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7 Year-old with Some Body Hair

My daughter is about to turn 7 and has a little bit of dark pubic hair growing already! There is no other sign of puberty, but this seems odd. Anyone had any experience with this? I didn't really hit puberty until I was 13 or 14. She has always been ahead on her growth and such, but this seems a bit much! Help!

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Dr. said since there is no other development (breasts, hair under arm) , probably an isolated thing. Just to keep an eye out and see an endocrinologist if any more concern. Also recommended organic beef and free range chicken to cut down artificial hormones. I feel much better.

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I have a friend who's daughter experienced the same condition at 5. Unfortunately it was caused from some kind of disease that causes high growth rates.

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I personally went through this at the age of 6.It is more common now however I believe the emotional effects are the same. It is very difficult to be what others consider different the truth is people can be really cruel even those not meaning to. I would like you to listen and pay attention to changes in mood. I am now an adult and I still feel the pain from dealing with early puberty.I recommend getting counseling to help your daughter.

My daughter had the same thing. She is now 9 1/2 and her breast buds have emerged. Believe it or not, it was my obgyn that helped me the most, and told me that the early puberty is more common now than ever. I was the physical body type that probably should have started menarche in her teens, but i started early as well(at 11.) unfortunately we live in different times, and this is becoming the new norm. I would google precocious puberty, and see what it says. At 7 yrs old, she barely fits into the age group that would be considered precocious, it's mostly for younger kids. Ask your pediatrician, or your obgyn what you should do.

I went through the same thing when I was her age. My pediatrician told my Mom that it was normal for someone with a strong European background...but probably asking a doctor about it would be best.

I have read your request and the responses below. We live in a society that is sexually charged. And though it is hard to explain to people with non medical backgrounds, it really is no secret that the sexual content of television, including the advertising, the sexual inuendos in the language of the children's programming, the sultry adds on billboards and in the news papers and magazines all add up to the body responding by making more sex hormones and the process excelerates until we have very little childhood and innocence left. It is hard to escape the amazing battery of the attitude of "you need to feel comfortable with your body." It all boils down to--"It is all too much for the body." I'm not a young mom, I am older and I can tell you, it was not always this way. My generation did not have that experience until age 10--13. It is hard to protect children from so much moral disadence. But if you have a belief that you were raised with that preserves innocence and teaches moral abstence, I think you will find you will be able to raise happier children that are not so much in a rush to "do it all." Good Luck, and Good Speed.

Hey K.,
Don't be worried. All girls are somewhat different. My oldest didn't have any signs until about 4th - 5th grade. My miiddle one had signs in 2nd grade & began her cycle in 4th grade. I'm the oldest of three myself & we were all so drasticly different when it came to that. She'll be alright and so will you.

Hi K.,
Precocious puberty frequently happens in girls who are overweight and can sometimes be halted with a change in weight. This happens because hormones which start puberty are stored in fatty tissues. You may also want to remove all non organic (Natural and hormone free are ok too) meats and dairy products from her diet as they contribute to her hormone load. Please also be aware that microwaving in plastics can release hormone like substances that enter our bodies and act like actual hormoes.
I would consider discussing this issue with your daughter's doctor.
I wish you well.
Take care,
Doula and Mother of Ben 16 yrs and Daniel 12 yrs

I have heard that little girls develop earlier than normal due to increased hormone influence. You maybe need to go to an endocrinologist to see if there is a different unlying problem. I would change to hormone free milk, hormone free meat, hormone free cheese, etc. The truth is that many meats, chicken, pork, beef, etc are fed hormones to get fattened up fast for market, and we drink the cows milk and eat the meat. This messes up the hormones in our bodies. I have changed our diet to include as much organic, hormone free food as possible. There are a lot of alternative doctors talking about the influence of hormones on little girls, causing early periods and early develop of breasts. K.

Sometimes this can happen with a young child, it is called precocious puberty it just means that the body is developing at a faster rate the normal. It is rare, but it does not mean your child is abnormal. It happens and I think there is a medication your doctor can give you to try and help slow down the process. That would be my advice is to see you doctor about it. I hope this helps.

I am not too sure about pubic hair, but my oldest son (7 now) has had dark, thick hair on his legs since he was about 4 years old. It scared me too, but apparently it is normal. I don't know if that helps, just wanted you to know unusual hair happens.

Early puberty is much more common now then when we were younger. I'd take her to the dr. and see if there is anything you can/need to do. Good luck!!!

I have a friend who's daughter experienced the same condition at 5. Unfortunately it was caused from some kind of disease that causes high growth rates.

We began seeing pubic hair on our daughter at 5. We found out later that it was a "normal" reaction to a treatment that was given to her when she was a baby. She was born with her vagina sealed shut and back then they recommended estrogen cream; it was supposed to soften the tissue and open naturally. Didn't work for us and at 4 she had surgery to correct. She's almost 11 now and has a great deal of pubic hair but no breast buds or other signs of puberty. We went to a new dr when we moved who recommended we do a bone age study. Also confirmed what we were thinking - too many hormones!

Hi my name is S. A my daughter is 9 now but at 7 and half years old she started getting breast and then pubic hair followed but when i fist ask her pediatrician about why my daughters breast where swelling up he told me that he would get back to me after he researched it 2 months past i gave up right from the start on him getting back so i researched it myself and found it was called precoucous puberty where boys or girls get there pubery early instead of 10 to 12 yrs of age, also while on the subject it talked about taking them to endocrinologist and having them tested which would be blood work testing all there hormones so i took my daughter but he wanted more testing then just normal stuff even after her regular test just came back normal i told him no more testing i knew it was precoucious puberty already and i did not want to have her take shots to stop growth are her puberty because he told me about that and i chose to let her grow at her own paceI have researched alot on the subject and have found differerent answeres about why some kids start having puberty early then others and some answeres were hormones that farmers inject into there milking cows and pestisides used in the vegtables that we eat and purchase from your local grocers ect. but i do know my daughter said even though she has early puberty she still feels and plays like a little girl but her hormones make her sad, happy mad glad at different times for no reason at all i dont know if this info is of any help to you but i do know that my daughter has been going through the same thing and still is but the only thing is that her cycle has not came around yet and she said she was glad of that for know because we been talking since she was very little on what to exspect on that subect.

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