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7 Year Old Girl- Early Puberty?

My daughter is 7 and had some slight vaginal bleeding yesterday. I did some research but she has no other signs of early puberty? Any thoughts?

Thanks for all of your responses! I also think it was a torn hymen. I didn't think of that until I got that response. If it happens again, we will see her DR. She doesn't have any other unusual symptoms that make me think she has an infection or anything. She rides horses and is also very active and athletic. I am keeping a close eye on her and told her to make sure she tells me if it happens again. Thanks again.

What can I do next?

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She may have done something athletic to tear the covering (I don't remember the medical term) in her vagina. Some say that something as simple as horseback riding can tear it.

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If your daughter is active she could have torn her hymen, when I was 8 I was a gymnast and had the same problem. I never did tell anyone but later on in life I realized what I had done. It was no big deal though.

How could she have torn her hymen? When I was about 11 I accidentally fell on a corner of a book or something and that happened. I have read that puberty is starting earlier nowadays, depending on when you started etc. It does not sound like it but I've also heard that more "overweight" girls start earlier too (does not sound like your daughter).

I would suggest that you talk with her doctor now instead of waiting. There could be several reasons for this. If it is from a torn hymen it would be best to make sure there is not bruising or any other problems

HI T., I would not worry too much but I would take her to the doctor to rule out a bladder infection.
As the others suggested, I have also heard if they banged into something very hard , that that could happen.
It doesn't hurt to check about the early puberty , although I doubt it. Do as the others say though and keep her off the hormone free milk. Do not buy the milk at Walmart, it has that hormone in it.
Good luck and keep the lines of communication open with your daugher. B.

Hello T.,

is she drinking organic milk (less hormones). if she's on soy milk, I'd swicht to rice milk. google and talk to her ped. My girl will be six soon. I cannot even think about early puberty! also check into using organic chicken and beef.

It doesn't sound like early puberty. I would take her to the pediatrician or to your OB/Gyn to be checked out.

Hi T.--I agree this is probably not puberty. SHe could have a kidney or bladder infection to where the blood is actually in her urine rather than vaginal bleeding. I would sure call the doctor ASAP! Hope she is ok!! :)

I would take her to the Dr. Could be a bladder infection.

I would take her to the doctor immediately to rule out any misconduct from an adult/older child. This is harsh but she is your daughter and it is your job to protect her IF this was occuring. Plus, this would protect you from CPS if anything ever came from it later.

I would check with the doctor for sure! When I was little(before puberty) I had a light bleed twice. Once, because I ate several apples in one day, and the other is because I feel on the bar between my legs on the bike I was riding.

She may have done something athletic to tear the covering (I don't remember the medical term) in her vagina. Some say that something as simple as horseback riding can tear it.

Could she possibly have been raped?

You didn't mention her weight. Some doctors say that overweight girls start puberty way before slender girls. I was very slender, ok skinny and was almost 14 when I started my period. My two sisters were chubby and started at 3rd or 4th grade. Some say that there is a magic number of 106 pounds... although I have known many who didn't follow that example. I was only 97 pounds at age 14. Please take her to the doctor so you can know one way or the other.

When I was that age I fell on to my chair at school and hit the seat harder than usual. I remember it hurt but didn't tell anyone about it. Later that day I noticed that I had bled a little. It may be that she hit herself hard or stretched in a way that tore her hymen a bit. I've heard of young gymnastics having that happen, too, just from their regular activity.

It is possible, but she needs to see a doctor ASAP.

I've heard that children are going through puberty early because of the hormones in todays milk. Try switching to organic milk or braums which is suppose to be the same as organic.

I am a mother of now a 10 year old daughter. She had early puberty at 8 and through all of the testing we found that she has a tumor in the pituitary and a tumor in the pineal. All of which are in the brain. I do not want to scare you, I would just like for you to NOT take this lightly. If you catch early puberty, now there are tons of things new for help. My daughter had a "chip" put into her arm to stop all the hormones. She is a patient at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and Cook Children's Ft. Worth. Feel free to go to the Mayo Clinic website there is alot of helpful information. Better SAFE than SORRY!

T. - Vaginal bleeding could actually be a bladder infection, and your little girl should see a doctor or nurse practitioner. Not all bladder infections are painful, although most are. Thus absense of pain when urinating does not prove she doesn't have one. L. P.


i dont think she is going thru early puberty, I think you should take her to the doctor and have her checked out she may of hurt herself someway and you do not want it to end up a bad infection or something.

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