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6 Week Old Breaking Out with Wipes - - - Suggestions for Extra Sensitive Wipes?

My 6 week old is breaking out whenever we use wipes on her bottom. We have been using water and cotton pads to clean her during diaper changes. The wipes we have used are Pampers Sensitive and Huggies Natural Care. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for other wipes that might work better? Also, is this something that she might grow out of (we got a huge box of 832 huggies wipes for a shower gift)?

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My daughter makes, sells and gives as gifts-homemade wipes from two layers of flannel about 8-9 inches square that she serges around the edges. Many patterns available and very easy to launder with baby clothes or cloth diapers. We all love them.
V. B.

My ds was sensitive to wipes when he was a newborn. Wash the wipes under some water to get rid of the chemicals irritating baby's skin. Rinse, twist dry, repeat a couple of time then leave the wipes a little damp and put it back in the container. I did this until I used up all the wipes in the economy pack I had.

This happened to my daughter any time we tried to use a different wipe. We used a generic brand from Wal-Mart. When she was about 9 mos old, they stopped making them. We used wet Bounty paper towels with just a touch of her baby wash and lotion. Not as conventient as regular wipes, but she didn't have a rash anymore. Same thing with other diapers. Had to stick with the ones they used at the hospital.

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I did not take the time to read all the responses, so if I am repeating, sorry! :)
My DD had the same problem. I ended up making my own wipes. I used Viva paper towels and a solution = two cups warm water, 1 tbsp baby oil, 1 tbsp baby wash. You can use whatever wash and oil that works best for her. I used J&J lavender oil and Aveeno wash. You can add Lavender essential oil (2 drops to 2 cups solution) to help her bottom heal and it smells good. You can find recipes on-line. Just google homemade wipes.
My DD did grow out of it, hope yours does too. We now use huggies natural care. If she is that sensitive to wipes watch out for diapers as well. My dd can't wear anything but Huggies. I am not a diaper snob, but other brands or off-brands give her bad diaper rash. I tried them just to save a little money and was very sorry, her bottom was raw for days.


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Viva papertowels, they are very soft and warm water works well for sensative skin.

My Daughter was the same way, very sensitive. We just used warm water and baby washcloths. She grew out of it and now we can use any wipes.

We could never use huggies for some reason. All three of my kids had issues with them, even the ones that said for sensitive skin. We (so far) have had good luck with pampers natural unscented w/aloe. Usually if we have a time when they have redness I just wet a washcloth and use that.

With your baby being such a newborn, it is recommended in the first few months to use a warm damp cloth to wipe her clean. That is what we did because that is what the doctor told us to do. My daughter didn't use wipes until almost 3 months... around perhaps 2 and a half months. It is a bit messy, but it saves you money and in your case your baby won't breakout. However, if you want to go with using the wipes, try pampers sensitive wipes. Buy the travel size one they sell at target so u can try them out. They sell for a dollar and change and come in a reuseable box. Hope this helps!

Lansinoh makes an awesome gentle wipe.

HI S.! Congrats! The only ones that didn't make my baby break out were the Huggies Sensitive Skin, after he was almost 2 we switched to the regular Huggies and he didn't break out anymore. I periodically checked in between and he would break out. Best wishes!


When my kids were born a friend told me how to make my own wipes. It's cheap and you could use any soap you want. I loved them for home use. You could find something to put them in for the diaper bag. Here is what you do: Take a roll of paper towel and cut in down the middle where is looks like 2 toilet paper rolls, A electric knife works best. Find tupperware bowl with lid that is the size of the half roll. Put 1 tsp. of soap, I used baby bath, and fill with water then put the half of paper towel roll in it. the wipes just come off when you tear them. Hope this helps.

You could try rinsing the wipe under the tap first and then using it..

We use Seventh Generation for everything dipers,wipes,and landrey.

Hi S.,
My daughter was the same way...we either just rinsed her off in the sink if her bottom was especially tender or when we could get away with using "wipes" we bought heavy paper towels in bulk and just cut them in half. We wetted them with water when we needed a wipe and kept a few wet ones in a zip-lock plastic bag. Rotate them or they will either mold or dry out when you need them most. I even had to bring these "special" wipes to daycare. That solved some of our problem... but she just had very sensitive skin... we didn't even try wipes with our second...just went straight to paper towels. It's also ALOT cheaper!

Hi S., my son had a horrible bout of rotovirus that lasted for 3 months when he was an infant. The horrible "runs" made his bottom very raw also. We used cotton pads soaked in baby oil instead of wipes. You can keep them soaking in an old wipe tub, a jar, or a plastic bag. The baby oil cleans just as well and also helps protect from moisture. Also, we were told to make a paste by spreading diaper rash ointment on his bottom and covering that with baby powder. It protected against any other irritants.

First even though it would suck, if you don't feel comfortable with the wipes, you can at least donate them to someone that can use them.

I don't know what your answer is because I never had problems with them but what you might want to try is a powder called Caldescene. My daughter had those angry red lines where here legs meet her torso for six months, they looked horrible and I tried everything, she was just such a chunk they would never go away.

I changed her at a friend's house and in the morning, red lines were gone. If the wipes irritate a little bit, this stuff should fix that by the next diaper change while you figure out what to do about the wipes. I can't seem to find it on the shelves except occasionally the ointment but your pharmacist can order it for you. I still keep it in the house for heat related and other rashes and my youngest is now 9.

We had this same problem with my daughter. For the first few months, I used old rags and water. I cut up a bunch of my husband's worn-out Tshirts into small squares. The cloth was easier on her skin than paper towels.

We eventually discovered that the generic brand of wipes at Toys R Us worked well for her as she got older (this was 11 years ago, and I never saw any wipes for sensitive skin being sold here).

As for diaper cream, I was a big fan of Dr. Smith's. It's available behind the pharmacy counter at WalMart.

Good luck!

She could grow out of it and you could use the wipes on her hands and face when she is older. The softest and most gentle thing you can use on her is wet cotton.
You can buy rolled cotton in some drug stores and cut it into larger squares to make your own wipes. You could keep a plastic squeeze bottle of water and pre-cut cotton squares at your changing station instead of wipes. Change the water daily. Sounds like you are doing whats going to work best. You could also try Whole Foods.

We just use a wet washcloth, sometimes with a little baby wash. We use cloth diapers, so we are washing them anyway. It may be something she will grow out of though. They have very sensitive skin when they are new. It does get better.


My younest has super sensitive skin so the only thing that i've used that works for him is Huggies exta sensitive wipes or you might want to try Organic wipes.

Hopes this helps.

Hi S.,

Our daughter's skin was very sensitive as well. We used the blue/white cloth-like wipes from the hospital for at least the first six months of her life. We'd just wet them with warm water and I washed them with the regular laundry. Our doctor said that was pretty common and yes, she did grow out of it. Don't worry, you'll use those wipes you have! Just wait until she's a little older and you'll be wishing you had two boxes! I would think you could either get some of those wipes from a medical supply store you might be able to request some from your hospital or doctor.

I read some of the responses you received and agree with some. I never bought wipes I made my own. This is how I did mine.

Get a container with a lid (Wal Mart has some that come 4 stackable with lids (I used the smallest one for wipes in the diaper bag))

Viva Paper Towels cut in half (to make two small rolls)

You might need to adjust the amount of the ingredients to your liking (i.e. to soapy or not soapy enough)

Two cups of water (mix in the rest of the ingredients (I used a measuring cup for this))

1 tlbs. of the baby soap you use when you give her a bath that way you know she has no reactions to the wipes when your done making them

And I used a sented oil that you can find at the store (Town East Mall - Earthbound)

Mix everything together in the measuring cup then pour over the paper towels and set until the water is absorbed (I set mine over night)

When the mixture is absorbed you can then pull out the cardboard roll in the middle this is where you pull your wipes out from (like you do with cleaning wipes)

It is the easiest thing to do. And it does not take long at all to do.
I hope this helps and good luck.

We use Lansinoh...they're less irritating because they're made for breastfeeding babies (who poop more than formula fed babies). You might also want to check the diapers you're using - the hospital provided Pampers Swaddlers while we were there and I believe the mesh layer is too aggravating for babies skin...our baby developed a diaper rash before we even left the hospital!

Our baby's skin isn't as sensitive now (he's 10 months), but I still prefer the Lansinoh brand.

To alleviate any discomfort she's experiencing, you can try a sitz bath. Put warm water in a dish pan and add 1-2 Tablespoons of baking soda and let your baby sit in the water for about 10 minutes. The baking soda will neutralize the acidity from the urine, which will help the healing process, and it will just feel plain good to her.

This happened to my daughter any time we tried to use a different wipe. We used a generic brand from Wal-Mart. When she was about 9 mos old, they stopped making them. We used wet Bounty paper towels with just a touch of her baby wash and lotion. Not as conventient as regular wipes, but she didn't have a rash anymore. Same thing with other diapers. Had to stick with the ones they used at the hospital.

My son had the same problem as a baby. The only thing that worked were the Lansinoh breastfeeding wipes. They are with the breastfeeding supplies at most Targets and Walmarts. They are in a purple soft container. They are more expensive, but worth it. You can also make home-made baby wipes. I can send you the recipe if you want.

My son did grow out of it around 1 year, so there is hope.

I have two suggestions that I used with my own kids. I never liked the pampers or huggies brands, their wipes and even the materials in the the diapers can be very irritating. For extremely sensitive skin, I would use California Baby diaper wash available at Sprouts & Whole Foods. It doesn't contain amonium laurel sulfate which is a big irritant. I made my own re-usable wipes from soft cotton flannel. One yard of flannel makes a lot of wipes. In the sink would pre-wet the cloths with water until dripping and spritz the diaper wash on the cloth and wring out the cloth and wipe baby. Wash the flannel baby wipes on hottest setting of washer. Totally reusable and better for the environment.

After the very sensitive newborn stage, I would use Costco brand Kirkland wipes. In my opinion, the best wipes on the market. Their Kirkland diapers the the best too.

You may also want to change the soap you use to bathe your baby. One of my children always reacted to Johnson's. I switched to California Baby & had no problems. The baby wash also comes with a bubble wand to entertain your little ones with a few bubbles while they bathe - a big help a 6 months : ).

All my best to you, new mommy!

K., mom to 3 ages 7, 5 & 3

We use Huggies supreme. They say on the box, no perfume or alcohol, which may cause the problems you are refering too. They are the best wipes I have ever used, nice a thick, but gentle at the same time. I buy them in a box at Walmart..the box is red with blue on it. Good luck! ~A.~

My daughter makes, sells and gives as gifts-homemade wipes from two layers of flannel about 8-9 inches square that she serges around the edges. Many patterns available and very easy to launder with baby clothes or cloth diapers. We all love them.
V. B.

Dear S.,

I can send you a couple of wipes in a plastic zip top bag from my Basic H canister. This is the non toxic bio degradible cleaner made from coconuts and corn from the Get Clean line as shown on Oprah's favorite things show.

Many families with children that are allergic to different substances find that the purity, yet effective cleaning agents, help their children's skin from being so irritated and have a significant reduction in allergic reactions when using this line instead of the store bought cleaners.

In 1987 selected by Jacques Cousteau and the Cousteau Society to provide environmentally friendly cleaning products for use onboard their research vessels, the Calypso and Alcyone.

In 1990 nontoxic and biodegrable Basic-H was chosen as one of the first official Earth Day products.

In 1991 Shaklee Household Cleaners and Personal Care Products were selected for use in the Bioshpere 2 Project in Arizona.

So you are in good company.

You can reach me at ____@____.com or ###-###-####.

G. T.

Honestly, you don't have to use wipes at every changing. If it's just a wet diaper, you don't need the wipes because urine is sterile. Just make sure she's aired out before you put on the new diaper as to not trap in moisture which causes rashes and breakouts. That should apply to any time you change her.

My peditrician told me this when my daughter was 2-weeks old and we stopped using wipes for the wet diapers. She's now over 2-years old and during her diaper years, we've only had about two rash times (and that's because we accidentally left the diaper on longer than we should have!) Confirm with your pediatrician but I'm certain they will tell you the same thing.

White paper towels and plain water. If she is still bothered by this, get some pure cotton rags and use plain water. The rags can be laundered and re-used.

I would use only water until she is older like you've been doing. You have plenty of time to use all 800+ wipes!!

Chlorine-Free Baby Wipes
We use diapers ans wipes of this brand. The best place where to buy them is Amazon.com if you will subscribe.

We actually bought a lot of wash cloths that we kept separate from our regular wash cloths and just put them under warm water instead of wipes. We did that for several months and only used pampers sensitive when out of the house. We never saw diaper rash. We also used vaseline after every change. Good luck with it. Hopefully you'll find something that works and quickly.

When our twins were newborns(6 1/2 years ago! Whew!) we were told to use Viva paper towels. The plain, white Viva towels are much like a soft cloth. We would wet them slightly and use as a regular wipe. Wipe gently, more like blotting. I don't know how many rolls we went through. Took one sheet, stacked many together, then cut them in half. Ta-dah! Good luck! Congrats on your new baby!

Hello S.,

your daughter might be allergic to the ingredients in the wipes. I just read the other day that some wipes have propelyn glycol (pardon the spelling) but that's the same stuff in car antifreeze! anyways, wipes are great in the kitchen for cleaning counters, chairs, and in the bathroom for a quick cleanup of the sink, etc. don't worry you'll find lots of uses for it around the house. just get different ones for your little one. Good luck! ~C.~

My mom used to just use damp papertowels when my sister had this problem.

Even the wipes for sensitive skin contain preservatives and other chemicals. Yes, she will probably grow out of it, but until then you can make your own wipes using fabric or soft paper towels.

You might also try squirting or rubbing a little olive oil or coconut oil on her bum after each diaper change. It will help protect her skin and prevent the diaper rash.

My ds was sensitive to wipes when he was a newborn. Wash the wipes under some water to get rid of the chemicals irritating baby's skin. Rinse, twist dry, repeat a couple of time then leave the wipes a little damp and put it back in the container. I did this until I used up all the wipes in the economy pack I had.

You could make your own wipes....save a wipes container. I made mine with Johnson soap. Here are some recipes:http://www.naturalbirthandbabycare.com/homemade-baby-wipe...

You can try getting some Viva paper towels, then tearing them apart at the perforation and folding them into fourths. Then you just wet them with water and ring them out gently and put them in a ziploc. I don't know if she'll outgrow this, but I bet your pediatrition could tell you since he/she knows your baby. I hope this helps! Good luck and God Bless!

Hi S.,

I have something that just might be your answer: I'm an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International and I have a "recipe" for baby wipes using Arbonne's ABC Baby line that has really helped babies with sensitive skin. I would be glad to help you out and give you the recipe using the baby oil, baby wash, etc. Let me know.

Take care!

poor thing! we use either burt's bees diaper cream or kissaluv's diaper lotion potion spray; the latter works as a bit of a "helper" for messy dipes if we need to use more than water on a cloth.
you can also check out skin deep cosmetic safety database & search "baby wipes." their politics are a little screwed up, imho, but their list of individual product rankings is second to none that i've seen & really very helpful.


ps i second the note that using wipes after just wet dipes is not generally necessary

for my kid, all I did was rinse the wipe in warm waterbefore using it. you might want to try that.

I would talk to my childs pediatrition before trying other things. My youngest son is alergic to all Pampers products, but @ one point in time it wasn't just the Pampers. Having a girl,especially, it might not be the wipes or diapers. It could be a yeast infection. I would check with the pediatrition first and ask him or her.

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