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6 Month Old with Diarrhea for Two Weeks! Teething?

My six month old son has had explosive diarrhea for two weeks now and I am worried. This is unusual for him, as before he only went every other day. He is going multiple times a day now and it is very watery/mucousy. He is not vomiting or running a fever and seems to feel fine. I have taken him to see his pediatrician twice now. She took a stool sample to rule out bacteria and put him on antibiotics. It is not getting any better though. I was exclusively breastfeeding and supplementing with formula (about 4 oz daily while away at work). My pediatrician advised me to stop breast feeding until the diarrhea is completely gone, and I have. But since then my milk supply has decreased significantly. My son is having a hard time with the sudden change to formula all day now as well. I am worried that I will have to stop breastfeeding all together and am not ready for that. Others have suggested teething, but the pediatrician disagreed and said that it would not make it last this long. He has been showing other signs of teething since about two months old, but has yet to show any teeth. Any moms out there with advice or experience in this situation?

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I suggest getting some high quality probiotic supplement to help reestablish the correct environment in his intestines. I use Jarro-Dophilus + FOS from Jarrow Formulas. I have used this on my cats, myself, and my grandson with great results. The antibiotic would have killed off many of the beneficial bacteria in his intestines. The other thing to consider is food allergy. He may be allergic to the formula. My daughter could not take anything but goat milk.

I hope he feels better!

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Hi J.,

My son went through the same while teething. Take it easy,don't panic, it is very normal in kids. Make sure your son is not dehydrated. Keep giving him Pedialyte drink which you can get in any grocery store. I always buy it from Walgreens. It comes in vaious flavors and some kids love it. Pedialyte is nothing but drink that balances salt and sugar in body.

Also, something that works miraculously during diarrhea is eating banana. Banana causes constipation. So, if your son has started eating solids, then give him freshly mashed banana four-five times a day. You'll see the difference in 24hrs.

Last not the least, be brave, being a mom is a tough job. What your son is going through is very normal phase of growth.

Take care.


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I agree that your doctor gave you some bad information! How can formula be better than breast milk when it hasn't been a problem before?

As far as the diarrhea, I am thinking the antibiotics may be partly to blame. He needs to replenish the good flora and fauna in his belly. I would put him on some good liquid probiotics and go back to breast feeding.

Another possibility is a stomach parasite. I would ask the doctor if they tested for any parasites. Antibiotics don't always work for parasites and they often don't check for many (if any at all.) If you suspect it could be a parasite (I've had giardia, NASTY) there are herbs to take for it (wormwood, black walnut, and clove to name a few), but I would consult with an herbologist who specializes in little ones (sorry I don't know if one off the top of my head), because I'm not sure how much of which one to give the little guy.

My last thought is I know for older kids and adults the method for helping with diarrhea is called the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.) If he's eating any solids yet these are good ones to keep in mind. Maybe not toast, but mashed bananas, applesauce, or rice baby cereal might be helpful to calm his digestive tract.

Oh, one more thing! My youngest daughter teethed like crazy for months! I don't remember exactly when she started, but she finally cut her first tooth at 11 months old. It seemed to take her FOREVER, poor girl. I found corn cobs that I had already eaten the corn off of was her favorite thing to teeth on. Freshly cooked corn of course!

Hope he feels better soon!

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Dear J.,
The only time my daughter ever had diarrhea or diaper rash was when she was teething. She also had an allergy to disposable diapers that was diagnosed early on, so I dealt with that right away. Even with cloth diapers, she still got a terrible rash and it burned her every time she pooped.
I didn't understand how getting teeth could make her little butt so raw...but it did. Every time. It didn't matter what she ate or didn't eat. In fact, my friend's little baby that was born just 10 days before her had the worst croupy cough and runny nose you've ever seen in your life and I was afraid the kid was gonna croak. He was perfectly fine...it was teething. When they don't feel well and their little butts are burning from diarrhea, they aren't going to be very hungry. See if you can give him water in a sippy and get some clear liquids in him. If it's teething...you just have to ride it out. And he's got more teething to do.
Hang in there...I'm sorry your little guy is having a hard time. But, he'll be okay.
Best wishes.
P.S. My daughter was almost a year old before she actually cut any teeth and we went through heck. She chomped on carrots and jerky and teething rings and ice pops.
Everytime her teeth flared up, she had projectile diarrhea. But she turned out perfectly fine.

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First I cannot believe that your pediatrician would recommend that you stop breastfeeding! Breastfeeding is what provides all the essential nutrients and antibodies your baby needs. Babies are not allergic to breastmilk....they are allergic to formula. If you suspect it is something you are eating evaluate your diet. But, most often reactions to mom's diet comes in the form of gas. If it were me and my baby, I would continue breastfeeding and pump to get milk for the times you are at work.
As far as ruling out bacterial infection, did the results come back yet? Antibiotics can actually cause diarrhea, so if the results are negative I would discontinue using them (as they would be pointless). Just make sure that you give the baby enough fluids, for example Pedialite to prevent dehydration. And Get a Second Opinion!

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My little boy (9 months) just had runny poops for 2 weeks and it was a virus. It was going around all the babies. He went completely off solids and just wanted milk and Cheerios. He also did not have a fever or any other symptoms. I'm a little surprised that your pediatrican would suggest stopping breastfeeding. Give it a couple more days and see if he doesn't start feeling better. I know it's worrisome. Good luck!

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I agree with the previous posters who say to find a new Pediatrician (did she give a reason to switch to formula?). Breastfeeding is best, this is no time to stop. Breastmilk will decrease the chances of him becoming dehydrated during the diarrhea, formula is usually diluted or stopped during diarrhea. I'd contact a lactation consultant or LaLeche League for advice. Also, you could go to www.AskDrSears.com and look up benefits of breastfeeding for diarrhea. I also agree that you should put him on probiotics (ask a peditrician how much and what form to give) and give bananas/applesauce/rice cereal to help settle his tummy. Hope you discover the cause soon and get him feeling completely better. Wishing you the best.

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I'm not a pediatrician, nor a nurse, or in the medical field at all for that matter...but I am the mother of two and as far as I'm concerend anyone who suggests that you stop breastfeeding for medical reasons is TRIPPING and you should change pediatricans...having said that it sounds to me like your son has rhoda virus (not sure the correct spelling). My youngest daughter had it when she was 11 months. It was was awful...explosive diahrea all the time. I was changing diapers all day and night. Her diaper area was bright red -- like i had never seen before -- almost to the point of blistering. She did not have much of an appitite, and anything she did eat came right out of her. The weird part was that she never ran a fever, didn't have a runny nose. For the most part had no other signs of being sick. It lasted about 2 weeks -- which for me was almost unbearable. I spoke to her doctor many times and took her in once. She kept reassuring me to keep my daughter hydrated and let her have some really basic foods. She recommended rice, toast and apple sauce. I gave her a ton of baths and was extra cafeful to make sure her diaper area was dry before putting a new diaper on. Eventually it cleared up and my daughter was fine.

A few months later she had the same symptoms again but not nearly as bad, and it did not last as long. She just turned two (and knock on wood) we have not had a return of the rhoda virus.

I hope you find a doctor who can support you and your son through this. If you need a recomendation feel free to ler me know, I'd be happy to pass on some names.

Good luck,


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It is crazy for a pediatrician to tell you to stop breastfeeding! Breastfeeding has all kinds of good antibodies and nourishment that you can't get from formula. I would get another doctor immediately. As for your poor baby, give him small frequent breastfeeding sessions and try to keep your diet the same for a few days. Did you happen to eat anything different? or new? You could also go to the dr. and give a stool sample yourself to rule out any intestinal bugs. Good luck and I hope this resolves soon.


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