take on. To see a friend die beside her, she probably has alot going on in her mind. It would be benificial for her to talk to some sort of a councilor. I hope she gets to feeling better. That breaks my heart. My prayers go out to you and her.

I would have to suggest that they are allergy related. My ENT said he has seen an increase of patients because of the unusual year we have had. I have been having sinus headaches myself. I would look into it and see what the dr. says.

Have you had her eyes checked. It could be she is having vision problems.

Hi M.,

I have had headaches- daily headaches for 10 years. I am 35, I am so sorry this is happening to your daughter (and you)! I have been to so many docs and had so many tests and meds. The only answers I was given was that I have combination migraine and tension headaches. She could be allergic to different foods such as nuts, bananas, dairy, dyes are in nearly everything we eat and drink. Red dye gives me a 3 day migraine nothing will get rid of. MSG is in alot of the packaged and chinese food and most soups. Nitrites are in lunch meat. Hormones are in the milk and meat we consume too. Please, try not to get overwhelmed. I would say start at the pediatrician and go from there. Natural food stores (Claudia's) have everything from cookies to strawberry frosting and juices without the dye and lunch meat without the nitrates and organic soups have no MSG. Keep in mind, alot of the over the counter meds have dyes in them that can contribute to the headaches. If she did have a tumor there would probably be some numbing with the headaches. If the traditional route doesn't give you answers, don't rule out a natural doctor. They actually look for the root of the problem. D.

My daughter started having the same issue about 6 years of age. She was given allergy medication and only has the headaches when she is not taking the medication. Her doctor put her on Zyrtec and it has helped tremendously. Good Luck!!!

I believe there are many reasons for the headaches, all of which are worth a trip to her pediatrician. How long has this been going on? My best friend recently spent 9 days in the hospital for Meningitis after complaining of a headache. However, I often wake up with a headache due to sinus/allergy issues.

I know you posted this a while ago and probably know the reason by now but i just wanted to say that my 6 yr old son and my self ( as a child and now as an adult) often have headaches. Mine even categorize as Migraines. Allergies, Stress, Lack of Sleep are all reasons for this but one thing that i have found out is ALOT of people/kids grind there teeth in their sleep without realizing it. This is a major cause of headaches! Especially if you wake up with them.

I just went through the same thing with my son. A year or 2 ago, we had a CT of his head to eliminate the tumor concerns I had. Recently, I took him to the emergency room because my son seemed to be in pain, and I just couldn't sit around waiting for something to happen 'ya know? Well, he was examined at the emegency room, and the Dr said he had "tension" headaches, which can make the scalp tender to touch. Some tension headaches can develop into migranes. The Doc said it can come from emotional stress (can you believe that in a 7 year old). He also asked if my son grit his teeth. YES! he grits his teeth in his sleep. Those maybe 2 possibilities.

To the parent that stated your child is vomiting with these headaches. I don't want to alarm you, just to ask that you get a second opinion to put your mind at ease. Consider if your child seems to be having balancing issues. But like I said I don't mean to alarm you, just be safe and get a second opinion.

Hi M.,
My 10 yr old son suffers from headaches often. His are do to needing and adjusting to his glasses, allergies, and stress. Who would think our little ones have so much going on in their lives, but they sure do. And a lot of times it is everything added together. But talk to her pediatrician. I did. Seems to help to take Tylenol.
W. in Toledo

My 6yo daughter has headaches from time to time and most of the time it can be tracked back to dehydration (she is very active and unless you catch her to make her drink she will go all day with out drinking). Make sure she is drinking enough water every day it can cause a lot of problems, not just headaches, if she doesn't get enough.
Also once she gets the headaches (I suffered from migraines for a number of years) get some lavender oil (little brown bottle from a health food store) and put 1-2 drops of oil behind her ears when she feels the headaches coming on. Or put it on at night as it can also help her get to sleep.
I know this sounds crazy but believe me, I still get killer headaches that no meds seem to help from time to time and my husband will remind me to use the lavender and within 10min it's either gone or nearly gone.

Hi M.,
I sound just like your daughter at her age. I was always in the office since I never felt well. I also needed glasses but I also had really bad allergies. I was allergic to the most common things. Animal dander, Caffine, Dust, Mold and a bunch of other things. I had to get allergy shots once a week. I still have some problems if I'm exposed to any one of my allergies for a long period of time. I still get a headache about once every couple months. Hopefully this helps.

I am proof that the allergy related headache is a bear. I have had daily headaches most of my life for as long as I can remember. Today at 34 I still suffer. Also, my children suffer from frequent headaches from allergies.
Good luck I hope this puts your mind at ease a little I know that it is very stressful to worry about your little one.

When I was about seven years old, I began having near-daily headaches also. It turned out that I had migraines. Over the years, I have been on and off both daily medications to prevent migraines and also prescription medications to stop the migraines when they start. The severity of the migraines has fluctuated over the years. I had them daily again in high school, but now, I have maybe one or two per month and take nothing other than Tylenol. I'd have her see her pediatrician about this. They may refer you to a neurologist. Good luck!

Sinus and allergies are a big reason for headaches this time of year for people of all ages. My 4 year old is having headaches in the last few weeks also. I'm not sure about the tension, I would think it's possible but that you would have to talk to the pediatric about.

Dear M.,
I'm 54 years old and the grandmother of a 4-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy who have frequent, respiratory problems, colds problems and sore throats ... but no headaches. Since I suffered from sinusitis most of my life, I recall wondering why they did not get sinusitis and have headaches because I've suffered from it all of my life. Sinusitis is one of the most dangerous infections (viral) there ever was before antibiotics were invented. It nearly killeed me as a teenager because it grows at an exponential rate of growth and eventually will go through the forehead and into my brain. Fortunatelyfor me, one of the antibiotics saved my life, but not before making me look like a combination of Frankenstein and a lizard. The headache became intolerable within a few days of getting the initial headache. I still suffer sometimes with sinusitis and it hurts right in the middle of the forehead. It is also painful to the touch when you press on the infected sinus area beteen the eyes. If other people tell you that there is nothing you can do about it because it's "just" a sinus infection or a cold--don't listen to them. A sinus infection WILL NOT GO AWAY ON ITS OWN. If you suspect a sinus infection, which killed numerous people years aago, my advice is to take her to the doctor immediatly. Nobody should have a headache for three days. That much I know for sure. If it turns out to be something else, let a doctor advise you, but get her to a doctor.Hope she gets better soon. I'd like to add that the headache was my only sympton. I had no cold or sinus drainage. Hope this helps her. C.

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