7 Month Old Baby Pooping at the Same Time Every Morning...

Updated on February 24, 2009
H.P. asks from Fountain Valley, CA
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Hello Mamas:

We were wondering if anyone out there has the same case as we do. Our baby has her bowel movement at about the same time every morning (4AM), we would change her diaper quietly in the dark and thereafter try to get her back to sleep. Unfortunately, she can never fall back asleep after that. We tried to soothe her every way possible but nothing seemed to work. This has been going for a long time, ever since she was about 3 or 4 months old. Does anyone out there have similar situations with their babies and what do they do to get their babies to go back to sleep? Any suggestions provided is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I have to disagree with both responses so far. Please don't get in the habit of rocking, singing, strolling, etc... The more you do the more she will rely on you to get her to sleep everytime, and it won't help in this situation anyway.
She is pooping at the same time because that's the way her internal clock is set right now. I know it's been that way for a while now, but that's not the way it will always be. Her body will change as you start to introduce more solid food, and as her naps change and as she grows. For now, you can try changing up her bedtime to she if she can sleep past that 4:00 mark. She can't get back to sleep at that hour because by that time she is already quite rested. The goal is to get her to not wake up. I don't know what time she is going to bed but I would first try putting her to bed earlier, instead of 7 maybe 6 for example. This will cause her to either wake earlier to poop, in which case it will be early enough for her to go back to sleep, or she will sleep deeper and hopefully past 4:00am.
If she does wake up to poop, keep the lights low, talk as little as possible, change her diaper, put her back in her bed and tell her it's still night time and she needs to go back to sleep. Then leave and do not go back in. It may take her a while to get sleepy again, but she will fall back asleep if you give her the opportunity. The more you do this the quicker this situation will change.
Good Luck and write me if you have questions,
K. Smith
Sleep Consultant and Parenting Coach

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Homeopathic doctors tell us that pooping the same time every morning is a sign of good health. It's when you stop doing that, when you need to worry. :) -M. R

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sounds like you have a healthy baby. can you imagine how much we would get done if we got up did our business and then started getting things done.



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WOW, that's great !!!!!

I bet there's a lot of parents that just wish their baby would poop ! LOL

Don't worry about it ! Pooping daily is HEALTHY ...at the same time every day is EVEN HEALTIER !!

ENJOY !!!!!



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First, I would like to say congrats on the baby. 2nd- going poop at the same time everyday is a great(doesnt seem like it now, but it is). If she keeps it up, potty training shouldnt be too bad. I'll tell you a few things that worked for my daughter. To get her to go back to sleep, I would sing to her, and rock her at the same time. I made up a short song " Go to sleep lil baby, go to sleep mamas lil baby girl.OVer and Over and Over. Also, Johnson and Johnson's Lavendr Calming Gel worked for us. Putting her in the stroller and strolling up and down the hall worked as well.- Goodluck.


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It's great that she goes at the same time every morning! Our daughter was the same way and potty training her later on was SO easy. I didn't have this specific issue with my daughter as she would always fall back to sleep. BUT maybe you can try changing her feeding schedule? Like if she is going at 4am and you want her to go at 6am you can change up her feeding schedule to feed her a last feeding a little later so she has her BM later in the morning? Good luck!!



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there are several homeopathic remedies that can be of use in this case. here is 3 of them. as a disclosure, please don't consider this recommendation as substitute for professional homeopathic care, which is always the best. if the stool is soft and even on the liquid side, try homeopathic remedy called Podophyllum 30C, if she had a history of neonatal jaundice, then she needs Chelidonium 30C, if the stool is hard and dry give Alumina 30C. pick what better fits her condition and give early in the morning (right after she had stool and does not want to go back to sleep and again right before bed time in the evening). If no improvement is seen in a week, it is a wrong remedy.
Good Luck



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Some babies wake up really early.
My Mom said that my brother was up at 4am every morning and napping by 7am.
She said that she got to watch lots of sunrises.

I am sure that with time she will start to sleep later.

Good luck.


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My DD is also has a bowel movement the minute she wakes up in the morning. Whether that be 3 am or 7 am. Over the months, I found that putting her to bed earlier, really helped her to sleep longer. Now she sleeps 13 hours straight every night from 6pm to 7 am. As your little one gets older, the schedules get easier and she will adjust. It won't be that way forever..although I am sure you are exhausted! I would try now just putting her back in her crib after a diaper change and letting her know it is sleep time. It may take some time...but she will eventually learn that 4 am is the middle of the night to most people :)

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