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6 Week Wait for Dr Appointment for Lump - This Is Very Detailed

Just to let you know i plan to be very descriptive on this posting. I have a lump/knot on my breast but I can't find much information about one at this location and have put my name on my dr. list for an appointment. it will be approx. 6 weeks before they can see me, but i they couldn't make the appointment on the phone - i have to wait for a call back. So I know no one can tell me what is wrong on here, and that I need to see the doctor, I am just trying to determine how large my cause for concern (if any) should be.

Approx. 5 weeks ago, I developed a hard knott in my right areola, which was painful. about 1 week after it appeared the pain stopped, but it has grown from about BB size to dime size over these 5 weeks. It is not red, there is no puss or discharge. The knot itself does not hurt, but my entire right breast is sore (not period sore, or breast feeding sore) As it has gotten larger, it now covers from the edge of my areola to under my nipple. it is not free moving. About 2 days, the area started to turn a light bruised color.
Again, as I said I am planning to go to the dr. and am waiting for the appointment. 6 weeks is just so long, i was hoping for some insight - experiences, since I can't find much on this description online.
thank you for any comments you might have.

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DR. just called and will see me on the 27th - that is about 2 1/2 weeks, I would still like to be seen sooner - BUT 2 1/2 weeks is alot better then 6 weeks. will post back when i go.

Thanks everyone concern about the appointment length... I really have no recourse though. I have very restrictive insurance, and must see my primary before I can see anyone else. This is a new primary for me, and so they were going to put me on the new patient wait list, i explained the situation and this is the soonest they could see me. I can not switch primary's right now, as there are only certain times a year I can do that. The nurse was actually very compassionate and we tried to go through other options to see someone sooner. But really my only other option is to go to a walk in clinic - but I don't think they can really do anything, as they treat colds and sprains and such. they will probably just refer me to my primary.

What I was hoping for from this post, was if anyone else knew of causes for a lump in this area. Most of the stuff I read is on lumps in the breast tissue not lumps on the areola.
BUT - Thanks again everyone for your concern & support

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Tell the doctor's scheduler that you are willing to come in and wait-you just need an order for a mammogram or a diagnostic ultrasound-see if that helps-good luck.

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I would get a referral somewhere else. Either GP or GYN. Growing at that rate I would not wait even 2 1/2 weeks.

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Did you tell the receptionist why you needed an appt? They should be seeing you sooner then 6 weeks. I'd push it. Leave a message for the nurse to call you and explain it to her-they WILL fit you in. If not, call another dr.

I know it's hard, but try to not be concerned yet. Focus on getting in to see the dr first. And push it-go with your gut and don't let them tell you it's ok to wait 6 wks.

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I'd see if there is another doctor that can see you sooner. Maybe try the womens center at your local hospital.

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Hi E.-

I would see if there is a number to call and talk to a live person. I have had two lumps found, both benign Thank God, but each time the Dr's squeezed me in either that day, or the next day.

Good luck, please don't panic! Please let us know how it all turned out.


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I would get a referral somewhere else. Either GP or GYN. Growing at that rate I would not wait even 2 1/2 weeks.

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I would push to be seen right away, esp with the changes. If that meant self referring to my GYN and having to fight insurance, then so be it. Dr. offices should see you within the 24 hr period for emergencies, and if not then they shouldn't be allowed to accept you as a patient or they should give you the referral to the gyn. What would you do if you were really sick with say pneumonia? You could always go to the local urgent care center and they can evaluate it to put your mind at ease. I wouldn't wait considering the rate of growth.

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E., I don't have any insight on the lump for you BUT if it were MY breast and MY lump, I'd be on the blower insisting to be squeezed in sooner than in 6 weeks. Just to be safe. Good luck!

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I came across your post and was very concerned. I am thinking about you today and wishing you well with your appointment today.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of today's appointment, please be strong and push for answers. Certain breast conditions are more aggressive in younger women, but doctors sometimes will minimize them or mis-diagnose due to assumptions about age.

Sending prayers your way...

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did you also ask to be put on a cancellation list? that way if someone cancels an earlier appt. you would have a shot at it. good luck!

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