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6 Week Old Breaking Out with Wipes - - - Suggestions for Extra Sensitive Wipes?

My 6 week old is breaking out whenever we use wipes on her bottom. We have been using water and cotton pads to clean her during diaper changes. The wipes we have used are Pampers Sensitive and Huggies Natural Care. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for other wipes that might work better? Also, is this something that she might grow out of (we got a huge box of 832 huggies wipes for a shower gift)?

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My daughter makes, sells and gives as gifts-homemade wipes from two layers of flannel about 8-9 inches square that she serges around the edges. Many patterns available and very easy to launder with baby clothes or cloth diapers. We all love them.
V. B.

My ds was sensitive to wipes when he was a newborn. Wash the wipes under some water to get rid of the chemicals irritating baby's skin. Rinse, twist dry, repeat a couple of time then leave the wipes a little damp and put it back in the container. I did this until I used up all the wipes in the economy pack I had.

This happened to my daughter any time we tried to use a different wipe. We used a generic brand from Wal-Mart. When she was about 9 mos old, they stopped making them. We used wet Bounty paper towels with just a touch of her baby wash and lotion. Not as conventient as regular wipes, but she didn't have a rash anymore. Same thing with other diapers. Had to stick with the ones they used at the hospital.

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I did not take the time to read all the responses, so if I am repeating, sorry! :)
My DD had the same problem. I ended up making my own wipes. I used Viva paper towels and a solution = two cups warm water, 1 tbsp baby oil, 1 tbsp baby wash. You can use whatever wash and oil that works best for her. I used J&J lavender oil and Aveeno wash. You can add Lavender essential oil (2 drops to 2 cups solution) to help her bottom heal and it smells good. You can find recipes on-line. Just google homemade wipes.
My DD did grow out of it, hope yours does too. We now use huggies natural care. If she is that sensitive to wipes watch out for diapers as well. My dd can't wear anything but Huggies. I am not a diaper snob, but other brands or off-brands give her bad diaper rash. I tried them just to save a little money and was very sorry, her bottom was raw for days.


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Viva papertowels, they are very soft and warm water works well for sensative skin.

My Daughter was the same way, very sensitive. We just used warm water and baby washcloths. She grew out of it and now we can use any wipes.

We could never use huggies for some reason. All three of my kids had issues with them, even the ones that said for sensitive skin. We (so far) have had good luck with pampers natural unscented w/aloe. Usually if we have a time when they have redness I just wet a washcloth and use that.

With your baby being such a newborn, it is recommended in the first few months to use a warm damp cloth to wipe her clean. That is what we did because that is what the doctor told us to do. My daughter didn't use wipes until almost 3 months... around perhaps 2 and a half months. It is a bit messy, but it saves you money and in your case your baby won't breakout. However, if you want to go with using the wipes, try pampers sensitive wipes. Buy the travel size one they sell at target so u can try them out. They sell for a dollar and change and come in a reuseable box. Hope this helps!

Lansinoh makes an awesome gentle wipe.

HI S.! Congrats! The only ones that didn't make my baby break out were the Huggies Sensitive Skin, after he was almost 2 we switched to the regular Huggies and he didn't break out anymore. I periodically checked in between and he would break out. Best wishes!


When my kids were born a friend told me how to make my own wipes. It's cheap and you could use any soap you want. I loved them for home use. You could find something to put them in for the diaper bag. Here is what you do: Take a roll of paper towel and cut in down the middle where is looks like 2 toilet paper rolls, A electric knife works best. Find tupperware bowl with lid that is the size of the half roll. Put 1 tsp. of soap, I used baby bath, and fill with water then put the half of paper towel roll in it. the wipes just come off when you tear them. Hope this helps.

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