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6 Months Pregnant-pain in Pelvis Area

Hi! I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. I am about 6 months pregnant with my second child (my first is 7) and I am 35 this time. For about 3 weeks I have had this pain very low, below my stomach, every time I lift a leg or try to get out of the car or a chair. It isn't a stabbing pain, but feels like I went to the gym and overworked a muscle (which I have not!). It's just annoying more than anything since I am pretty active with my daughter and job as an elementary school teacher. THANKS!

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I had this also. I think it is just from the muscles losening. I have 4 kids and I think it was worse with the last ones then with the first. Each child sits differently, so the muscles are affected differently. There is a belt like device that helps,kinda like a belly ace bandage. You probably should discuss any pain with you doctor. That way you can rule anything serious.

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I am not a medical professional, but this sounds painfully familiar. It sounds like pubic symphisis disorder, which occurs when the cartilage in between your pubic bones becomes overly relaxed and allows your bones to move more than they should. This is good for labor and bad for comfort. A yoga teacher once told me that it is actually possible to tell how many children a woman has had simply by looking at her pelvis and the shape of her cartilage. In women with this disorder, our cartilage is simply too relaxed by relaxin. I have read that it can worsen with subsequent pregnancies, especially if one is caring for a toddler.
I had this issue the last four month of my pregnancy with my daughter. It is constant and nagging and was, at times, practically debilitating. But please do not worry or be scared. One of the best things in this situation is consistent exercise-- which you need anyway when you are pregnant. Actually, I have several suggestions: 1) research pubic symphisis disorder-- it is not uncommon. 2) REGULAR prenatal yoga and daily stretching are very, very helpful as is regular physical activity. If you do not stretch and move your body regularly, you will tighten up and experience more pain. 3) When getting in and out of bed or the car, move with your legs together-- this helps a lot in terms of avoiding stabbing pains. It really helps to keep your legs together. 4) I have heard that regular chiropractic care can be very helpful as well. Some swear by regular adjustments.
5) A lot of people have not heard of this. DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT IT IS JUST A NORMAL PAIN OF PREGNANCY AND MAKE YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT HOW YOU ARE "DEALING." Just do your best to take care of yourself and to get that essential regular exercise.
I hope that this helps and that you start to feel better very, very soon.
Bless you!

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Hi H.,

Most likely it is just your pelvic ligaments stretching. But, if you feel the need, talk to your doctor.

Congratulations on little Charlie coming in April!


It could just be your ligaments stretching. I know they seemed to hurt more with my second pregancy than with my first.

However, I had pain in my groin area for quite a while before noticing there was a bump, about the size of a golf ball, only there when I would stand up. Turns out I had a hernia. I guess it's common in pregnancy.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Oh god do I no where your coming from. I was pregnant 2 years ago with my second child and I still remember the pain. I was 34 years old and I felt like if I was laying on my side there was no way to get my leg up it hurt soooo bad. It almost felt like the baby was just resting right there. I felt like that almost the whole pregnancy. I complained to the Dr. and I had the baby 18 day's early by C-Section. And he's a healthy baby boy.. My first child was a girl, so I just thought it was different because he's a boy?

This sounds all too familiar to me... And sadly, my experience was not wonderful. I had this same pain that started in my pubic bone area during my last trimester (second pregnancy). At first, it was just annoying. Then it got worse and worse every week. It was mostly when I got out of the car or got out of bed. For some reason, it was worse for me in the morning. It hurt really bad when i made any "scissor" movements with my legs. It also hurt when my doctor pushed on it. Finally it got to the point at the end of my 7th month that my pubic bone would pop in and out of place when I moved wrong and sometimes while i was walking. My doctor told me that I had PSD (pubic symphisis dysfunction) and explained that my ligaments had basically stretched too much and my pubic bone had become displaced. The pain got so bad during the ninth month making it impossible to care for my toddler by myself while my husband was at work. We induced a week early and the pain stopped as soon as my son was born. I absolutely HAD to have an epidural though, because without it, the birth would have been excruciating.
You may not have PSD, but it sounds awfully familiar, based on what I went through. It was my sixth month, second pregnancy and started just as you described. My doctor also told me that once you have PSD, it will likely get worse with each pregnancy. It has made me rethink having a third soon.
I would definately talk to your doctor about this and do some research on PSD symptoms on the internet. Let me know what you find out. If it does end up being PSD, let me know. It gets frustrating and NO ONE understood what I was going through.

I had similar pains and I forget what it is called, but it was nothing to worry about. It was basically a ligament stretching or something like that. I would always suggest asking your doctor though. Since you are 35, I assume you are seeing a perinatologist and an OB - ask either. You don't have to wait for your next appointment for the reassurance, just give either office a call and describe the pain. I would bet it's nothing, but having a doctor tell you that means a whole heck of a lot more!!

Dear H., I went through this during my last two pregnancies, it was worst during the last one. I had my babies in Sweden and the latin word is: symphysiolysis, a pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain. On some women the pelvic bones needs to be opened more than others to prepare for labor. I do understand your pain, but it's nothing to worry about. The best way for your to endure the pain is to try keep you legs together as much as possible. I wore a pregnancy belt around my hips, it helped tremendously. I don't know where you can get it here in the US. But it was basically a large rubber band wrapped tight around my hips. I agree with Tarosa J's answer.(See below)she mention a lot of good things. After the labor, your hips will get better and back to normal again. I'm a triathlete and don't have any problems any longer. I wish you the best of luck and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I am 5 months pregnant, 32 years old with my first child. I have been working out daily...either the elliptical or the treadmill...still gaining a lot of depressing weight. But, I also have this pain on my right leg..it goes down the front and especially in the top part of the leg near hip/pelvis. I also have it in back a bit. It hurts to push down my pedal in car when driving sometimes and my leg goes tingly. I went to the doc on dec. 26th and she said the baby is probably on that side and lower...pinching some nerves. She was right, when we looked the baby is hanging out on that lower right side. But, about the pain. She said maybe laying off of working out so the nerves don't get more inflammed and irritable. She also said see if your husband can massage that area and low back to help ease pain, other than that...wait it out! It is probably ligaments that are stretching in the front of the pelvis, is also what she said...nothing you can do about it.
-Kim P.

I had this with my 2nd and third children, and honestly, I still get this pain occassionally if I roll over in bed funny. The doctors told me that as my muscles relaxed during pregnancy, this one muscle just took the stress/strain of the baby weight differently than the others, and may NEVER be perfect. Rarely do I feel the pain now, but felt it almost constantly during those 2 pregnancies. Maybe ask if there's any stretching you can do for this muscle. For me, it was in my lower abdomen, so there was nothing I could do. Best wishes for the rest of your pregancy with Charlie!

I was told that it is muscles or tendons that stretch to carry your baby. I've also had a child after 35 and it is quite different than when you are younger. If you ask your Dr. I bet they say it is the muscle or tendons that stretch. They also say that each baby is different even when you are carrying them.

HI H., I had the same thing with my second child, in the final trimester. My midwife explained it to me, the relaxin that you have as a natural hormone while pregnant makes all the joints loose, including the space in your pubic sympasis (right in the front at the bottom of your belly) or your pubic bone. This is loose and mobile which can cause pain, especially when lifting legs, i had it when i pushed anything with my leg, or other activities. what helps? I don't know, but rest assured it is ok, in fact, it means your body is getting ready to have this baby, and take it easy... rest and get ready.

Good luck and have a beautiful birth.

Sounds like what my doctor happily called 2nd pregnancy pains.

hi, H.!

I, too, am in my 6 mo. (due May 17th). And, I, too, am getting those pains. My dr. says it's "growing pains" and my pelvis is preparing/making room for my growing baby boy. But, to be sure, I'd still check with your own doctor. It sounds normal to me and Congrats!


I had that when I was pregnant with our twins. The doctor said it's just the muscles and ligaments stretching and to take it easy if it bothered me. I understand that's not easy. I think they did also okay tylenol if I wanted, but check with your doctor before you do that. It didn't help me, anyway. Sorry to not be more encouraging. :(


I also had pain at about 6 months with my 2nd child. I was a pre-K teacher at the time so I understand how much standing and getting up and down that's involved. As it turned out I went into preterm labor at 26 weeks and was put on partial bed rest. When I went into labor at 37 weeks I had a c-section that revealed the right side of my uterus was rupturing and was about 2 cells thickness. I was told that the baby could be seen through my uterus and with any step or contraction my family could have lost both the baby and me so DO NOT LET THE DR'S TELL YOU IT IS NORMAL PAINS IF YOU FEEL IT IS NOT!!!

I had pain in the lower left quadrant of my pelvic area right where it meets your leg. My OB said it was a pulled muscle or ligament due to the weight and position of the baby but it lasted through the pregnancy and even after. At times it still hurts. My OB suggested physical therapy but I didn't do it, now I wish I had because it probably would have helped and I might not have had the pain afterword.

My pain did get worse through the pregnancy and it got so bad that I had real difficulty walking at times it was so painful. Bring it up with the OB and consider physical therapy if it is offered.

I had this also. I think it is just from the muscles losening. I have 4 kids and I think it was worse with the last ones then with the first. Each child sits differently, so the muscles are affected differently. There is a belt like device that helps,kinda like a belly ace bandage. You probably should discuss any pain with you doctor. That way you can rule anything serious.

I had the same thing with my second pregnancy. My doctor said that what happens is that your body never really recovers from pregnancy. Everything gets stretched out. Then when you have your second pregnancy your utuerus (which doesn't have much support in the first place) really has no support. There really isn't anything you can do about it. Once you deliver it will be better.

I had PSD during my pregnancy. It was painful and would come and go throughout the pregnancy. I tried exercising, and it may have helped, but not a lot. I almost went to the chiropractor... I read on the internet that there are chiropractors out there who know how to help pregnant women with this problem.

A friend of mine with PSD was told by her doctor that PSD made for painful labors. It was true for her and for me. I would have liked to know that ahead of time, so I could plan on an epidural.

The good news, if you have PSD, is that it seems to disappear after the baby comes. I have only felt it a tiny bit since then, and my baby is now almost 2 years old.

yes i now what you mean i had the same problem. i asked my docter about and he said it was just my muscles relaxing and that i might have slightly pulled it and not to worry it would go away as long as i tryed not to use the muscle. i hope this helped

sounds like your round ligaments. Your uterus is held up by these in the front, and by your utero-sacral ligaments in the back. Try to find a picture of the round ligaments, so you can see where they are. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it sounds to me like they are sore. For me they were sore and felt strained much of the time, especially in my second pregnacy. I was on my feet a lot more and carrying my older daughter a lot. My midwife recommended the bella band. I wore it on days I felt more tired, or during dance classes. It sort of helps hold your belly up a bit.


try this site to find out more and to see a picture of the ligaments. -R.

This sounds normal to me. With the second child, your body knows what to do and is preparing (to open and release your baby). Your muscles have memory. You are also more active with your toddler. Trust your instincts. If you think it is a problem talk to your doctor. Also, prenatal yoga is very beneficial for the physical and mental challenges pregnancy presents. You may want to try this, if you are not already. Yoga works all the muscles in the body and may provide some relief to the groin area. Good LUck.

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