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6 Months Pregnant with Flu like Symptoms, Doctor Will Not See Me

I have spoken with two nurses and a doctor and they have all told me to take tylenol and robitussin and not to come into dr. office for check up because they do not want me to get other pregnant mother's sick or myself more sick. This is my third child and I have never heard something so absurd. I would think that I should be seen because of swine flu, h1n1 virus. What advice do you all have for me?

What can I do next?

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This is very normal. The flu spreads very quickly. Most doctor's offices do not want you coming in. They will generally prescribe medication to treat you based on symptoms. I don't know if you can take tamiflu while pregnant, but that's what they did for my nephew and husband.

Maybe you can suggest that while you understand the situation, could you wear a mask and still be seen?
Good luck and more importantly, I hope you feel better soon!

Go to the emergency room!!!!!!!!!! There have already been at least two women at a "northland" hopital with swine flu AND THEIR BABIES WERE BORN WITH IT AS WELL. This is very serious and it is soooooooooooooooooooooo much better to be safe than sorry. Good luck.

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It's' not just your doctor's office. I know it sucks, but even if you go in and get a confirmed diagnosis, the advice is the same. Many pediatricians and family doctors are doing the same thing, for the same reason. They don't want anyone that hasn't been exposed to get exposed. Follow your doctor's advice. Drink plenty of fluids, eat what you feel like you can and get lots of rest. If you get a lot worse, can't breath, can't drink, start vomiting, etc. then go to an emergency room. I know it sucks. The truth is your doctor really can't do much for you and is looking out for everyone else, as well as you. At least by not going in, you can't catch whatever anyone else might have either. Good luck and feel better soon.

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I agree with previous posters, with the exception of asking for tamiflu... not sure that is safe during pregnancy, and even if I was told it was, I'd still be hesitant.

H1N1 seems to have milder symptoms than seasonal flu. In addition to rest and fluids, there are homeopathic remedies and supplements that are safe for anyone, including pregnant women and kids. The homeopathic remedy oscillo (www.oscillo.com) is helpful at the onset of symptoms. Probiotics and vit D are pretty much a knock-out punch for the flu viruses. Also, since you are facing third trimester through the winter, I would consider continuing probiotics and Vit D through the remainder of the pregnancy.

Info on research on Vit D and seasonal & H1N1 flu:


Hope that helps. Be well soon.

Dr. Alyssa

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You need to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. Even if it's a family practioner. You're six months pregnant and this will effect your baby as well. You could also go to another doctor. There may be something else besides that or else they would not be telling you not to come in. I hope it's nothing more than a bad cold coming on. Good luck.

Go to the ER asap. You do not need to put yourself or your baby's life in danger.

did you call your regular doctor? Maybe they will see you. That does sound a little crazy though.

I agree that you should stay home. My family has had 2 bouts with flu like symptoms and each time we were only sick for one day, then felt better. Stay home and sleep, if your symptoms get worse then call the doctor, they understand that you have the flu, but there is no medicine to cure it even the Tamiflu people are talking about doesn't lessen the symptoms. If you read the specs you will be sick with Tamiflu as long as you would if you didn't take it.
Keeping away from others will lessen the flu outbreak and that seems to be the prevailing wisdom this year, stay home and treat unless you have a high fever or it goes on too long, then go to the hospital to be treated.

You did not really say what exactly your syptoms are.
However, below is reccommendations according to the CDC website, take it how you will. A primary care physician would deal with this not necessarily an OB/GYN. If you are treated with antivirals, it is suggested that you do so within 48 hours.

CDC guidelines
•Early empiric treatment with oseltamivir or zanamivir should be considered for persons with suspected or confirmed influenza who are at higher risk for complications including:
◦Children younger than 2 years old;
◦Persons aged 65 years or older
◦Pregnant women
◦Persons of any age with certain chronic medical or immunosuppressive conditions (see page 3); and,
◦Persons younger than 19 years of age who are receiving long-term aspirin therapy.

In our area, some of the schools have been hit hard already with the flu both with confirmed H1N1 and H1N1 negative. Pregnant women are supposed to be at a higher risk group. However, I have not studied what that actual risk is.

Personally, I would avoid the ER, if you weren't sick already you are more likely to catch something.
Good luck

You need to get to the Dr. immediately!!!! They are being very ignorant of the situation if they will not see you. Are you running a fever? If so, all the more reason to get in. You need to start on Tamiflu immediately. I am not trying to scare you but if you do indeed have the flu, it can be very serious when pregnant. Did you see the news last week? I am an ICU nurse and we just had a mom with H1N1 who had an emergent section and then went to ICU. She passed away about 1 month later. This is not to scare you but to make the docs do something! There are masks available at the entrance to most hospitals and doctors offices. Putting one on would be the responsible thing to do and no other mommies will not need to worry. You should wear one also to protect yourself. Please be your own advocate, for your own sake and your baby. If you get nowhere with your OB or your FP doc, by all means go to the ED. Even if your flu swab comes back negative you may still have the flu. They majority of the tests are giving false, negatives. Good luck and please keep us updated. I hope that you get to feeling better!

Don't waste your money on Tamiflu...first of all, I don't know if pregnant women are supposed to take it...but I do know that you need to take it within the first 24 hours of your symptoms beginning for it has very little value.
The reason they do not want you to come to the doctors office is the same reason that they are suggesting that ALL flu sufferers stay home and simply treat the symptoms. I agree with the other Mama's that you should contact your primary care physician instead of your OB/GYN, but I think the advice is going to be the same. There is no medicine to help with the flu...only treat the symptoms. Something for the fever and achiness, plenty of rest and fluids. If you do begin to have trouble breathing or extreme chest congestion then by all means contact your doctor again.
R. Ann

Go to the emergency room!!!!!!!!!! There have already been at least two women at a "northland" hopital with swine flu AND THEIR BABIES WERE BORN WITH IT AS WELL. This is very serious and it is soooooooooooooooooooooo much better to be safe than sorry. Good luck.

Find another doctor!! that is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. For all they know it could be swine flu or some other seriously dangerous illness that required immediate attention.

Seriously My doctor would have said to come in immediately. Plus if you haven't heard the latest research has proved that swine flue isn't passed through the air it is passed on through physical touch.

but good luck and deffinetly get to a doctor just to be on the safe side.

They are correct you can't do much for the flu if it's bacterial infection then yes but with flu like symptoms rest keep hydrated tylenol as directed.I took my son in to see the dr on Friday because he was haveing a fever up and down this past week very tired slept all week appetite changed he never develpoed diaherra or vomintng they took him in and my other 2 kids to make sure it wasn't something serious he has an ear infection and the flu was told to stay home from school keep hydrated tylenol benadryl and his antibiotic because there isn't any medication that will get rid of the flu.If you get any worse or develop a high fever call them back also if it is swine flu and develop trouble breathing go into respitory distress go to the ER but make sure your face is covered.

Go find another doctor. As soon as you possibly can...this can not only endanger you, but the baby as well.

OMG! I'm sorry I briefly read a few of the post and all I have to say is "She's pregnant!" Pregnant women are already at risk because their immune system is compromised. Throw on a mask, wash your hands before you leave the house and take yourself to a doctor. Get tested to be sure it is a viral or bacterial infection. Also check to be sure no other complications associated with the flu that can e prevented or controlled.

Sorry I have to agree with you doc's office. If people with the flu would stay home instead of running to the ER or doc, it wouldn't spread so fast. The main concern with pregnancy is keeping your fever down. If you can't keep your fever down or you have trouble breathing, go to your primary care or to urgent care. Otherwise, since they can't do anything for you anyway, wouldn't you rather be resting in bed than sitting in a waiting room (and spreading germs)? I hope you feel better soon.

That is absurd.....the flu scare has taken over our whole lives, it is nuts! If you feel that you need to be seen I would stick to my guns. Call and tell then to make you an appointment and tell them you will wear a mask when you come in to make them feel better!

When I was pregnant and tried to see my OB for sickness, they told me to see a general practicioner. They do not treat flu like symtoms and do not want other pregnant women getting sick. Do you have a regular doctor you can go see?

If they don't want to see you then I would demand them give you a prescription for tamaflu to help you!!!


I hope you are feeling better by now! Here is a hug to you...

As a mother and a practitioner who deals with pregnant ladies alot, please consider just staying home and waiting this out. The nurse who responded above is right. You and your baby will be safe at home. Think about this: if it's NOT H1N1 then you might walk into the doc's office, with a weakened immune system and FIND IT THERE! :(

I agree with the previous responses to go to a general practice doc. My ob will not see me if my symptoms are not related to pregnancy or other 'female' issues-- he has always sent me to my family doc for other issues- that's typical.

If you have the flu, you SHOULD stay home. Your OB appointment can wait a week or two. If you need a doctor for your illness, go to a general practitioner, not the OB.

That is awful, I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. I may find another doctor, but when is your regular check up appoinment? Maybe you could move it up? I would tell the doctor, I'm sure it's the nurses and not the doctor. Also, maybe you could go to a walk in clinic at Walgreens/CVS. I think they test for the h1n1 virus. Good luck, I hope you feel better

I agree with your doctor and nurses. If anything, you should go to a general practicioner or urgent care for the flu.

I agree with Sandy. Ask your doc for a script for tamiflu. They really can't see you, which seems absurd like you say, but at the same time you need something to help you too. Just call and they should be able to do this for you. Hope you get to feeling better soon :)

Hi J....I am so sorry that you aren't feeling well. The good news is...if your overall health is good, drinking lots of fluids (water, juice), tylenol, and lots of rest...you should be fine in a couple days. My 3 year old grandson was diagnosed with H1N1....but that took a culture...and by the time that was back, his fever was gone and he was recovering. I am a paramedic and where I work...we have had several hundred cases of flu...as presumed to be H1N1... there is not actually a quick test for the swine flu...just for type A...which is what swine flu is a variation of....
When my grandson was taken to the doctors office...they had them come in the back door! Which I think was a good idea.

My only other advice....be sure to buy lots of clorox wipes and wipe everything down.....and have lots of the waterless hand cleaner....

The less spread...the better...and the virus can live up to 8 hours on surfaces...

Good luck!

Maybe you can suggest that while you understand the situation, could you wear a mask and still be seen?
Good luck and more importantly, I hope you feel better soon!

Hi J.- go to Urgent Care or the ER....if you get the flu and high fever it can hurt the baby. I am not sure what meds they can give you since you are pregnant adn they are probably hoping your system clears it itself- but if you become dehydrated go to the hospital without a second thought. I got the flu like symptoms when I was pregnant and had to be put on IV fluids for dehydration! I have never heard anything like that either- Urgent Care can not turn you away! Get to feeling better soon!

Hi I'm sorry I hope I'm not repeating but I don't have time to read all your responses.
Just wanted to let you know they can't do anything for you if you have the flu. It's a virus, and you can only treat symptoms of virus with medicine you can buy at the store. There is nothing they can prescribe you at the doctor. If you feel dehydrated, go to the Emergency Room. It's best for you not to go to the doctors office with the flu, you will get everyone sick.

Hello, in our area we have alot of urgent cares, that are easier to access than an ER and your flu like symptoms will be treated as they should be addressed. But, try hot tea, lots of rest , because if its a virus there is nothing they can do but let it run it's course. Your just along for the ride. If your temp exceeds 103 then go to the ER. Hope you feel better.

I'd do as the doctors' office requested and stay home and rest. If it is the flu or H1N1 flu, other than confirm it, how do you think they'd treat your illness? I'm guessing probably the same way as they told you over the phone. There's little value in coming into the office and the risk is greater than any benefit you'd receive from them taking your temperature instead of you doing it yourself.

My obgyn said to see my PCP. I called him and they told me to wait it out but if it gets to where I can not keep any thing down our run a fever of more than 102 to go to er. Otherwise stay home and rest. I stayed home and it took about a week but I feel better.

Hi J.. Unfortunately, there is probably nothing you can do. I'm 7 months pregnant with baby #5 and am also sick. My doctor did see me but he can't prescribe strong meds because of effects it could have on the baby. I am also just allowed to take Tylenol and Robitussin. It sucks but you just have to tough through it. If you get so sick with high fever that tylenol won't work and you start dehydrating then you should go to Immediate Care and also call your doctor.

Although I agree that your OB responded inadequately, I also agree that it is better to not go in to the OB's office. You can find much better and reliable advice on the Internet at sites such as: http://www.med.umich.edu/1libr/wha/umpgprob05.htm.

My family has survived bouts with the flu, even when pregnant, for several decades without ever going to see an MD. I once called an MD when my 8 m/o had the flu. He prescribed an antibiotic and told me to bring him in the next day. My son refused the antibiotic, and regurgitated it when I tried to get it down him. My son's body seemed to know more than the doc. It was a virus, which an antibiotic cannot battle. My son was fine the next day. I have learned more about how the immune system actually works and have learned to do what helps it work better rather than what inhibits the immune system in order to control symptoms. It takes a bit of learning to know when it is best to stay home, rest, and treat yourself and when you are in crisis and need a doctor. A mother's instincts are usually on target. But, the mother has to be able to tell the difference between her instincts and worrisome fears based in misunderstandings and popular beliefs.

In this case, your instincts may be telling you that you need a new OB. If your instincts tell you that you need to see a doctor for the flu symptoms, see your GP. But, you may do well to read the advice from the website above before making such decisions. I would not stress myself to make any major changes while sick. Rest really is one of the most important things you can do. Finding someone to make you some soup and take care of things around the house for you will likely help you more than anything a doc has to offer.

I would not take a chance. If your primary won't see you either, I would go to the ER. With the swine flu, I would not take a chance. Then I think I would be looking for a new doctor and/or calling the AMA to check to see if you have grounds for a complaint. Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.

I would show up in the acute care anyway and if your doctor doesn't have that service then I would find another one that does because there are so many other practices out there that offer that service and is mainly for illnesses that come up and you can't get in on a same day appointment.

If you really want to see your doc, I would demand to be seen on a same day appointment or within a day or 2. That is rediculous that they won't see you. Most doc offices also have well person waiting rooms and sick person waiting rooms so you don't pass on your sickly germs to people that are there for routine checkups and with you being pregnant I would think they would just move you into a room right away somewhere by yourself so you don't get other people's germs and won't be passing your sickness along to other pregnant patients. Your baby is important too and need to make sure everything is ok with you.

Not sure where you are located but College Park Family Care Center is a very good practice and has several different types of doctors and very convenient as they also have specialists, lab, and xray in the same building. There are several different offices in the Overland Park, KS area. Most of their doctors are very thorough and show they care. The doctor assistants and nurse practitioners are great there too.

First, I would be seeing my PCP for these things...it's not like they wouldn't be checkig on the baby at the same time...but if you can't get in there either, I'd throw myself at the nearest emergency room. Frankly, I understand your Dr's reluctance but I would also think he'd/she'd want to see you...why couldn't you be the LAST patient of the day??? It's not like you would infect anyone then and the office would be cleaned within an hour or two anyway! I would certainly let your Dr. know that you are most disappointed with him...I mean it's not like you are a first time mom and anxious about everything...you've been around the block a few times and you are genuinely concerned for you & your newborns health here...shame on him/her!

Go to the ER! Forget your doctor and what he says, go to the ER. A lady just died after giving birth to her third child when she contracted the swine flu at the end of her pregancy. You need to be checked since you are pregnant, and I wouldn't wait. Better to be safe than sorry. Sorry if you have already gotten this advice. I'll say a prayer for you and your unborn baby and that you two are okay. Good luck and God Bless.

You may not like this response, but as an RN I want to explain the reason. J., please understand this from the medical side. You would be going to a room full of pregnant women whom you could infect with a very serious illness. The office is trying not to spread more infection, especially to other pregnant women. PLEASE NOTE - If you spike a fever, or have worsening symptoms go to your primary care doctor, an urgent care center, or ER for testing and treatment IMMEDIATELY. They can limited your access to spread the disease verses a doctor's office that cannot quarentine you. I am not saying you should not be treated - you should be treated with care. Watch your symptoms, stay VERY WELL hydrated (gallon of water a day or more), and rest as much as possible.

My obgyn doesn't treat me for that. She tells me to contact my primary care dr. She'll see me and treat my colds/other non pregnancy issues throughout my pregnancy. Hope that helps!

This is very normal. The flu spreads very quickly. Most doctor's offices do not want you coming in. They will generally prescribe medication to treat you based on symptoms. I don't know if you can take tamiflu while pregnant, but that's what they did for my nephew and husband.

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