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6 Year Old with Pain at Belly Button

My six year old daughter has been complaining of a belly ache right at her belly button for about a week now. She has thrown up once, three nights ago. But still will not eat b/c of the pain. Could she have appendicitis? I know I'm probably freaking out, but I've heard they could have these symptoms a couple of weeks before it gets bad. I forgot to mention that the pain is not constant. And not bad enough for her to be "down". She is still herself except for not eating much.

What can I do next?

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Okay, I gave her Benefiber and had her eat mini wheats. She later had a massive bowel movement! And I mean MASSIVE. All pain (what little there was) has now stopped and she is back to eating VERY well. So a BIG thank you to those of you who jogged my memory about constipation. The only reason I really thought it was this is b/c I've went through it with her a lot when she was younger....with the exact same symptoms. And I LIVE at the Dr. So, please don't think I would ever hold off on taking my child to the Dr. If it was bad I would have had her there way before I posted a question on here:). But, thanks to everyone for all the concern for her. I really do appriciate it. God bless you all!

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I would call the doctor immediately. I wouldn't wait to see if it gets better. Better safe than sorry.

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SisEmily, kids don't know how to express themselves maybe medical advice might be the wise step for you do take at this point.

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It could possibly be a hernia. I have a friend who had one between the naval and stomach. After having it repaired is doing well.

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Another idea could be her gall bladder. When people have issues with their gall bladder it isn't always constant or really painful. So this might be another thing that you ask the doctor about. I would

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Hi E.!
Have you checked her for an umbilical hernia?

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It's defenitely not normal. I would say that it's something that needs to be checked out.

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E. i am not sure but i would get her looked at asap. but my questions is when was her last stool. try having her sit in a luke warm bath for 10-15mins.

M. stanfield

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Without panicking, call your doctor. There is always an on-call doctor to take nighttime calls, or call and talk to the nurse. They will be able to assess the situation well enough to advise you on an immediate course of action and I know that I always feel much better when I call mine. I hope all is well!

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could be a hernia...i'd get her looked at just to be safe.

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I'm not sure, but I would contact her pediatrician.

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Hi E., You are not at all overreacting!! Appendicitis is a very scary thing. It sounds like you might have it figured out. But, here's a couple of thoughts to keep in your pocket.
My sister went to Dr's for 2 years off and on before one Dr.(very good one) decided she needed an appendectomy. Afterwards he stated that it would have been just a few hours before it ruptured. She was 7 when it was removed.
Hers, as well as my husband's, was not exactly where they expected it to be.
God's blessings to you!

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