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7 Year Old Has Molluscum (Wart Virus)

My seven year old has had some pimple like (white head) warts on her hip for four months. After noticing them, I took her into the pediatrician and found out that it was Molluscum, which is a virus. Harmless, but more of a nuisance. She gave us some cream (RetinA) and we tried it out. They have spread to the inside of her thighs. The RetinA worked on a few, but they multiplied more than they went away! It's been four months since we've seen the Dr., so we've finally decided to see Dermatologist. She verified that it was in fact Molluscum and said I can let it runs it's course, which could be up to 2 years, or I could use a cream called Aldera, or have them frozen off. I chose the cream, because I would never want to intentionally put her through pain by freezing them!! I came home, looked up Aldera cream and found it to have many side effects on people who have used the cream. Most people have had flu-like symptoms, some had huge blisters and some were allergic. One site even said it wasn't meant for children! So, I will not be using the Aldera cream on her! The one good thing is, they don't bother her, at all. I have tried a few things at home. I've used tee tree oil, vitamin E and recently tried a mixture of oatmeal and yogurt! I haven't used the last remedy enough to notice a differnce just yet, but wondered if anyone else has dealt with this and if you have any suggestions! I'd prefer not to use any medication or chemicals. This virus use to be called "water warts" because Dr.'s thought it was transmitted through swimming pools. I'd like her to get rid of it so she can swim this summer! Thanks in advance!

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Hi L.,

BOTH my children had these! Just like warts, they are actually contagious. The warts, however, are NOT the problem. So, lubing them up or freezing them off will not solve the real problem.

The real problem is that she has an acidic body and over growth of yeast internally. You need to modify her diet to include more alkaline foods and fewer acid ones. You may also need to do a yeast cleanse.

I am a Holistic Health & Nutritional Consultant and am happy to help if you need assistance. Feel free to call my office at ###-###-#### or email me at ____@____.com of luck to you! :)

Warm Regards,
G. Van Luven
Healthy Habits Wellness Center, LLC

My son was 2 years old when he was diagnosed with Molluscum (contracted via daycare!) back in April of 2007 and was started on Aldara cream. I am not convinced that was he had was truly Molluscum, but the bumps were unsightly and would seem to break open if left untreated. To my knowledge, Aldara is supposed to work with the child's immune system to fight the disease since Molluscum is a virus. He had no side effects other than redness around the site(s) because, as my dermatologist told me, that is what happens when the cream is working and we need to stop applying it. The bumps did seem to clear up. Aldara gave me peace of mind and I am glad I used it.

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My 6 year old has had molluscum warts on her elbows for about a year and a half now and we did the same thing as you with research and many doctor visits. I finally gave up doing anything for the last year and they don't bother her so we are just waiting for them to go away. They haven't spread and neither of my other children have gotten them. I haven't even thought of them until I read your entry. It hasn't stopped her from doing anything, including swimming. Good luck!

Hi i have had these on my feet and fingers before and went to the docter they said it could lead to hpv so i decided to get them freezed off it stings but its better than having hpv

You might try pure coconut oil which is known for it's anti-fungal and healing properties. Also, tea-tree oil. Both can be foud at health food stores.

Here are some links I found for homeopathic cures - and even a product guaranteed to cure it:




For more links - go to www.google.com and serch using, "natural Molluscum remedies"


I didn't even finish reading your request because my son had this, too and I know what to tell you.

Go see a classical homeopath. After getting a proper diagnosis from my son's doc, I tried essential oils with minimal results. I then saw a classical homeopath who put him on his own personal "constitutional" remedy. Homeopathic remedies come from natural sources and are not medications or chemicals. You can read Every Parent's Guide to Homeopathy or what I thought was a better beginners book for me was The American Institute of Homeopathy Handbook for Parents by Shalts. These books will get you familiar with the process so you can decide if you want to go this route.

Anyway, my son's warts were GONE in 4 months and never returned. Also, he slept better and dealt with teething better. Bonus! (He was only 4 months when diagnosed)

Since then, I've read three books and treat 90% of all my family's illnesses with homeopathy (obviously, these are "first aid" type illnesses, nothing major). We never see the pediatrician.

Good luck,

P.s. My pediatrician told me NOT to put the cream on my kid so I'm not so sure about your doc's advice.

I'm not sure this will help, but when I was 2 I used to have warts and parents tried all kinds of stuff to get rid of it, creams, and white stuff to put on it, home remedies. They didn't away until I was 7 years old. I guess it ran it's course. Don't know how they went away, but they did and they never bothered me either. They look really nasty, but i'm glad my parents didn't try to freeze them or anything, becuase I probably would have been tramatized.

Try Amylactin. Its a lotion. My son had it and this was the only thing that worked on it.

3 of my 4 kids have had Molluscum issues. Let it run it's course. The little white head inside is the part that is contagious. My husband has a Dr. side to him and he would carefully pick at them once in a while with a steril needle and tissue. Making sure that white heard did not touch anything... Not that I recommend that but it cured a few of them.
Recently my 7 year old son had them on his face (about 15 of them on his chin). I had him eat lots of bananas and within a few days there were ALL GONE ~ Seriously!!!
When I was young I had them on my face as well and the Dr. treated it with some cream that burt my face and it looked like I had a birth mark for a couple weeks ~ Avoid that route!!! TRY BANANAS!!!

I don't remember the freezing being painful at all. Since it does not require any medications and has no side affects, that is the route I might consider.

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