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6 Week Old with Congestion

the last few mornings my sweet little girl wakes up in the mornings with major congestion. it tends to disappear later in the day, but it interferes with her morning feedings when she is really hungry after sleeping for a few hours. any suggestions on natural remedies? i do warm baths at night with her hoping the steam will help her out, but any other advice or homeopathic remedies would be appreciated. i do suction out her nose, but there is never any mucus to suction out. thanks ladies!

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I've had the same problem w/my 2 1/2 wk. old and just asked her Dr. about it yesterday. He recommended using saline drops to loosen the mucus and then suction her nose out. Hope this helps!

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I swear by saltwater spray in the nostrils for my kids, even when they were infants and for myself. You can just buy it at CVS or Walmart or wherever and put one spray ineach nostril whenever needed for that age. Good luck!

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My baby also has had bouts of congestion but has never reached the full-blown cold stage because I begin putting saline in her nose and suction it out with the bulb syringe about 4-6 times a day. Her pediatrician suggested this method and it has worked like a dream. I also use a cool air humidifier in her room at night so if her nose is stopped up when she sleeps, the back of her throat won't be dried out when she wakes up in the morning. She has remained a healthy little baby and she is almost 11 months now.

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Hello S.,

you could put 4-5 drops of peppermint oil on a tissue or paper towel and put it in her room (not too close to the crib)and see if that helps.

careful, some types of eucalyptus oil are too strong for babies and the elderly.

check your baby for allergies. also, if you're using milk formula, could the milk/lactose be causing the congestion does she have any constipation? does she get 'sick' after going to the doctor? could it be a latex allergy.

no air purifiers, no candles, no air freshners, etc. check the laundry detergent you're using to wash the bedclothes, skip the fabric softener, use regular clothes instead of fire-retardant treated clothes to see if that's what's she's allergic to. find alternative cleaners to clean the bathroom where you bathe her. also, switch bath/shampoo products. in other words, leave no stone unturned.

remember, your baby still too young for many things prescription or homeopathic.... so be very careful.

here are a few links about essential oils:

note: I guessed some the spelling of these oils =)


cypress --cough, edema (soak your ankles and feet w/ cypress & epson salt) bronchitis, calming --very powerful against bronchitis!!!

cedarwood atlas
cough, calmin, anti-inflamatory, bronchitis, antibacterial, good for skin - renewing skin


eucalyptus smithy -- safe for 2yrs and older -- smells like valerian. great preventative. kills airborn cold and flu viruses

eucalyptus globulus - - NOT FOR KIDS... most popular - antiviral, antibacterial. too powerful... not for frail/elderly people.

eucalyptus radiata - good expectorant. pulls things out of skin... like splinters, etc.

eucalyptus citradora (eucalyptus lemon) it is not 2 oils mixed! very powerful antimicrobial
very good bug repellant. very powerful antiviral/antibacterial.

also: lovingscents.com


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My 8 month old still has this problem. He has alot of congestion in his chest but nothing comes out of that little booger sucker thing. It's under control now but no so much when he was born. This was my bedtime ritual I hope it helps you. Bathe him with lavendar wash. Put VICKS BABY RUB on his chest and soles of feet then his socks then his sleeper. There this baby nasal spray totally natural. I sprayed it into his nose then sucked out whatever came out. I'd give him Sleepytime tea found it at Walmart, mixed with his formula. He'd sleep through the night with no problems. I also elevated his mattress on one end. I hope this helps you!

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S. -- you might try some reflexology with her, massage in general, plus work on some points on her feet and at the back of her neck/head -- just above where the 2 join. Those are sinus pressure points. Also, work all around her face.

Just about at her hairline you'll find 2 slight indentions (find them on yourself) those are terrific sinus pressure points -- rub them gently for 10 - 30 seconds several times a day. (Women's are close together, men's are farther apart.) Also, just above your eyes are pressure points too, sort of like commas in your skull. Try working on those, very gently.

Best wishes,

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I've had the same problem w/my 2 1/2 wk. old and just asked her Dr. about it yesterday. He recommended using saline drops to loosen the mucus and then suction her nose out. Hope this helps!

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I agree with the PP about using breastmilk---

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Get a cold humidifier and also a pediacare plug in they are a must for winter time sniffles.

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Purchase a humidifer for your daughter's room. Run the humidifer at night.

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cool-mist hudifier, + a vicks vaporizer works wonders. Rub some baby vicks on her chest or on her feet before bedtime.

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