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6 Month Old with Teething/sleep Issues

My 6 month old daughter has been teething for 2 weeks. She has one tooth and another on the way. She has never been a great sleeper, always woke up 1-3 times a night. However, now I cannot even put her in her crib without her waking up screaming. If I manage to get her in her crib, she lasts only about an hour. She ends up in my bed every night and still wakes up constantly. I am exhausted and was wondering if anyone could recommend a teething product or have any advice. I am concerned that this will keep happening off and on for the next 2 years while she gets her other teeth.

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I want to thank everyone for their advice. I had been using Tylenol, Motrin, and Oraljel, and non of them seemed to be working. I started using the teething tablet and they seemed to help a little. I also got the book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and started reading it. I realized that my daughter was very over tired. It is difficult to get her to take good naps in the day, with a two and a half year old around. Also, my children share a room, so when my son is napping, I keep my daughter in the swing in our living room to sleep. I am trying to get her on a better nap schedule but it has been difficult. My son didn't start to nap better until he crawled, hopefully my daughter will be the same. As for sleeping at night it is so much better. I started to let her cry it out. We put my son in the guest bedroom for the first two nights, so that he wouldn't be disturbed. The first night she cried for 45 min and fell asleep and slept 4 hours, I fed her and she slept 6 more hours. Even that was amazing. The next night she only cried for 5 min. Now she will cry for about 5 seconds and go to sleep. Every night she woke up once to eat, except for last night, she slept from 8pm-7am! I just hope that her next set of teeth doesn't throw everything off.

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Give her Tylenol or Motrin! Don't hesitate unless there are real reasons you shouldn't. It has saved me many times.
Good luck!

Honestly the trick for me with my daughter to get her to sleep was to put her down while she was awake. I learned this with some people I nannied for. It basically gets them use to getting to sleep on their own. I know she does wake up at night sometimes still, but she knows how to get herself back to sleep. As for teething I don't know what to tell you. I know it wasn't fun for us. I just my second baby two months ago and am not looking forward to the teething part of it.

Hyland Homeopathics has a great product called TEETHING remedy. It is chamomile and is a little dissolvable tablet that is safe for babies. I have recommended it numerous times and it works great. It takes the edge off so the baby can calm down. You can find it at any health food store or Whole Foods. Best of luck.

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Hyland Homeopathics has a great product called TEETHING remedy. It is chamomile and is a little dissolvable tablet that is safe for babies. I have recommended it numerous times and it works great. It takes the edge off so the baby can calm down. You can find it at any health food store or Whole Foods. Best of luck.

Hi R.... I truly sympathize with you on lack of sleep due to teething! My first baby was miserable for months, and had all her teeth in by 1 year old. Many sleepless nights! The product they didn't have then(30 years ago)that there is now, is Baby Orajel teething swabs. I was having a throbbing toothache and found this product at Long's Drugs. If they work on an adult, they're the sure ticket for babies. Hope this works for you, and you both get some sleep! Sincerely, CJ

Try Hylands homeopathic teething tablets. They really help.

when it's really bad, piggy back pain medicine.. motrin then two hours later tylenol. i know it can't feel too good having something sharp coming through your gums. natural teething tablets worked great for my kids. did motrin tylenol combo when nights were really bad. not much else you can do. make sure there isn't some other issues too.. ear infection etc that could cause discomfort when laying down.

Um, waking up 1-3 times a night sounds like a luxury to me!! My little 11 month old son was a great sleeper til I went back to work at around 5 months. Then he woke more and started hating his crib. Now he sleeps with us, which we are fine with and I like (most of the time), since I'm gone at work most of the day. I go back and forth between wanting to cry because I think the sleep stuff won't go away for years more, and being OK with it because this is what babies do and we signed up for it by wanting him in our lives. So, not much advice to give other than you are not alone. Have you read all the sleep books -- there are certainly enough of them out there! I find that reading them is a mixed blessing. At one end they are reassuring that all this is normal, on the other end, they make you feel like it's your fault (because you are not "training" them) if your baby doesn't sleep perfectly.

Hi, Funny, I posted a request on the topic yesterday. Everyone is recommending Hylands teething tablets, however they do not work for my 7 month old. She has sleepless nights when the tooth is breaking through, so we just let her sleep with us and I end up nursing her alot more. I did some internet searching and found some advice that I tried last night. Use one of those mesh feeders and put a piece of a frozen fruit in it, that seemed to help a little bit. Also, when my 5 year old was teething we used a teething oil we got at Whole Foods, it has ginger in so it soothed her gums right away, she just didn't like the smell.

Have you tried Tylenol or Motrin? (infants of course)sometimes that works better than the oragel and it lasts longer as well. It will take away the pain and probably help her sleep since she won't be feeling any pain. Make sure she has a bottle before bed as well, as this will keep her from waking up hungry. Good luck!

Dear R.,

I would suggest a tiny bit of baby oragel and tylenol or Motrin. I think the motrin is better as it last for 6-8 hours verses the tylenol which is only 4. It is very important that you all get rest and if she is fussing that much she is probably in a lot of pain so I would give her something to help ease it.

My son had a really bad time with teething at the six month mark too. We would wet washcloths and put them in the refridgerator for him to chew on during the day. We would also use frozen waffles which were safe for him to chew on.

Hang in there and I hope you all get some rest soon.


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