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6 Yr Old Has Itchy "Pimples" on Buttocks & Inner Thighs

Hi, moms! I'm hoping someone can shed a little light on this. Yesterday, my son was kind of picking at & itching his little bum. In the tub, I noticced a samll pimple on his butt and thought that might be bothering him. I just washed him w/Dove (as usual) and put a little Vaseline on his anus, as he said it was itchy and it looked a little reddish. Tonight in the tub, I saw that there were about 6 or 8 MORE pimple-like bumps on his butt, upper & inner thighs. This is weird. No new soaps, detergents, etc. No new foods, has not had changed in his bowels, etc. Tonight I sprayed them with Neo-To-Go. He says it is itchy. I put him in loose, light jammy shorts, commando-style for the night. Normally he wears boxer briefs. What the heck could this BE? Any thoughts, ideas or advice. If it looks worse tomorrow, I am going to take him to the pediatrician. But thanks in advance for your help.

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I agree with others. Could very well be chicken pox. If not some kind of contact allergy. Aveeno bath worked for my kids when they had chicken pox.

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D., if they have a clear bubble over them, it is most likely chicken pox! Even if they get vaccinated there is a strong possibility of a minor breakout. Hope that helps! Calamine lotion and oatmeal baths or soda baths will help the itch. Hope that helps!

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I agree with others. Could very well be chicken pox. If not some kind of contact allergy. Aveeno bath worked for my kids when they had chicken pox.

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D., it could be almost anything from fungal to staph, but my first instinct is chicken pox. Chicken pox usually starts in warm areas and when you give a warm bath more come out. Cp is normally very itchy too. Check areas like under his arm,folds of groin,etc. Does he have it in those areas?Also, children can get chicken pox even though they received the vaccine.I would suggest a doctor visit. In the meantime anything with oatmeal is soothing to the skin. Fill a sock with oats and place it in the tub. Let your son soak in it. You can follow up with an oatmeal lotion. This should decrease the itchiness. Keep us posted.

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Check other warm places of his body, could be chicken pox. they start in warmer areas of the body and then spread all over.

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it is likely eczema. My boys have it...and seems to be more pimple-like on my older son. The doc said it is still eczema (his tends to get really bad on the back of his left knee). Prescription cream (AcidMantle) will be great at nipping it in the bud (may take 2 or 3 days of applying it 2-3 times a day)...then you can just maintain the skin with thicker over the counter type cream (eg aveeno advanced care, aquaphor, eucerin, etc).

Good luck!

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D.-Sounds like a heat rash. Boys at that age tend to get them more as they outgrow clothes. He may be ready for larger size underwear or looser clothes. Just make sure he stays clean and dry and doesn't scratch his skin down there. It'll cause it to irritate more. Cool is key. Good luck. :)

sounds like it could be chicken pox to me.

I have always had unusual skin. Somedays oily others way too dry and still others bumps/pimples that are very sensitive and sore.
I have discovered similar bumps/pimples on any skin with lots of rubbing whenever I have been sweating. He may be having a reaction to sweating and then friction. I get bumps/pimples under my buttocks, my inner thighs, as well as under my breasts. My daughter seems to be getting the same also. I have found powder helps. Gold Bond medicated would probably help and would probably smell less "babyish" than baby powder.
I hope this helps!

The son of a friend of mine had strep of the anus. Is there any pain when he has a BM? I'd call the Doc.

did he have an accident recently, maybe wet his bed and didn't tell you. i know when my kids sat in a yucky diaper to long they would get the same thing, just keep the area clean and the will be gone with in a day or two

I had the same thing happen with my daughter. It was hand, foot and mouth. But they can get it on there bums and legs as well. Check his palms, the bottoms of his feet and the inside of his mouth. If this is what it is, it will clear up on its own. I googled it when my daughter had it and it will show pics and duration. I hope this helps.

Possible chicken pocks. Are they spreading?

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