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6 Months After C-section Pain Is This Normal

I had my little girl almost 6 months ago by emergency c-section.After a week of being home i got a really bad infection and was put in the hospital again. now im starting to get back to the old me but i still have pain in my tummy area. its not all the time but there are parts of my tummy that if someone were to touch it i hurt so bad. its like a sharp pain that only last a few mins. also there is a large part of my tummy area that i still cant feel. it is like 2in above the scar and 1in below the scar is this normal. o and one more question since i have had my little one i have had crazy periods. one week on one week off 2 weeks on one off. when will this go back to normal. it is driveing me crazy help.

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Thank you all it helps to know that it will get better

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Hi M.,

I don't know how normal it is, but I had the same experience. The sharp pains eventually go away - but they happened periodically for me for a few years. My daughter is 6 1/2 and I still have numbness above & below my C scar. The doctors tell me that will never go away because it is nerve damage.

Good luck!!!


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I am expriencing the same pain and numbness and my son is six months old. I went back to my doctor about two months ago, he said I will feel this from time to time. This week it have been worse, it is scary. I plan to go back to my doctor. A lady in her sixties and I were talking. She said some times she still get pain.

There will always be an area around your scar that will ill have no feeling. Any where that they cut for surgery will sever the nerves in that area so there will no longer be feeling. My last c-section was 18 years ago, and on occasion if I twist wrong or get up too fast I will have a sharp pain in the scar area. I would guess that due to the infection it is just taking longer for you to heal, but I would check with the doctor.

M. I just had to respond to you. I had 2 c-sections. After my 2nd son is 2002 I had a bad infection where a nurse was coming out to pack it. From that I got a hematoma (sp) which is like scar tissue and some fluid. It is very painful to the touch or if I move the wrong way.I still suffer from this to this day. They have done 6 surgeries to try to help this and it didnt work, it kept coming back. I also have a very small hernia in one part where they took out my uturs in 03.Also hurts the same way like I described above. I would def call the dr and tell them something is going on, dont let the pain take over your life, that is why I went thru so many surgeries,but it didnt cure me. Good Luck to you!

Hi M.,

I don't know how normal it is, but I had the same experience. The sharp pains eventually go away - but they happened periodically for me for a few years. My daughter is 6 1/2 and I still have numbness above & below my C scar. The doctors tell me that will never go away because it is nerve damage.

Good luck!!!


The numbness is normal, but the pain I would think not. I have had 3 emergency c-sections and have never experienced the pain you speak of, but I also never developed an infection afterward. You may want to consult with your OB.

C. T.

My daughter is 2 1/2 and I still have pain internally and externally. They say that when you have a c-section, it takes 70 days for the interal portion of the incision to close up, but it could take years for the pain to go away. I usually just take some advil or other ibuprofen to try to reduce the pain, and it typically works.

Just remember that they cut through so many layers of skin, muscle and other tissue. My husband had liver surgery where they had to cut him open similar to the way we are cut open for a c-section. It took him several years to recover from the pains, but he is still numb after 9 years.

M. B.
The pain is normal. I have had three c-sections now, and the first was the worst. I think I felt pain/numbness in the area from my incision up to my belly button, and from the incision down approximately one inch. This lasted for about 9 months and then went away slowly.
The good news: The progressive c-section is easier.
The bad news: The pain my return when you are stressed or overly tired.
My advice: Review this with a health professional and take a mild pain reliever as necessary.
Hope this helps!

The numbness is normal. The pain needs to be evaluated by your MD. Pain is always a sign that the doctor needs to be consulted. I had one c-section and it is still numb 20 years later, but only about 1/2 inch around the scar. Good luck

I've had two c-sections and slowly but surely the feeling around the scar comes back. My youngest is almost 6 months and there are still some spots that don't have a lot of feeling. My doctor assures me that it is normal.

The sharp pains and numbness are normal. It takes time for the nerves to come back before the pain goes away. I would call your OB about your cycles though. Once your hormones even out, they should be like they were before.

I, too, had the same problems with pain and numbness. The doctor said it was from the emergency surgery and nerve pain. I would also have a "stich" of sudden pain, especially when I was crawling, or kneeling on the ground. The nerve pain and numbness do diminish in time, so hang in there! As far as your periods, I'd talk to the doctor.

I remember standing up or doing something during my son's first birthday party and feeling a sharp pain. It probably took 2 years for feeling to come back and it is still a weak area of my body.

I'm still PO'ed about the c-section and had a vbac this year, so the emotions connected to the surgery make it all seem more annoying to me.

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