7 Mnth Old Daughter Showed Curved Spine in X-ray a.k.a. Infantile Scoliosis.

Updated on February 28, 2009
L.Z. asks from Leesburg, VA
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Hi Moms,
We found out yesterday that our daughter has scoliosis. She is almost 8 mnths. I asked our pediatrician if she thinks being in a swing for too long cause it and she said no, that her twin daughters slept a lot in the swings. Still my husband and I feel that is what happened. She loved to sleep in the swing and we took advantage of it. My uncle had it when he was a boy, so it may be in my genes. Anyway I was wanting to hear from anyone with ideas on babies this young getting treatment and if they put babies this young in cast/brace. I want to get her for help asap, but also do want it to affect her learning how to crawl, stand and walk, and I also worry about how will I put her in a carseat that young with a plaster cast on. Her name is Mary and she is a total angel, we couldn't have ask for a more happy go lucky baby. Any suggestions would be great, thanks for reading and great job moms.

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answers from Richmond on

Dear L.,
Are you familiar with chiropractic? I first was introduced to chiropractic in 1993 and have received care on an 'as needed basis' ever since ! I absolutely love it, so much so that I have worked for several chiropractors over the last decade or so.
Do you know that scoliosis is often helped by chiropractic? One of my doctors I've worked for has told me that the younger you get a child with scoliosis treated by chiropractic, the greater success you will have in decreasing the curvature.
Also, are you aware that even newborns can be safely adjusted? The adjustment isn't like one for an adult. It's more like a light touch since infants and children's spines are more supple.
If you want more info, feel free to respond to this message.
J. F.


answers from Washington DC on

Hi L.,

I'm not sure exactly where you are based, but if you are near Columbia, I absolutely love my chiropractor and he is great with kids. His name is Dr Steven Mahoney and the number of his practice is ###-###-####.

L. P



answers from Norfolk on

I do not know much about this, but I am wondering what led to the testing for this?
I also wanted to say it will all depend on the severity of the curve. You do understand that the curve is side to side, not front to back. I doubt the swing would have caused it so dont blame yourself. Ive known tons of parents whose children have slept in swings and carseats.
I slight curve of the spine (mild scoliosis) is also common. So ask your dr. how severe it is and do whatever tehy say is necessary as soon as you can.
It will be ok if your child is delayed in walking/crawling, she will have plenty of time to catch up later.



answers from Washington DC on

I second the suggestion of a chiropractor for your daughter. I have worked in chiropractic offices in the past and in the wellness field now. There are local chiropractors that treat children. I have several in this area that I refer to. Feel free to contact me for a referal if you desire to take this very effective path with your child.



answers from Lynchburg on

Hi L.! My 2 yr old son has this as well. I noticed it when he was about 5 months old and took him to our pediatrician immediately. At the time it was very noticeable and she sent us to an orthopedic specialist. We took him in and sure enough he has infantile scoliosis--x-rays confirmed. However, the specialist said it was very mild and was surprised that we had even noticed it. But to us, it looked severe. One of his shoulders was higher than the other. It's interesting what you said about the swing b/c my son also slept in his swing at night--not rocking though but still in the swing. He slept there until he was about 5 months old. I, too, asked the doctors about this and they all said that it wasn't b/c of the swing but I always wondered.

Anyway, since his curve was not severe--it has to be a certain number--he decided to keep an eye on it and felt that it was straighten out on it's own. We were relieved to not have to put him in a brace. I don't think they do that anyway until they are at least 1yrs old. So we have been going back every 6 months to do more x-rays and sure enough it is correcting itself. We had gone back once and there wasn't any change but the rest of the time, it has been straightening out. We just went last week and since he's looking so much better, they don't want to see us for 9 months and that will probably be the last time until puberty. Apparently, you have to watch it during puberty.

I also want to suggest, as the previous posters, about going to the chiropractor. We took him in and strongly believe that it has helped straighten him out as well. He's only been a handful of times but still made a difference. I plan to take him back soon, it's been awhile.

Oh--don't be surprised if your daughter walks really late. My son didn't end up walking until he was about 20 months old!! The orthopedic said this was normal but he would be walking by 2 yrs old. Which he did but it was really late and freaked me out a bit.

Anyway, I hope this helped!! Hang in there and feel free to contact me for any support/advice! I'm not sure if my email is shown on here??



answers from Norfolk on

Hi L., have you considered looking into chiropractic care? This might be an option to discuss with your doctor. Since Mary is still so young, I would seek out all alternative methods. Good luck with this. If you do decide to see a chiropractor, I can give you the name of mine or help you find someone closer to you.



answers from Washington DC on

I agree with the other moms, take her to a chiropractor. I love mine since he has saved me and my youngest daughter from massive surgeries. I have researched chiropractic care and have gone from believing they were quacks to preaching their praises. I recommend Dr. Ben Hopsicker at the Centerville Family Center ###-###-####. No matter who you choose, make sure they are a Doctor of Chiropractics and not just a chiropractor, there is a big difference. Also keep in mind, kids heal faster than adults so getting treatment quickly makes it happen faster. Try not to second guess why this happened too much, you are doing a good job. Good luck and God bless.



answers from Washington DC on

Chiropractic care would be the best answer to your question. I would suggest for you to take the child in for an evaluation with a chiropractor, in order to determine the degree of the scoliotic curvature and treatment needed. Children respond much quicker to this type of care also because of their age. I am a Chiropractor here in Woodbridge,VA. If you have any further questions, contact me.

Dr. E. B., D.C.