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6Yo Girl Birthday Present...

My husband and I have been going back and forth on what to get our 6yo for her birthday. I would like to get her a Nintendo DS, he thinks she is still a little to young for that and won't appreciate it for what it is worth. He thinks that may be a better Christmas present either this yr or next. He thinks we should look into the V.Tech Smil Pocket Plus (which she does already have some games for, since she did have the VTech gaming system, that broke this past yr & she did like very much). Or he thinks we should look into the Leapster 2, so then we could see if she would be old enough to take care of the DS and it's games. Plus, either one of the younger hand held systems can be handed down to her sister, who will be 2 this month also. My whole thing is she has played the DS multiple times at her Dads (where she has an older step sister who has a DS), and has been asking for the DS specifically. Plus, I have talked to a couple mothers of other kids in Kindergarten who have gotten there sons the DS and say that their sons just love it.
I am just wondering if anyone else has any opinions on this subject...from an outside perspective!
Thank You.

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Thank you to everyone that replied with so many wonder options. But, we did decide to go w/the Leapster 2 right now...since eventually we will be able to hand it down to her little sister when she wants to upgrade to a DS. We decided that we will see how she does take care of her Leapster then think about the DS for Christmas. I did finally just ask my daughter what she would rather have, since she has played both and she did say at this time she thinks she would like the Leapster 2 maybe a little more and the DS she would probably like to get for Christmas, she too thought eventually she could give her sister the Leapster 2 when she was finished w/it. (-She is a very nice/thoughtful little girl.) Also, my husband and I decided to get a Wii as a family gift, so we will be able to see how she does on those games before we spend the extra money on the DS. Once again, Thank you to everyone, you guys were really helpful!! :)

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Get the DS, there are many age appropriate games and learning games too. My 5,6,&7 year old all have done fine taking care of it. There is a strap to go around their wrist so they dont drop it. My advice is go for it!
Mrs. B

I have a 5 yr old and he ADORES the DS. I dont think she is too young, however, has she been exposed to much video gameing? if not, she may be have a little bit of trouble at first.
Hope this helps

short and sweet - i would get the DS - my 4 year old loves it - there are games that fit their ages.

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I think she probably is old enough for it, but I think your DH's idea is good. if she already has games that aren't being used right now, I would get her that system for now, and then you have a complete package to pass on to younger sibling. Especially since you have someone to pass it on to and it wouldn't be a waste, then she can get the DS at Christmas, or next bday. Then she gets two exciting presents.

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I agree with NONE OF THE ABOVE.......

30 years ago they didn't have any Nintendo games. Now that's all I ever see kids do. My husbands 2 nephews are completely obessed with theirs. So, the rule in our house is NO GAMING SYSTEMS at all.

Board games are so much more fun because the whole family can play! And if the younger one can't play there are still ways to include her. She can still role the dice or help count and move pieces etc.

If you do chose to buy her some kind of system, I would set rules up front about how often it can be played..... Everything I read says kids are NOT getting enough physical exercise in a day and these sort of games are contributing to that.

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I am also going to say "none of the above". Why not buy her something that doesn't require batteries or an electrical current.

Video games are not evil in and of themselves, but FWIW I personally think they are for older children. Your daughter is learning habits she will carry with her throughout the rest of her life.

When and if you do decide to buy a video game system, before you even open the box, decide how and when the children will be allowed to play it, both during the week and on weekends. How will it fit in with their other "screen time" (t.v.s, computers)? Also decide if you will use it as an incentive/reward system (more time if they're well behaved, less time if they've been misbehaving).

I've also heard some wonderful advice here on Mamasource on this very topic. One family had a rule that for every hour spent either outside or doing something like reading, they would earn 30 minutes of video game time.

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F., this maybe different than what you were looking for... but we have a 5 & 7 year old and they both LOVE the Leapster from Leapfrog. It is a handheld "video game" with learning games. The games are fun. It's portable and great for alone time in the car or whenever. www.LeapFrog.com or in Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, etc.

My sis-in-law got our 5 yr old son a Leapster for his birthday in November simply because WE thought he wasn't ready for the responsibility and technology of a DS. We were wrong. He does like his Leapster, BUT he by far prefers to play his older brother's DS. So I'm sure we'll need to upgrade him to a DS some time in the future =)

While your husband has some valid points, if your daughter is asking for the DS then she will be disappointed in not getting one. If you can afford it, which sounds like you can, I would go with the DS mostly because it is what she wants and common sense arguments to a 6 year old isn't going to make sense to her.

short and sweet - i would get the DS - my 4 year old loves it - there are games that fit their ages.

My husband and i broke down and bought a DS for our 4 yeart old this past x-mas. He asked specifically for it ofr 5 months. He has a leapster, not a 2, but an original that just wasn't what he wanted. He still plays with the leapster and shares that with his 2 year old brother. I know that my son would not have been happy with any other substitute once he knew about the DS. If you do decide to get one, make sure you buy a protection plan and try and find a case that both protects the DS and that they can play through the case. You do not want to have to deal with a child that has just got their dream of a DS only to have it fall of a counter and break a month later. Good luck.

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