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6 Weeks Old with Mucus in Throat

Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to get rid of the mucus in my baby's throat? She seems very restless when she sleeps and she spit/vomit alot and I'm thinking it maybe due to the mucus.

And has anyone tried fennel tea for gassy baby?

What can I do next?

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I am a mom of 5 somethings that have worked for me are, prop a pillow under head of the mattress for elevation, humidifier, saline nose drops followed with a bulb syringe, also a little karo and water in a bottle before bed no milk.

I've never heard of the tea but you can buy a little bottle of gas drops at pretty much any grocery or drug store. Ask any mom, including me, that uses them. THEY'RE A LIFE SAVER!! As for the mucus, I'd see the doctor if it gets worse or doesn't go away.

I'm a first time mom too. My little girl is 6 months. They grow so fast! DON'T BLINK!

I have an 8 week old and she had the same thing at 6 weeks. Her doctor said to give her saline drops. Two in each nostril 3 times a day. You can get them pretty much anywhere there is a pharmacy. It took a while for the mucous to break up but she finally is sounding much better. I am still giving them to her. The brand I used is Ocean.

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At 6 weeks old, your pediatrician should not give you any drug to help with the congestion. I have 2 boys, 5 and 2 years old. My oldest had "asthma" issues the 1st 3 years of his life. My youngest got alot of congestion at 2 weeks old and also had colic. Here's what I did.....a friend told me about how her chiropractor, who is trained in pediatrics, helped her colic-y baby. So, I took my colic-y baby to the chiro at 2 weeks of age. The adjustment was simple and totally pain-free. My baby acted like nothing had even happened. He wasn't fussy that day from the colic, and a surprising thing happened. Within an hour of the adjustment, major amounts of congestion started coming out of his nose. It was disgusting! I took him back a couple of days later for another adjustment. The congestion was almost completely gone (I used saline nose spray, too. Simply Saline is my favorite because you can clean the part that goes in the nose and the contents in the can do NOT get contaminated.) The same thing happened w/ the 2nd adjustment----lots of congestion came out, but not near as much, and no colic for a few days. I became a true believer in chiropractic!! I then started taking my 3 year old for adjustments. After 6 months of adjustments, I took him off of his asthma medications (Singulair, a prescription nose spray that I don't remember the name of, breathing treatments w/ Xopenex w/ every single major congestion episode.) For 2 years now, he has not needed one single trip to the doctors' office. With any cold or allergy episode, I either use saline spray or a Neti pot (similar to saline spray except it gets the saline into the sinuses. At any health food store.) He has needed nothing other than that and a few chiro adjustments. No breathing treatments, no more trips to the ER. Sounds crazy, but it works!

And, yes, the throwing up can be from swallowing the congestion. I did not try fennel tea, but I did have alot of luck w/ "colic-ease", a brand of gripe water, prior to finding the chiro.

One last thing....what are you feeding her? If it's breastmilk, you need to look at your diet and cut congestion causing foods such as dairy. If it's formula, consider switching. Milk based formula may be the issue. Dairy definitely contributes to congestion. If she is allergic to soy and is on soy formula, that could be the issue. Goat's milk is the closest in make-up to breastmilk. There is a powdered goat's milk on the market, and I find mine at Whole Foods. If you go that route, just add a whole-food-based multi-vitamin to it. With any milk that you give her, add an Omega-3 supplement such as flax oil or fish oil. Start w/ 1/2 tsp. and go up to 1 tsp. as she gets bigger. It's great for the brain, immune system, and literally hundreds of other things. My pediatrician wants my children on a whole-food-based multi-vitamin and an Omega-3 supplement as a daily routine.

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I am a mom of 5 somethings that have worked for me are, prop a pillow under head of the mattress for elevation, humidifier, saline nose drops followed with a bulb syringe, also a little karo and water in a bottle before bed no milk.

Hi K., Your baby may be alergic to her milk. My grandson is now 2 years old but has been alergic to milk from the start and he gets a lot of mucus when we do give him milk. He loves chocolate milk so we give it to him once every three days or so, but when he was drinking it every day he was vomiting and had a lot of mucus. That was with his formula too. So you may check with your pediatrician, she may need the lactose free formula. I hope this helps. Good luck.
God Bless. L., Texas City

New babys air ways are very very small. Even a small amount of mucus can be really bad. If she / he has some, you should really see a dr. This time of year a tiny cold can turn into rsv really fast. That claims to many lives every year. Go to the pediatrcian and get something from the dr. instead of taking any chances with herbs. I am a firm believer in them after 2 yrs old but not before. hth

My daughter is now 4 months old and we are still battling congestion and spit up like you have described. I finally asked for a referral to an ENT and he gave us nose drops. I am not sure babies at that age can be "allergic" to anything yet, as this would be their first exposure to anything. Work with your doctor and don't be afraid to ask for a referral to an ENT. Ours gave us nose drops that seemed to be working but after a week, she is congested again. We go back next week and I hope it is better by then! We have tried everything - suction, saline, prescription decogenstants, humidifiers, I am nursing so I am dairy free, I went with no white sugar. The list could go on. If you haven't already, call your doctor and see about an ENT. I wish I would have asked 2 months earlier.

They pretty much all sound like that because they cannot clear their throats.

Would discuss it with the pediatrician due to the vomiting "a lot".

Take the baby to the doctor!!!
She is to small for tea right now......

Hi K.,

I was brought up with a few home remedies and they have all worked wonders. For congestion: Boil some water, drop a few oregano leaves don't put too much because it will taste very bitter. Just leave them about 2 minutes and then strain the leaves out. Being that he is only 6 wks old you may want to give him like 1-2 ounces morning & night. Once she drinks it turn him over on her tummy and cup your hand and pat (not to hard and not too soft) him on his/her back. And just pat her all over her back she will eventually start spitting up phlem once it starts loosening up.
I have never tried fennel seed but I would give my kids some chamomile tea it will help their tummy's and then I would make a paste with some arm & hammer baking soda & some lard and rub it on their tummys, back and feet. Put some paper towels over it just so they won't get their clothes & socks dirty w/the lard. Then softly grab her ankles and push her legs up to her chest. Repeat until she starts popping like the 4th of July. That will help her get rid of the gas that she has in her tummy. You may also want to consider changing bottles. I switched to the Playtex w/the disposable liners. You can fill it up with the formula and take out all the air. You will see the difference.

P.S. When congested try to keep the baby elevated. Try to keep her sleeping in her car seat as much as possible (taking her out every once in a while so she can rest). This helps for the phlem not to get stuck in her chest. You can suction her nose with saline drops. THis will help tremendously. And if you have a humidifier put it on for her. She will be feeling better in no time.

Hope my tips help you and the baby!

I'm another mother with a 4, 7, and 11 year old. My kids have allergies and dealt with a lot of ear infections and just plain congestion. I did not like the idea of allergy medicine for my kids; so I've thought of many alternatives. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Getting rid of stuffed animals that contain dust/dust mites. Changing and washing sheets in hot water every week and sometimes more often will get rid of dust mites. Carpets are also very dirty and collect dust. Adding a humidifier to the bedroom to help moisten the dry air. Using a small amount, not even a pea drop, of vapor rub, but I would consult a doctor about that. Possibly changing baby formula to a lactose free. Also, letting your baby just drink water, not tap water, but bottled. I hope this helps and your baby feels better.

The previously suggested saline drops are a great idea. Also the mucus bulb that sucks out the mucus out of the nose is probably uncomfortable, but a very safe alternative. Use the bulb with the saline. Both work well together.

Take him to the Dr. ASAP. Now is not the time to use homeopathic as your first offense! My nephew just passed on at 2 years old last week from a 'cold' with lots of mucus and he stopped breathing so many times he actually had a heart attack. I wish they would have just taken the time to go to the pediatrician to avert this.

This year for some reason is really scary with all of the flu and viruses going around, I would NOT risk go to the Dr. FIRST.

Hi K.,

I hear a lot of advice of things to try, but your best bet is to speak with your pediatrician before trying anything homeopathic. At 6 weeks of age, your daughter is very susceptible to complications from some things that might work very well for a baby of say 3, 4 or 6 months of age. At 6 weeks of age, she needs the best care possible - that is what you can give her with the advice and guidance of your pediatrician.

Good luck,
Janet B
Parent Coach

I have an 8 week old and she had the same thing at 6 weeks. Her doctor said to give her saline drops. Two in each nostril 3 times a day. You can get them pretty much anywhere there is a pharmacy. It took a while for the mucous to break up but she finally is sounding much better. I am still giving them to her. The brand I used is Ocean.

I thought the same thing about my son. Turns out it was acid reflux. Does she make a gurgle sound and seem to swallow hard (especially after feeding)? If so, call your doc. My son was put on zantac... and it took about 2-3days to work. But, when it did we had a much happier little boy. Good Luck!

lay th4e baby on a receiving blanket with its head facing a corner, push its legs up so its knees are up towards its chest and its feet are at its butt. Now baby is in a very tight fetal position. pull the bottom corner of the blanket up and over the baby to hold its legs in position, fold the two side corners around the baby so now it is wrapped like a burrito or egg roll. this helps the baby to be able to pass the gas easier. My mom did this with my brothers and sister and all the grandchildren, it works.

Hi, K.

I assume you want a suggestion on how to remove the mucus and not about how to cure it. There is a small manual pump that you can find at any pharmacy to suck out the mucus either from the nose or throat. It works great and it will give your baby a great relief. Also, it is very normal for babies to have a lot of air or gas in their tummies.. just try to have her burp a few times a day by holding her up against your chest and tap her on her back until she burps. I hope this information be helpful.

I pushed fluids. I thinned out the milk to thin out the mucus.Milk tend to thicken mucus but I knew I could not just stop the formula. I gave my baby water and juice as well. I also suctioned out my baby as much as I could. I also gave a him tussin dm (with my doctors okay).
Hope this helps!

Oh..forgot to mention something about the gas. I use rice water to help my baby burb and pass gas. You boil white rice and you take the water from that and add a little sugar(just enough for taste). The number of oz. is up to you.

Get a humidifier. It is most likely allergy and a humidifier in the room will help. I have to use one since moving to Lampasas myself.

Saline in the nose regularly (baby won't like it - but stick with it b/c it thins the mucus); sleep baby with a cool-mist humidifier; and put a phonebook under one end of the baby matress so that baby sleeps with head slightly elevated (mucus will run out instead of into her throat/tummy). Both of my sons were "snotty babies" and this did the trick to keep them sleeping comfortably.

The comment below about cutting out certain foods if you are breastfeeding may be well worth the try, too - for both the congestion and gas. I know it works for myself to cut out dairy when I've got allergies or a cold.

Best of luck! You are doing a great job & obviously care so much!

Saline and suction can work miracles. It really breaks up the mucus. Just put a few drops in each side, wait a few seconds and suction out the mucus. You can do this as often as you need to and it won't hurt them. It isn't very hard when they are so young. When they are older they will fight you though. This cleared up many sinus infections before they got bad enough to use antibiotis or cause ear infections. Our ped always says to do this first.

Switching my little one at about 8 weeks old to lactose free formula made all the difference. At about 10 months I tried regular formula and the mucus came back. So we are back on lactose free. He will be turning a year old in a week and his pediatrician has suggested we use lactose free milk until he outgrows this

The only thing I can think of is an aspirator to get the mucus out. Have you tried Gripe Water for gas? I SWEAR BY IT!!!!

Hello K., mother of four here, try putting a little saline in your baby's nose, I think that the name of one is little noses or baby spray, something like that. Anyway it will thin her mucus and become easier to go down. If that doesn't work, use the saline then suction it out with the bulb thing from the hospital. As far as the tea, never tried fennel, however I did use chamomile tea for all of mine, I sweetened it just a tad with sugar and made it very weak. It did soothe them. Good luck:)

My daughter had similar issues, gassy, reflux, mucus, etc. She was even in NICU for her 1st 8 days of life. Put the humidity in the air. Maybe even give her a little bit of water just to flush some down right before bedtime. Elevate her at an angle (she's too young to be propped up in a swing for overnight; day is ok but her head can plop down.) I have my old hospital cusion; it looks a like a triangle wedge. Most of all, place her on her side! She can gag on the mucus or vomit if on her back. Use a sleep positioner and bundle her up where she can't move. My doctor also had my daughter on Mylanta which helped a lot with the upset stomach. Mucus will cause an upset stomach. But, if she's that congested and vomiting, you don't want her on her back where she can't move her head to let the stuff out. Just place her on her side (not her stomach). Rotate sides each night. You can always place her on her stomach during the day when you are alert and watching her and she is not in deep sleep, but don't do it at night. I always placed my daughter on her side or back at times and elevated. The suctioning thing never worked for me. But the above did. Also, I did give all my kids a 4 oz bottle of chamomile tea. It relaxes there stomach and bowel muscles to help ease any gas pain. Just don't use honey. Humidity, lots of fluids, 1 mil of mylanta between meals or before bedtime, sometimes tea, elevation should all help relieve any major concern. I still have my cushion if you want it. My youngest is 2 and I will be giving it away anyway. Also, if you are ever concerned that your daughter can't breath and are panicked, turn the shower on full blast on hot, close the door, and sit her in her car seat or something in the bathroom (not the shower). The immediate rush of humidified air should open up her airways and let her start breathing better, then call your doctor.

Have you tried putting a Vicks Vaporizer in her room to help her breathing at night? The drainage in her throat could be a symptom of a cold or an allergy. You might also try cleaning her room with a hypoallergenic cleaner. An air purifier might also help clear the room of any allergens that could be present. I hope this helps!!! Let us know how she is doing!!!


K. C. - Sounds like your baby has some post nasal drip and she's not breathing properly with all that junk in her throat. My son had the same problems early on and has been a totally different kiddo since putting him on Zyrtec and Singulair. My suggestion is to go to the Doctor and ask about allergy meds, prescription or herbal, for a baby as young as yours. Good luck and let us all know what works for you! Jenn D.

Absolutely use a nose sucker!! It helped my son a lot at that age. Propping her up a little to sleep should help too, but make sure it's not something too soft that she could suffocate on.

I don't know about the tea, I wouldn't risk it because herbs can effect babies differently than adults. You should talk to your pediatrician on what they reccomend. Gas drops may help. My son had acid reflux and gas and our pediatrician reccomended regular Mylanta, and it really worked.

My son had this same problem and our doctor told us to us Saline drops(2-4) in each nostril. We did it in the mornings and at night. It seemed to help.

If you believe the problem is gas I would try mylicon, it works wonders and is safe for babies that young. I would also prop up one side of the crib mattress so that your babies head is elevated along with putting a humidifier in the room, this will help the baby sleep better. I would not give any other medicines or herbal treatments because your baby is way to young and they can have harmful side effects.
Good luck!

I've never heard of the tea but you can buy a little bottle of gas drops at pretty much any grocery or drug store. Ask any mom, including me, that uses them. THEY'RE A LIFE SAVER!! As for the mucus, I'd see the doctor if it gets worse or doesn't go away.

I'm a first time mom too. My little girl is 6 months. They grow so fast! DON'T BLINK!

Try using a nose suringe on the nose before putting down to sleep, I have set up in a rocker and helt my when little so their head would be higher so the mucus would drain out the nose.

A Freind

Use saline drops! Is she breastfed? If so stop eating milk,peanut butter, and sodas turn to Soy. That is what I did when my baby was congested.

when my little one was little we had alot of drainage issues. keep her propped up while sleeping in a swing, or chair. also, this may sound nasty, but suck her throat out with her nose sucker. it really does work. they are saying now not to give small ones anything for runny noses and stuff. it harms more than it does any good. and if her tummy is gassy mylicon drops are the best. 1/2 dropper before every bottle is what i did for my little one, or just whenever she is gassy. mylicon is not habit forming and releaves the pressure on their little tummies.

i hope i have been helpful.

D. Mattern
The MOM Team
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your baby probably has a sinus infection and needs an antibiotic to help clear out the mucus.

This sounds like acid reflux to me, just like another respondent mentioned. At this young age, don't take anything for granted. The pediatrician isn't going to think you are nuts for bringing baby in when you need guidnace on how to handle these issues and you may end up averting a bigger problem later. The fact is we can all come up with lots of possibilities of what this is, but we aren't there seeing the baby ourselves. Congrats on the new baby from this mom of 2 beautiful children ages 3 and 4.

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