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7 Months Pregnant and Fiance Wont Have Sex with Me.

Im 27 weeks "7 months" pregnant and Im horny all the time but it seems like my fiance wants nothing to do with me. I dont know what to do. We are a younger couple this I know is not normal. Im 20 and he is 26 years old. Please help me with this dilemma. I tried of going to sleep angry and unsatisfied. Im sexually frustrated and its starting to hurt my relationship with him.

What can I do next?

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Once my husband saw the baby move and kick, the whole concept just freaked him out and I respected that. After the baby is born and he's ready to go and you're tired, leaky and sore... hope he has the same respect for you!

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Have you talked to him about it? We had sex a lot when I was pregnant - after all, you don't even have to consider the risk of getting pregnant. Let him know you likely won't be having sex for 6 weeks after the baby is born at which point you will both be so exhausted (which will last for months to years) that you will be lucky to ever have sex again. Or at least without wondering will the baby wake up, start screaming, etc. At a time when you are both awake. Talk to him.

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No offense, but WHAT A JERK! Sorry, just my opinion, but HE knocked you up, didn't he? He had fun making you pregnant, but now won't touch you?? Why? If it's b/c he is afraid it will hurt the baby, take him to your next OB appointment and have him ask. (It's totally safe!) Any other reason, and I'd be SO pissed. I mean, turning you down b/c he is tired or something every once in awhile is ok, but it sounds like it's more often than that. My only advice would be to buy a good "adult toy" and let out that frustration yourself. And then next time he's horny...tell him to kiss your a$$!!

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Honey, I'm sorry for you that you're hurt but in the grand scheme of things, it's 2 months out of your life. The ship may be turned the other direction when that baby comes. When you're sore, leaking and exhausted and he wants it! Don't be angry, I'm sure it's not out of spite and if you love the guy enough to have a child with him you're strong enough to cut him some slack. Plan some romantic dinners and have some cuddle time without expectations. You'll miss those moments when you don't have the time....when the best you can hope for is an uninterrupted quickie, fun but not what you want every time! And who knows, maybe he'll get over himself in the moment ;-) if not, break out the BOB and hit the showers...this too shall pass. Good luck!

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Well, it's not optimum, but it's actually VERY normal. Some men, once you get into that third trimester, are just freaked out about having sex. Some want it all the time -it's an individual thing. You can do other things to satisfy one another without having intercourse, and after another month goes by, you may find that he's over holding out! Of course by that point you may not want sex at all...pregnancy is that way! If you really need to -help yourself or go buy a vibrator.

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This is so hard! I agree with Molly though. It freaks some men out, especially if this is your first pregnancy. He might be afraid of hurting the baby, but he also might be afraid of hurting you. You're getting bigger and he might feel nervous about it, which doesn't help him get excited either! Talk to him about it and let him tell you his feelings. If he clams up and doesn't talk about it, be sure to tell him yours! Tell him that it might be uncomfortable at time (b/c trust me, it will!) but you're still excited and want to have sex! Maybe you can tell him that he has to get it all in now b/c once the baby is born you can't have sex for at least 4-6 weeks. Maybe that will scare him right into doing it! haha ;)

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My SO actually told me that he wasn't "into big women". I had to remind him that I was carrying HIS baby. The weight gain and the fear that sex might hurt the baby really turned him into someone else. From that point on, I took him to EACH and EVERY prenatal appointment and pointedly asked the doctor questions about sex in the last trimester. He listened, learned and stopped being a jerk. You deserve to be satisfied. Carrying a baby that long ain't no joke. He should hear from you that you feel the relationship is being hurt by his ignorance. I've been there! Good luck to you.

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This is extremely normal. A huge percentage of men feel really weird having sex with pregnant women, especially as they get bigger. Sometimes it's because they feel grossed out but don't really understand that's how they feel, sometimes it's because they are scared of hurting the baby, sometimes they are simply confused as to 'how' to do it with a big belly in the way, sometimes pregnant woman act like royal pains in the asses and puts them out of the mood. Its' in all the pregnancy books. Don't worry about it... it will pass.

Seriously though, relationships aren't just about sex, get over it and find other ways to have fun together for now, sex isn't the only intimate thing out there. It would be a shame if you allowed this to ruin the relationship before your child ever even got here, because it's going to get a lot tougher.

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First I too would be a little hurt if my hubby were like this so I understand where you are coming from BUT its not a reason to let your relationship sour and 'fight' with your fiance throughout the rest of your pregnancy. It IS normal for relationships to go through stages of having lots of sex and not so often. You most likely will trade off too depending on what is going on in life. In my case (8 months along with #3) my hubby wants it all the time and loves sex with me while I am preggy and I am the total opposite. I get that you can't hurt the baby and it is safe but I cannot get it out of my head that the baby is right there and being poked especially when they move so I can see where your fiance is coming from. I seriously can't let the thought go long enough to get in the mood, ever. Its not anything personal against my hubby I just can't get the thought out of my head. Only a couple of times a month throughout my pregnancies I have taken one for the team. My advice is to try to talk to him but if nothing changes please don't take it personally and take care of yourself. Remember its just a few months out of a lifetime of marriage.

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Is it because you are pregnant, or is he not in the mood? Sometimes just doing mutual things orally or manually can help a lot. This is my third pregnancy and we have had very little sex in the last month and a half (I was due two days ago) but it has been my most uncomfortable pregnancy. It is driving us both nuts and I can't wait to not be pregnant so we can have a normal sex life again. :)

If you haven't talked about it sometime other than bedtime, just try to bring it up and discuss it--ask him if he is uncomfortable and wants to look at other positions, if it has to do with your belly size (you do NOT have to be face-to-face, and sometimes spoon position or you on your knees with a pillow supporting your belly/hips is more comfortable anyway later in pregnancy--sorry to be graphic). Play up what is sexy with lingerie if it helps him. But make it a conversation. He might be going through something that is affecting his sex drive, like stress, worrying about the baby/finances, work, how it will change your relationship, etc. Some medications, stress, alcohol (more than one drink), and being too tired all affect my husband so we have to sometimes find other times (rather than bedtime) or make that a priority before he's had a medication or something. Don't just go to bed frustrated, but don't try to talk about it when you're both frustrated.

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