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7 Month Old Spitting up a Lot and Eating Solids

My 7 month old daughter has always spit up after eating. When she first came home, you had to have about 3 birp clothes ready...for when she birped. She'd birp and up it would come. She has been eating solids now for 2 months, cereal and baby food. We went through each veggie and fruit as you are suppose to do, to make sure there were no allergies. And she did fine. My only concern now is the amount of spitting up that she still does. I figured by the time she was eating solids, this would reduce. And it has, compared to when she first came home. But the wierd thing is, some days she barely spits up, where the next day she spits up all day long. Last night I had her in the exersaucer and up it came. I had her on the floor and up it came. We even put down a sheet on the floor, so if she does spit up, we can wipe it up and not worry about the floor.

Also, we had her on Prilosec since she was born. We just recently took her off of it. But then about a week and a half ago, we decided to try it again and see if it makes a difference in her spitting up. We have not seen a difference. I will say she does not seem to be in pain. She spits up and smiles at the same time. Maybe I am feeding her too much? She gets 4 - 6oz bottles a day (730am, 1130am, 330pm, 730pm). She also gets cereal and 1/2 size 1 veggie for lunch (around 12-1230pm). And for dinner (around 530-6pm) she gets cereal (1/8 cup), 1/2 size 1 veggie and 1/2 size 1 fruit.

Any suggestions on what could be causing this?
Will she just grow out of it eventually?
Anything else you would like to share?

Thanks for any advice you can share!

What can I do next?

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Glad to hear someone else has the same problem! What you're describing sounds just like my son. He is 9 months. I've heard it stops when they start walking. I've also heard a lot of other mothers say it stopped around 10 months for them. We've found that spacing out his dinner helps. (I feed him a veggie and wait 1/2 hr to give him his cereal) It seems to help a little, but we still have days where he spits up a lot. Keep a bib on her and an extra couple outfits in the diaper bag (maybe even a change of clothes for you)! Good luck:)

You might want to consult a pediatric chiropractor. I was just reading yesterday that they can help this in babies. Good luck.

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I know moms like you whose babies were having similar issues with formula and foods. What they found was that our nutritial product helped them to keep their food and formula down. If you would like to know more, I can connect you over the phone with those moms and hear how their children thrive! --R. H.

If he is also showing other symptoms, mild rashes on his stomach, cradle cap, etc.... it might not be acid reflux but an allergy to a food.

My son spit up a ton from about 3 months - 7 months. My doctor thought it might be acid reflux too, but she did not recommend any medication. We had the same thing, more some days and less others. At about 6 months (as we transitioned from breast milk to formula and solids), he started to develop mild rashes. We were told to switch soaps, laundry detergent, etc.....none of which worked.

We discovered by accident (and an ambulance ride to the hospital that included an overnight stay!) that he was allergic to dairy products, peanuts, and eggs. The only one he had been directly exposed to, outside of exclusive breast feeding for the first six months, was dairy, as he was on a diary-based formula starting at six months. By 7 months, his allergy was turning severe, but we didn't know it.

Call your pediatrician, but perhaps try a non-allergy formula like Alimentum or Nutramigen and maybe that's the issue.

Good luck!

Sounds like classic reflux. It is a common thing in infants, some have it really bad, others not so much. If the medicine does not seem to help her, I would quit using it, especially since the spitting up does not seem to bother her. Is she gaining weight appropriately? If so, it is something that you just have to wait out. The sphincter that is between the stomach and eshophagus is just not strong enough and usually by the time they are 12 months old, the reflux goes away once the sphincter muscle strengthens. My second son had this and we also had to keep a sheet down on the floor to catch his messes. It never bothered him either, we just went through a lot of bibs and outfits. He outgrew it around 12-13 months.

My first question is were u on antibiotics while u were pregnant. I know that my son is 6m and spits up some now, not nearly as much as he did. We had to have the same thing. Burp cloths handy and we changed clothes alot. I have him on acidophalis and that seems to help alot. I was on antibiotics while i was pregnant. He gets it once a day and then he is usually really good that day. It is just putting the natural enzymes back in the digestive track. I hope this helps.

Hi J.,

My daughter had that problem also. We had her on Prilosec until probably about 6-7 months. She finally stopped spitting up when she was about 9 months I'd say. I know what it's like to have to go through 3 birp clothes in one day. Yes, very annoying. Your daughter will eventually grow out of it like mine did and you will be soo much happier. Especially not having to bring a birp cloth every where with you. Just give it time.

Not all baby's stop spitting up with solids. Things I have read say that some kids will spit up for the whole first year. She doesn't have acid reflux and probably never did. Acid reflux is painful and she would be upset. Sounds to me like she is just active because you mentioned the saucer and floor time as being when she spits up. Does she spit up at night when she is sleepy?

Our 5 month old is the same way although we have not started solids. At night she will sleep without spitting up or being burped but during the day watch out. Give it time as long as she seems happy and is growing she is fine.

My son was that way..EXACTLY! He didn't stop spitting up until he was almost a year old, by then he was on all table foods. His DR said my son was a "happy spitter" so he nevr would test him for acid reflux ( because he never seemed to show signs of it hurting). We did give him Mylecon (gas drops) before each bottle.. it helped a little bit. All you can do is wait it out, its frustrating but it will come to an end..but hey, by the end you'll be a pro carpet cleaner like me!

Hi J.. I had the same experience with my son. I thought perhaps it was a lactose irritation, so I tried giving him soy formula. Within ten minutes he was vomiting, so then I knew he was allergic to soy. Figured I was back to square one on his "urpy-ness" as we had taken to calling it =) The next day I mentioned this to his babysitter, whose own daughter is allergic to just about everything, and he was like, well you know there are small amounts of soy in formula too! I looked at the label and sure enough...soy is an ingredient! So we quit making his cereal with formula and just used plain water. It made a huge difference. He was close to 1 when we found this out, so we just cut back on the amount of formula to a bottle in the am and one at night. He ate food/cereal made with water the rest of the day and then as soon as he was 1 we switched to cow's milk. If you even just cut the formula out for a day or two and notice a difference, you may want to ask your ped what they recommend at 7 months as far as a formula that is soy free.

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