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6 Month Old with Blood in Stools

Last Wednesday my 6 month old had a little bit of blood/mucus in her diaper. That day she had 5 bowel movements which was not normal for her. She is a once a day girl for the most part. She was acting completely normal and didn't show any other symptoms or signs of being in pain or discomfort. I took her to the pediatrician the next morning and they checked her for an anal fissure, which the doctor did not find one. They sent me home with a kit to "scoop the poop" from her diaper. I returned it this morning and won't know any results for a few days. The doctor also switched her from Similac Advance to Similas Soy for now she said until we figure out what is wrong with her. She said it could be a bacteria infection or stomach virus. This morning she had 3 bowel movements within 1 hour and there was a little bit of blood again. Has anyone else experienced this??

What can I do next?

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I'm late on reading your post but if you're still looking for feedback, here's mine!

My son had blood in his stool at 4 months. He also had more gas than any of my other babies. Turns out he had a milk protein intolerance (different than allergy to lactose). He was breastfed at the time so I had to stop all dairy products and anything with milk proteins added. When it was time for solid foods for him he was on the same diet. There are A LOT of foods with milk protein added like breads, cereal, baby crackers, etc.!

Good luck to you both.

He didn't outgrow his intolerance until he was four years old.

We had blood in the stools and it turned out he was allergic to dairy AND soy. You may need to switch formulas again.

It could be an allergic reaction to something ...that's the most likely cause. The color of the blood say's alot too. If it is bright red (like, fresh) then it is most likely a fissure or cut somewhere in the rectum. If it is a darker red, it suggests that is it digested blood (old blood) that is coming from somewhere further up in the intestines or stomach. There are alot of things that can cause this but I wouldn't stress too much about it. Wait till you get the results back and there will probably be more testing to follow. If she starts to show signs of discomfort or if she develops bloody diarrhea I would take her to the ER and let them figure it out faster. If any new symptoms develop, call her pediatrician. This is fixable, you just got to figure out the cause : )

Was she just vaccinated???? Lots of kids react to vaccines. Read the Vaccine book by Dr. Sears. Your doctor will not tell you this could be the reason but IT CAN BE!

Yes, we have been there... dairy allergy... we currently also see a GI. But it could be an allergy to a food she recently ate if she is on solids yet? Since it only just happened makes me think something you recently introduced. Ours was found at seven weeks old, it doesn't usually take that long.

Also most kids who are allergic to dairy are also allergic to Soy FYI. You really need to see a specialist, there is a lot of misinformation out there. If you do think it is dairy you could try a formula like Alimentum Ready to Feed which still has Casein (milk protein)but it is really broken down.

A. my daughter had blood in her stools from early on in her life. we had test after test done and dr visit after dr visit. It ended up being a dairy allergy. At the time i was nursing so i had to completely cut all dairy out of my diet, that was the best diet i was ever on, this stopped the blood. I would supplement her with formula occassionally and the best formula i found for the allergy was Good Start- The orange can, at the time we went to the GI office at Medical City, her GI was Dr. An, he is the best.
THen when my son #2 was born, he had the same problem, so immediately i did the same and the blood stopped. It is very scary to see this stuff, but just cuttinig out dairy of giving a formula with the Comfort Proteins of Good Start made a huge difference.
Good Luck

That happened to my son when he was about 3 months old. The doctor thought he might be allergic to dairy, and so I had to give up dairy (I was nursing) to see if that made a difference. It went away, but then it came back, so they knew it wasn't the dairy. The doc. said that sometimes babies get blood in their stool when they have a cold, and it turns out that's what was happening with my son. It happened months later and he had a runny nose... He's 15 months now, and it hasn't happened since he was about 6 months old. I guess he just grew out of it...

There are lots of things that can cause this, so it is good you are going through the testing. We saw diarrhea and blood in my daughter's diapers at 4 months, and after testing and a GI specialist, we believe it was a reaction to her 4 month vaccines. She is fine now, but it took a while to clear up, and we continued to vaccinate her.
I know it is scary, but probably is not a serious condition.
Let me know if you hear more/discuss.

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