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6 Negatives and 2 Positive HPT...but I Have the Implanon Rod for Birth Control

Ok...so maybe I am going nuts. BUT, I have had a couple small signs of being pregnant and just had the feeling that I should test. Having the Implanon means my periods have been pretty much non-exsistant so I do nto know when my last time was. I have read many things online that say even though no birth control is 100% implanon is the hardest to get pregnant with. Anyways...I took tests and got 6 negatives and 2 positives. I have made an app to get a blood test at my drs but that is not for another 4 days and I am going crazy! Which tests should I believe...negative....positive....ugh :( Any comments, suggestions, advice, helpful hints, experiences....anything you can offer to help me stop going crazy will help :)

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I should have mentioned that the two positives were the equate brand, the toher s (6 neg) were clear blue, answer, and ept.

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The Equate brand is more sensitive then the others you took which means will be positive sooner then the others. I like the Dollar Tree brand as it's super sensitive. Yes, you are pregnant. But, pregnancy and miscarriage are pretty common while using those forms of BC. My sister got pregnant twice on the pill, the first she lost and the second she didn't.

So, don't freak out but now is the time to start thinking about what you want to do if the baby sticks around.

S., mom to 4 girls on earth and missing my angels in Heaven

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It is more common to get a false negative than it is a false positive. Were the 2 positives the last 2 you took? Then, I would assume you are pregnant.

Well it depends. Did you take six tests and they were all negative and then two more and they were positive? If so, you are preggies:) Now if you just took six tests and a couple were just sporadically positive, wait for the dr to really know,however with any positive test, there is a good chance for pregnancy. If the last test you took was a positive that is the result I would go with. If you are very early in your pregnancy it could be as simple as the fact you took a test after having a lot to drink throughout the day and so your urine was more diluted and another test was with more concentrated urine. The levels of HCG are most easily read early in pregnancy in the morning with your first urine. I was wanting to be pregnant and was pretty sure I was but I was just testing early. I took like four tests and finally the last was faintly positive, so I was really happy:) But it is not uncommon at all to have some negative tests early. My thinking is if you had any positive tests you are most likely pregnant. Unless you are some kind of hormone therapy, there is really not a good reason for HCG to be in your urine and that is the only thing home tests are measuring for. Best wishes:)

False negatives are pretty common when you don't yet have a high level of the hormones the tests look for. It is rare to have a false positive so I would lean toward the positives being correct. Some birth control implants have hormones in them, even very low doses. I know that the tests look for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) to detect pregnancy but since I can't imagine why those would be in your birth control, I still would go with the positive results. Also, some herbal remedies like St. John’s Wort reduce the effectiveness of many birth control options so if you have used any of these around ovulation and having sex, this may explain a failure to prevent a pregnancy. Best of luck!

Dear T.,

It's only 4 more days....give yourself permission to stop going crazy! Only the bloodtest is going to give you a final true result. You're right, no birth control method is 100%. Good Luck.

If it helps ease your worries, here's another explanation which you can discuss with your doctor: I once got a false positive... My doc told me it was due to a cyst on my ovary. Apparently, an ovarian cyst emits a chemical that can trick a home test. And if you read the paper insert that comes with the HPT, it does say that the presence of a cyst will produce inaccurate results.

A cysts on your ovary are quite common, especially as you get older. Cysts naturally form as part of your menstral cycle (to release the egg). Sometimes, they fail to pop on time... Most eventually do burst or reabsorb without intervention, although I've heard its super painful when they burst. Mine grew to be bigger than a quarter (smaller than a half dollar) and had to be removed. Personnally, I suspect that the birthcontrol I was on at the time may have contributed to the cyst; as in, that is how my body responds to that type of birthcontrol (by growing super huge ovarian cysts). Again, no medical support for my suspicion; its my own gut feeling (because I discovered the cyst when I was on that BCP and then stopped it, the cyst stay relatively the same size for a month or so, then my doc told me to use start again in the hopes that the PBC would cause the cyst to reabsorb--and it doubled in size). Not sure when you started your Implanon and whether you ever experienced a cyst on your ovary before, but your body could always respond to the chemical birthcontrol hormones in various and unexpected ways. Something to consider.

when you find out if you are pregnant will you e-mail me please i have symptoms of pregnancy too. i have the implanon i am 21 with 3 children already gloria (march 08) eli (may 09) and sophia (6 months) please e-mail me ____@____.com!

When I was going through all of my infertility treatments, I took MANY tests. The only ones that gave me false positives were the Equate brand that was fashioned after the EPT tests. The "positive" lines were super, super light and I was NOT pregnant. Turns out that they are Evaporation lines or Evap lines for short. It's more like a test malfunction then anything else.

All 3 of my children were confirmed with FRED tests (First Response Early Detection). The level of hCG that these tests look for are SUPER low compared to most every test on the market. Even Equate has to be double the amount of hCG to be detected. They are a bit on the expensive side for FRED's but more often then not, they have boxes labled as "get one free" inside.

Your doctor's office does not want you in sooner because in the early part of your pregnancy, your hCG levels will almost double every few days and they want to make sure they give you the right results. I'd go with your gut feelings, I know that our minds have wonderful ways of fooling us but it does sound like you are worrying over nothing.

With my first child, I received 3 negative tests and one positive. The positive test was the second test I took, so I got negative results even after getting the positive result. Also, I got a negative at the doctor's office. When he reran the test, it was positive. The blood test is the only definitive test! Good Luck!

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