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6 Month Old's whining...need to Find the Cause I Am Going NUTS!!

As I write this, I am actually having a glass of wine to calm my nerves. My baby has been whining for THREE MONTHS most of the day. I cannot pin this to anything specific, and even went to the Doctor to see if it was anything other than a) boredom b) teething. It is just constant "complaining", sometimes more than others. I try what seems to be EVERYTHING, to no avail. Sometimes I can distract him with an interesting toy, but then it starts up again. Between the whining he is adorable and smiling, but for the most part he is complaining.

Could I be eating something to cause this ?(I'm nursing...oh, and my Doc said a glass of wine here and there is fine, before someone mentions it) Has anyone else gone through this?

It is worth mentioning that this is my third child (so I'm not a novice here) and I REALLY KNOW WHAT BABIES SOUND LIKE when they are enjoying making sounds. I don't believe that to be the case in this instance.


What can I do next?

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It could be that he is just a high needs baby. Have you tried using a sling or mei tei baby carrier? He may just need more of you or closeness.

Are you able to get out of the house to things like storytime at the library, maybe a music class for babies, the park, museums, etc?

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Is he 'complaining' or do you think maybe that is his way of talking? Maybe he's just very verbal but in a negative way? My son gets this way sometimes and while I think he's upset, he never actually starts to cry. So I think it's a combination of talking/whining or maybe complaining because he can't do something.

Do you notice anytime when it's better - ie: if you are carrying him or he's being entertained by sister/brother? Maybe he's just very smart and is telling you that he's bored or wants/needs constant stimulation. My son is getting better but for seemed like, whatever, he had to be walked around just to 'see' what was going on!

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Maybe it is just his personality.
Maybe he will be an early talker.
Maybe he is active cognitively...
Maybe he is going through "object permanence" and separation anxiety... thus he always "wants" you.
Maybe he is tired.
Maybe he wants or needs something and no one knows what it is.
Maybe gas
Maybe hunger... does he feed well and on-demand still?
Maybe growth spurt... 3 months and 6 months are growth spurt times.
Maybe that is just the way he is... to a certain extent, each baby/child has their own personality and we can't extinguish those tendencies... but maybe it can be redirected. And later teaching him how to communicate and cope with his feelings.
Maybe teach him baby Sign-Language so he can "communicate" better... when my kids were 6 months, that is when I taught them sign language... its real great and useful.
Maybe he is just going through a stage where he enjoys hearing his own voice... and is going through a babbling stage etc. Babies often do this.
Maybe he seems to "complain"/whine because he wants to do something he cannot yet do, being only 6 months old.
Maybe he does not know how to play on his own... or he wants others to play with him... some babies are just not independent or self-directed.
Maybe he is just a noisy baby? Even some adults always mutter to themselves.
Is there any "trigger" to his "complaining" or whining? Tiredness? hunger? wanting a cuddle?
It could just be he is like that.

All the best,

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Hi S.! Two recommendations......the book "Happiest Baby on the Block" and going to a chiropractor that has experience with infants.
Your intuition seems correct. You KNOW when babies are just making sounds. Most likely your little one is in discomfort. My son cried continually until we took him to the chiropractor as an infant. He INSTANTLY stopped crying, slept contentedly for hours and lived happily ever after. :) Just kiddin', but you get my drift! The change in him was amazing.
Come to think of it......I feel like whining when I am hurting too.

Good job, Mama! You are right to wonder what's going on with your lil' one! I hope you find a solution soon!

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Sometimes that's just the way they are. Some solutions:
A sling
A babysitter

I'm serious when I say earplugs. That or listen to some music on headphones. If there is nothing "wrong" with your child and he just likes to make that annoying sound, just tune it out. You know he isn't doing it on purpose (right?) and he won't do it until he turns 18.
Hang in there!

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It could be that he is just a high needs baby. Have you tried using a sling or mei tei baby carrier? He may just need more of you or closeness.

Are you able to get out of the house to things like storytime at the library, maybe a music class for babies, the park, museums, etc?

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Does he look like he is in pain? Is he more crying or just talking? At 6 months they are discovering their voice and will make whiney noises that sound like screeching, because they are trying to talk. What is the noise like? Maybe he is gassy, have you tried gas-ex? Does he look bothered? Maybe he is trying to get your attention. Some babies just make more noise than others. My sisters baby is 6 months and cries and makes noises all day too. My daughter is pretty silent unless she is "talking" to me or crying because she is hungry.

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Could he have colic? I know that one thing you need to watch is green peppers,broccoli. These could make your child gassy. I am sorry that he is whining all of the time.

Dear S.,
Hang in there!
Some babies are just fussy and cry a lot. That could be his temperament.
It's hard to hear, I know, because we want our babies to be happy all the time. If you've ruled out being hungry or wet and all that other stuff, he might not know another way to express himself until he gets a little older. He's only 6 months. My friends have a granddaughter the same way and it's almost like if she's NOT crying, they wonder what's wrong. She's a perfectly healthy baby, she just fusses all the time. They usually outgrow it though.
My doctor told me that having a glass of wine occasionally was perfectly okay for me too when I was nursing my children.
If you can relax, your baby might be able to relax too. Especially if you are getting frustrated.
When my kids got fussy, I played music or sang to them and it really helped.
I figured out my son loved the sound of the vacuum cleaner. There was something about that sound that quit him from crying. When he was old enough to walk, he wanted to help vacuum. He loved it for some reason. Don't ask me why.
Just keep your patience and find the little things that will work.

Best wishes.

Have you started him on food? He may be ready for more than nursing. How is he after he has nursed? As you probably already know, they are all different and may need some special tries that you have not had to do. He sounds uncomfortable. Yogurt helps the bowels and stomach and little ones usually like it. Does he use a pacifier? Not a favorite of mine, but I tried everything at times.

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