7 1/2Month Old Baby, Papaya Okay?

Updated on November 11, 2008
J.B. asks from Plainfield, IL
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Hi, in the past with my 8year old son he was pretty much eathing only gerber due to my work schedule but now that I can be home with my twins who are 7and 1/2 months old i would really like to give them as much fresh fruits and veggies as possible. Is papaya okay at this stage? and what about squash? I've seen yellow squash and calabazitas which is a spanish term for squash how many kinds are there? I just need some advice on what are some good fruits and veggies for them and how to prepare them. Also anyone know of some good mixed recipies? Sometimes i give them gerber if i dont have anything fresh or dont have time to make baby food, but any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance and hope to read some of your advice.

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Papaya is great for your babies. Believe it or not I have been giving my 9 month old daughter a small amout of 100% Papaya puree since she was just a couple weeks old. (when I say small I mean just dipping her binkie it the puree) It is extememly helpful with digestion, gas, and as another mommy said helping #2 along. Whenever she would be very fussy or seem uncomfortable it would work like magic, it was really amazing. Hope this helps. :)



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the only foods to avoid are tomato based things (acids can cause severe diaper rash) and pineapple (same reason) and strawberries. There are really no other foods that have to be avoided in a baby. Recent studies have even shown that the most allergic foods (shellfish, peanuts, etc.) had NO difference in reaction if introduced at 8 mos or at 18 mos or at 3 so there was no reason to avoid them.



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papaya is great as it's already soft for them.
avocado is great too. I like pears for my 9 month old because of it's soft consistency too. he loves apples but they are still too crunchy for him.
anything soft is great.



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Making your own baby food is really easy and I found a lot of good tips and recipes from this site:
Hope you find it helpful as well.



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Papaya is absolutely fine, infat it helps them to go #2 easily. Even Gerber has Papaya..if you like you can try that too.

All the fruits and veggies should be good. Only thing that I avoided was alfa alfa sprout.


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