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7 Weeks Pregnant & No Morning Sickness

hello everyone. i was wondering if its common not to experience morning sickness at 7 weeks, when you know your other pregnancies always started out as morning sickness as first sign of pregncy. I was always nauseous at 5 weeks, and it was pretty bad. Now at 7 weeks, nothing, it kind of worries me. I know i got pregnant, went to doctor & got 5 week ultrasound , now experiencing hunger, tiredness, very sore nipples. i'm going to the doctor in 2 days, but for now just wanted to know if its normal not to have the same symptoms as previous preg??. i have to add that i'm breasfeeding now, that may effect the nausea?? thank you for your response

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thank you all for your responses. sure enough i'm pregnant and by the end of 8th week i startd to get morning sicknes which got even worse by 10th week. with my first child a barely threw up, but now it happens much more often , almost every day. yes, i realize every pregnancy is different, so i should not expect to feel the same through out these long months. thank you for you replies, it really helped me to get a peace of mind before my doctor's appointment.
Update: Now i'm almost 14 weeks pregnant and i've started having morning sickness from end of 8th week, and actually it is a bit worse then with my daughter, because i throw up most of the time, and almost only abput 3 times in previous pregnancy. and it still continues...

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Hi Y.-
My first pregnancy I had morning sickness bad and my second,
I was not sick one day!!!
Every pregnancy is different.
Enjoy yout throw--up free days!!!

TOTALLY NORMAL not to have morning sickness.

I had a beautiful healthy baby and never even once experienced even a tiny bit of nausea -- never mind throwing up....I didn't get morning sickness at all.... you should be fine!

And they say that each pregnancy is always different from the rest!

Every pregnancy is different. With my first child, I had morning sickness for 4 months. I'm 18 weeks pregnant now, and I had morning sickness for 3 months this time. Be thankful for now that you are not feeling like you want to die. Ugh. Good luck.

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TOTALLY NORMAL not to have morning sickness.

I had a beautiful healthy baby and never even once experienced even a tiny bit of nausea -- never mind throwing up....I didn't get morning sickness at all.... you should be fine!

And they say that each pregnancy is always different from the rest!

This is very normal, with my first child I was sick from conception up until the 4th month. I am now pregnant again and nothing!! I was worried too but I am now in my 4th month and still morning sickness free. Every pregnancy is different from what I was told and we should be grateful to not experience it again..lol I hope this helps ease your mind until your next doctor's appointment.

I have read from several different sources that you can have 4 pregnancies and each one be totally different. Try to enjoy not being sick! The last thing that you need is to bring on stress. I never experienced any sickness at all during my pregnancy, nor did I have any complications at all. Maybe you'll have the same luck this time around! Good luck to you! R.

With my first pregnancy I did not get sick at all until I was 13 weeks, and it lasted through most of the 2nd trimester and was spotty in the third. This pregnancy (I am pregnant now, 29 weeks) I started with morning sickness at 8 weeks, around 13 it went away, and has been very spotty since. Consider yourself lucky as long as you don't have it, and remember everyone's body is different, and every pregnant will be different, so what is normal for you may not be normal for anyone else. I know it's hard to not get caught up in this stuff, it only gets more so the more pregnant you get, wait until you have people asking you if you are eatting enough because you seem too small, or if you are eatting too much because you are so big. Like I said, everyone, every body, it's all different, try to just relax and enjoy, it's a wonderful journey!

I have only had one child, so i can't say whether or not you should have the same symptoms every time, but I can tell you that during my pregnancy I did not have morning sickness ever, I went through the whole pregnancy never throwing up once and everything was fine and normal, so I wouldn't worry about it, just be thankful. I was!

I would say be thankful you don't have the morning sickness. EVERY pregnancy is different. I thankfully never had morning sickness with either of my boys. Other things can also play into factor. If you body is different now than it was with the other pregnancy's, if your eating habbits have changed, many things play a role.
Just be thankful you don't have it now and continue to take care of yourself.

Each pregnancy is different so I wouldn't worry about it if the doctor has confirmed everything is ok. I've had three children and every single pregnancy, recovery, everything was different.


BTW, do be sure your doctor knows you are nursing because most times they want you to stop I think.

I don't think there is any issue with not having morning sickness. Not everyone does. I didn't for either pregnancy! ALso, this doesn't sound liek something you should be complaining about. ANy doctor will also tell you that every pregnancy is different. Some people get headaches some people gain weight right away some have morning sickness and some are just sick the whole pregnancy.

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