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6 Year Old Bed-wetting

Hello everyone. I need to get some suggestions on my daughter's condition. She is 6 going on 7 years old and still wets the bed at night. I have been buying her pull ups. However I really think she needs to grow out of this by now. I have told her pedi several times about this problem but she says that this is actually normal until they are 7 years old. I need some advice on any other methods I can use or should I just wait.

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Wow! I am overwhelmed whith all the responses.I was really unaware of how many kids go through this. Most of them are basically the same which tells me, everything is as normal as it is going to get. I guess that I did say pull ups but acually I do use the Goodnights with the shorts. Everyone of you have giving me words of encouragement to take this one day at a time and have patience with my daughter because we are in this together. I want to thank everyone of you for all of the advice.

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I had the same problem with my son. I did away with the pull-ups. They will keep wetting as long as they know they have those on. Get a couple of those waterproof pads that you can place on top of the sheets. You can find them at One Step Ahead, online, and i have also seen them at bed bath and beyond. The one at One Step Ahead I liked the best because it felt like a real sheet, and held a lot of fluid without getting on to the sheets.that way if they wet the bed you can just take the pad off and put them back to bed after a change of clothes. After feeling themselves wet the bed enough they will most likely stop it. At least that worked for me. He does not wet the bed anymore. Good luck, Leigh Cook

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Hi, M..

I'm in the same boat with my son who just had his 7th birthday. His pull-ups are dry much more than wet now, so I think we're making good progress. (We've tried without, but it's such a bummer for both of us to deal with the wet bed situation.)

I really think it's so developmental for a lot of kids. To me, it seems better not to make a big deal of it right now because he can't help it. I think it can be very negative to make a fuss about something they genuinely cannot help! He's usually dry in the mornings now. I take that to be developmental progress. He doesn't want to have to keep wearing pull-ups either, so the incentive is there. So many kids go through this. Make a big deal about the "dry" mornings rather than the wet ones...positve reinforcement and patience!!

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Hi M.

My daughter was still wetting at 5 years old and her pediatrician recommended a "potty alarm". It goes inside her panties ( or pullup) at night and a sensor will alarm at the first drop of wetness. It was a lifesaver for us! The alarm only "buzzed" one night - she never wet again! She is now 7 years old and doing great. I do not know if it always works that easily, but it definatly worked for us!

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I can truely say "I know how you feel". My son is 9 years old and went through the same phase. I tried everything. I took him to the doctor, I tried to reason with him, I would even do things such as rewarding him each night he didn't wet the bed, but it still continued on most nights. I was frustrated because nothing that I did seemed to do worked. Fortunately, he now has grown out of it. It just takes a little patience and in time your daughter will outgrow this. By the way, my son stopped when he was 8.

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I have an 8 yr old son who still wets the bed. I find that the goodnites boxer shorts work better with their selfesteem than the pull ups do.....and yes it is still normal, but it is actually normal up into their teen years, well beyond 7. There is alot of research that you can do, but your doctor will not prescribe any medicines unless it is life threating. I know that it gets frustrating but it is just one of those things that they have to grow out of. My sons condition is a combination of deep sleep and lack of those sensors that wake you up in the nite to let you know you have to go. Wish there was more I could help you with, but my doctor and a urologist told me that there is little medically that can be done, its just up to your child to start waking up.

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I went throught the same thing with my daughter. My mother-in-law told me to be patient and that she would grow out of it. Apparently, she had the same problem as a child.

I don't know if this is related, but my daughter also had several UTI's from the time she was born until she was about 3.

We tried everything to stop the bed-wetting. Except those alarms. I couldn't bring myself to do that. I didn't let her have liquids after a certain time. I would wake her up twice during the night to go to the restroom. Nothing worked. It was very difficult to be patient when this went on for so long. She finally out grew Pull-ups and Goodnights. We had to move to the adult size. She started using the Poise pads.

She couldn't go to sleep-overs and I had to go to Girl Scout camp with her just to make sure she wasn't "found out." She learned how to use the washing maching and began doing her own sheets. And I was buying a new plastic mattress cover about once a month because they would absorb the smell. I was so tired from getting up all night and so frustrated for her until one day it just stopped!

She was 9 1/2. It has been about a year now and she hasn't had a single accident!

Good luck, and remember that no matter how frustated you get she is probably more so.

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hi M... i see you have already had many very helpful responses, but i just wntd to add that my almost 11 yr old daughter still goes through the bed wetting. its hard for her to deal w. she is embarrassed and worries about when it will ever end. i have been very patient because i too was an 11 yr old "pee baby" as i was nicknamed by my meanie sisters. :) she will grow out of it when her little body is ready. although very frustrating, its very normal i suppose since it seems that we are obviously not alone. :) that is comforting isnt it? :) good luck, and stay patient

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Hi M.,

Have you had your child tested for any kind of Kidney problem, etc.? My friend had an ultrasound done on her daughter as she was wetting at night up until age 8!! Come to find out she did not have an issue and she did stop going at night but I would check out every possibility.

I have a 5 year old who just until recently wore Pull-ups to bed. She was totally fine during the day. What I did to try to get her out of it was we put her on the potty right before we went to bed (around 10:30-11:00pm) and she would stay dry for the rest of the night. She now can go through the night without an accident. We did the nightime potty thing for about a month or a little more. It was tiring but it was better than dealing with a wet bed and buying Pull-ups forever.

Good luck!

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I have a cousin whose daughter had a problem with wetting. After many years and the pediatrician telling her it was her being lazy she finally took her to see a pediatric urologist at a children's hospital. They then found that she really has a medical problem, it wasn't her fault. My cousin felt horrible thinking her daughter was "just lazy". It was due to a "valve" malformation, the urologist had to make sure she was old enough but ended up performing a procedure to close the valve. My cousin also had multi bladder infections, and would often not know she had to go. day or night. my Cousin set a timer day and night to have her go empty her bladder. It did not fix it entirely but it helped. After the surgery she has been fine.
So I guess I am saying if it is anough of a concern to ask other mom's then get the second opinion, then you will have the confort of knowing you did everything you can for her.

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OK I swear that I am not looking for the "shock" response from everyone, but I was a foster parent for teenage girls age 12-18 for 4 years and I was taught that bed wetting was one of the signs of sexual abuse. "NOW I AM NOT SAYING THAT IS YOUR DAUGHTER'S PROBLEM FOR SURE" ONLY ONE POSSIBILITY FOR YOU TO CONSIDER AND BE WEARY OF!! It is often someone that you really would not expect! My nephew went after my son! Anyway please don't completely disregard what I am telling you ,and watch out for her or maybe ask her while you are playing dolls with her if anybody should ever try to touch you there? and has anybody tried to touch you there? very discreet as not to make a big deal out of it.
And I will tell you that the same nephew wet the bed well into his teens and it was later found out that someone had abused him which is why he abused! Please be careful and just check on it. with all sincerity, S.

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Hello M., from: M. W.
Date: Wed. Apr. 09, 2008

I had the same problem with my only daughter. I don't remember how old she was when she finally grew out of it, but she did finally grow out of it and she is 12 now. I had to start buying those adult accident pants, until she grew out of it, and one day she just stopped. I don't really remember if anything made her stop. Just pray for patience with her. I can tell you that scolding her and punishing her will not help, that will only make her feel bad about herself, so I would encourage you to not do that. Just be patient, she will stop, but also make sure there isn't something or someone bothering her or hurting her. If you're sure of that, just love on her.

A little about me:

I am a mother of 4. Three sons and one girl (19,16,13,12).

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