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6 Month Old with Sinus Congestion

My 6 month old son CONSTANTLY has horrible sinus congestion. The Peds tell us to continue with saline drops and the nasal aspirator. Well, I do that about 5-8 times a day and it really dosnt help. It's like his congestion is in the back of this throat/sinus cavity. HELP! I am sure we are working up a second ear infection due to this congestion. Any suggestions?

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The back of the throat means drainage from sinus, which could be from the saline drops. Continue it though, as it does help - it would be worse without them. Also get something to put more liquid in the air that he breathes.

Breatmilk does have antibioics in it and y pediatrition even recommended that dropping it it thier ear or eye can clear up infecton.

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how long has he been like this? this is like the worst thing in infants. little noses aslso has a aresol saline which i like better. my son used to freak out when i had to pin him down. it was hard for me to get more than one drop in. but the aresol if you sit the child up as you do it, just gets everything to flow right oout. and not down the throat which can make them more annoyed. but now that my son is 12months i started to think maybe he has a mold or mildew allergy. so i started using a DE-humidifier in his room when he wasn't in there and it has cured the problem completely. i run the dehumidifier like 4 hours a day two hours after he wakes up and two hours after his nap. i dont know it worked for me. also make sure his room isn't to warm. i noticed to my kids get congestion if they are at their dads how with gas heat. (comes out of the ceiling) warm air blowing down on you will do it too. shut his vent slightly and dress him warmer. if it is warm the congestion cant flow. good luck

If he is constantly truly having "sinus infection", then apparently whatever antibiotics he has been placed on have not cured the problem. If, however, he is having lots of mucus formation constantly and it continuously is turning into an infection, that's a little different story. In that case, you need to address whatever is causing the mucus formation to begin with, and that could easily be an allergic reaction to something like milk. You don't say, but is he on regular formula or soy or what? If on regular, try him on soy. If that doesn't improve things, try some other non-milk formulas. If none of this is something you think could be the problem, then insist on having him seen by an ENT specialist.

Does his Ped know why he keeps staying congested? After time, the aspirator can start to irratate the inside of his noes which will lead to problems later down the road. If they don't know why he is like then, then a trip to the ENT is in order!

Good luck!

Make sure you have clean air filters in the HVAC. Try a humidifier if you don't already and if you do already, make sure that it is CLEAN and the filter is clean -- that you aren't spewing nasties into his room via humidifier. And continue with the saline. It stinks but your options are few. Oh, and keep him well hydrated -- keeps the mucus less thick.

If your worried about the congestion in the ears and chest, you may want to try a wedge in the crib. It elevates the head a little. You can find them in baby stores or baby sections of stores.

I would suggest seeing if your son has reflux. Both of my children suffered from it. I have a 4 year old and a almost 6 month old. They both were/are on Zantac and it helps immensely. They had the same symptoms you are describing.The heavy congestion in the back of the throat, but no runny nose. It always seemed like they were clearing their throats or coughing to clear it away. My 6 month old would get noticeably more congested when he is hungry or when he has tummy time when he is laying down flat. That's when I figured it out. The reflux was coming all the way up into his sinuses and irritating them and making them drain. I went to the dr and they confirmed it. You could always try that and see if he gets better.

Have you tried a Chiropractor? My nephew's baby had stomach problems and ear problems. The Doctors kept telling him they would eventually have to put tubes in his ears. Well his wife, did not want to have to do that so they took him to a Chiropractor. After the first adjustment, his ears started draining properly. And the stomach problems were from a twisted colon. Which they massaged and rolled it back into place. Not sure where you live, but Dr. Joe Esposito is in Marietta, Georgia and he is wonderful. If you are not near him he may be able to refer you to someone. Dr. Joe believes that babies need to be adjusted after they are born because of the travels in the birth canal. He is Board certified Chiropractic, Pain Management, Nutrition, etc. He has been around for over 20 years. I would suggest you visit his website and give him a call. It could also be a food allergy. My oldest sister stayed congested and had the colic for her first months until my Mom took her to a Chiropractor...many years ago before Alternative Medicine was ever recognized and she was allergic to milk. They had to give her Goat's milk and believe it or not, Coke syrup. Back then you could get Coke syrup from the Drug Store..it stopped the colic. Hope that helps! B.

Have you thought about taking your baby to Ear Nose Throat Dr. Having a clean-air machine in the babys room and humidifer in room. Wish you well.

My son kept sinus congestion/allergies. We put a humidifier in his room and put him on Zyrtec at 6 months old. That helped alot. Also, we stopped giving him milk until it cleared up because milk produces more mucus. The humidifier will help break that mucus apart and make it thinner. Good Luck

My girlfriend's son had many ear infections and always seemed congested. He was always screaming and fussy. She took hinm to an Ear, Nose and Throat docotr. He ended up with tubes in his ears, BUT he no longer screams and isn't anywhere near as fussy. He's doing better all around, not nearly as congested as before either.

put a humidifier in his room and take him into the bathroom with the shower running on HOT let the bathroom steam up and let him sit in the steam. It should help loosen it up. also Johnson and Johnson and vicks both make a baby vapor rub the menthol might help break it up. If the suction doesn't help don't do it. just put the drops in and let him sit in the steam. My ped advices against the suction because it could hurt his nose.

What worked best for us was the saline drops. I didn't use the aspirator. We gave them before bed mostly, and sometimes during the day if it was bad. When the congestion was really bad we had her sleep with her head elevated. Using the bouncy chair worked wonders. At night we would strap her in and put in in her crib.

I hope he feels better soon.

A friend of mine uses Sinusin. It is homepathic and made by Heel. It is safe for babies. She started using it on her baby around 6 months and it is the only way she can breath at night when she gets a cold.

If you are worried, get a second opinion. Take him to an ear, nose and throat specialist that can handle a 6 month old. My son was highly congested when he was 2 weeks old. His doctor told me the same thing...saline, aspirator and humidifier (we were living in New Hampshire in February, the air is really dry). The congestion kept getting worse. I took him to a specialist and she found the problem. You should always trust your instincts. If you feel something is wrong, and the doctor is missing it, get a second opinion. Also, check on what formula he is on. My son was put on Nutramigen. Its one of the most expensive, but its all he could take. It was worth the money to see him happy and healthy.

Save yourself time on this one a see a Chiropractor asap! He is only 6 months old and constantly has this problem?? This is an underlying issue, commonly caused by cervical (neck) misaligment. The birth process alone, regardless of delivery methond, is very draumatic to an infants spine. The neck is twisted into many unnatural movements and it leaves the vertebrae out of its normal position, allowing them to put severe pressure on his spinal cord. In turn, his body will not work properly. In this case, most likely cervical pressure pushing on his middle ear drum. This allows fluid to pool up in his ear canal and sinus cavities, allow bacterial to have a feild day! A simple trip the the chiro will allow his ears to drain naturally as they should. The adjustment is so GENTLE, often times he may not even know he is getting one. Dont make the mistake of putting this off and needing tubes down the road. This works and it is wonderful!!! Let me know if you have any more questions:) Best of luck to you guys!

Well, short of using medicine, which of course you don't want to over use, I would diffuese Tea Tree Oil into the air, and several times a day, have him breathe in directly from the bottle. Just hold the bottle or a tissue with a few drops on it near his nose and have him breathe it deep if he can. Tea Tree Oil is well known for annti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and has been shown to greatly reduce them in the air when diffused. Another one fantastic for clearing the airways is Peppermint and of course, Eucalyptus. Now, if you choose to try these, make sure you get the TRUE Essential Oils, not "fragrances" Fragrances are synthetic and do not have the medicinal properties of true Essential oils. These oils and many others can be found in Bill's Healthfood & Vitamins on the corner of Slappey & 5th.

Now, we had this issue when my son was little, (before I knew anything about Essential Oils) and finally we realized he had a sinus infection, brought on by allergy to cigarette smoke. Once we got the infection cleared with a long bout (about 3 weeks of) antibiotics and removed him from the smoky environment, we've not had an issue since. So, check for allergies as well.

I would apply eucalyptus oil to the feet and chest area. Nebulizer with colloidal silver...and even internally. I get my colloidal silver from www.compassconcepts.com. Also, the oils.

I like the Kid-E lines from www.herbsfirst.com. I would do the Kid-E-Well for colds and flus. There are other 'adult' products that I would also use too, in extract form, which would be safe. Just check it out. Good luck!

The back of the throat means drainage from sinus, which could be from the saline drops. Continue it though, as it does help - it would be worse without them. Also get something to put more liquid in the air that he breathes.

Ask your pediatrician if you could give benadryl to help with the congestion. I know they believe that kids don't have seasonal allergies until 2 or older but my daughter had them from about 3 months. We give her benadryl nightly to help her with her congestion. She tried zyrtec but it didn't work. Also do you run a humidifier in the room? If so make sure you are keeping it clean. Also I personally can't run a humidifier because it congests me. Talk to your pediatrician again. So that is something to consider if you are using one.

Breatmilk does have antibioics in it and y pediatrition even recommended that dropping it it thier ear or eye can clear up infecton.

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