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6 Year Old Birthday Party Games/activities?

My daughter is turning 6 at the end of May and we are having a birthday party for her in our backyard. We are inviting some of her friends from her kindergarten class and also the children in her Sunday school class so about 10-12 kids. We have a playsystem for them to swing and climb etc but need some game or activity ideas. The theme for the cake and decoration will be disney princess. Any ideas for fun games or activities for 5 and 6 year olds that you have tried and the kids loved? At her 5th birthday party we played pin the tail on the donkey, a blind folded cotton ball game and a clothespin game but don't want to repeat those.

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I went to amazingmoms.com and they have a list of games you can play. I did bingo they have all types of bingo and stuff and also other games. it is a real neat site. Hope this helps.

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I've seen lots of great advice so far but here are my suggestions:
~Believe it or not, the library has a TON of books with party games/deco/food ideas.
~You could have a princess scavenger hunt with necklaces, rings, tiaras, etc. hidden all over the yard for them to find. Once everyone has found one of each they are done.
Have fun!!

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I went to amazingmoms.com and they have a list of games you can play. I did bingo they have all types of bingo and stuff and also other games. it is a real neat site. Hope this helps.

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Are they just girls or both?

What about some simple crafts with that theme - like decorating foam crowns (from Michaels craft store or Oriental Trader) that could be princess and princes! or making wands (princess & sorcerer?

I think dress up would be a lot of fun if you could find stuff for both sexes.

What about duck duck goose but as princess princess frog?

You could make a scavenger hunt around the yard (we have done this often and all the kids LOVE it!) and at each clue there is a little goodie to go in their bag - like pencils, ring pops, stickers, fun fruits and that is the goodie bag. Also when they first come have a table set up with white paper bags that they can color with crayons, markers, and stickers with their names on it to hold all the loot.

Decorate cupcakes or cookies with lots of glittery sprinkles

wrap up a whole bunch of little prizes in ONE ball (so a prize, then couple layers of paper, then a prize, and a couple layers of paper, and a prize - you get the picture. Enough prizes for each kid to get one - and then have them sit in a circle and pass it around. When the music stops the child holding the package tears off the 1st layer to reveal their prize and they are out... then go on till each child has unwrapped something

Hand powdered donuts from a string and have the kids try to eat thru them without their hands. First one to chew it off the string wins - but they all the to eat the donut

Hope that helps a bit


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You could try this: the Tiara Twirl. Everybody gets a paper crown to put on their head. Play some music and everybody twirls (make sure there's lots of space between the kids before they start) until they fall down. Last one standing wins the game. You should have lots of giggling and it burns off some of that extra energy.

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There is a website called partygamecentral.com. There are tons of games for birthday parties and other fun games. I use this website all the time for different games and for my kid's birthday parties. You will find something on here to play, guarantee. Have fun with it.

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Check out the following websites for some great ideas:

If you google "kids birthday parties" you'll get all kinds of very useful links. Good luck and have fun!

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I had a princess party for my daughter when she turned 4. We had some older kids there too & they all really enjoyed the games/crafts we did. One was getting a princess pinata & filling it with some candy and toys.

Also, I went to Walmart & found some great stuff in the craft section. They had foam princess crowns that were under a $1 each. Then I bought some paints, foam stickers, glitter, etc so they could each decorate their own princess crown to be worn for "party hats"! They loved doing that!

I also found some suncatchers in the craft area that they painted. We did that at the beginning of the party so they had time to dry before they had to leave.

I got these ideas from a website that I found that you might want to check out:

Good luck and have fun!


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Hi L.,
My daughter is 21 now, but if you asked her her favorite birthday party she would tell you her 6th. I had a theme party, all of the girls dressed in a pink skirt and a white shirt. I hired 2 cheerleaders for $10 an hour, (it cost me $20) to come and teach the girls a cheer in full costume. It took up most of the game time but they were all very into it. For a gift, they each received a pom pon. (If you can't find them, you can buy the kind that go on a bicycle) We made invitations on a cut-out of a megaphone. It was quite a hit. We sent each of them a thank you note with a picture pose with one of the cheerleaders. They loved it!

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