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6 Month Old Not Rolling Over

Hello, my daughter just turned 6 months old and still will not roll over. I'm starting to get worried because most babies do this by 3 or so months. She isn't interested in sitting up, or laying on her stomach. The only position she likes is laying on her back and this is what she does for most of the day. I have 2 boys and they both rolled over by 3 months. She doesn't really like to grab at toys and she still just acts like a newborn. I wasn't worried at first but my fiance is convinced she may not be developing properly. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with the baby not reaching milestones at a certain age before I contact her doctor. Maybe she is just lazy?

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Don't worry. My son will be eleven months old on the 22nd and is doing really well, but he didn't roll over until he was 6 1/2 months old. Like you, I was starting to get worried, but his doctor said not to worry. All kids develop at their own pace. My son also hated to be placed on his stomach and I thought that was why he would not roll over. I just started putting him on his stomach for a few minutes each day and just let him be mad. One day he was throwing a fit about being on his stomach and just flipped over. He was so suprised. After that first time I could put him on his belly and he would roll right over, but he was close to 8 months before he would roll from his back to his stomach. Now he rolls all over the place, and crawls, and pulls up on things just like any other kid his age.

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I wish I could help by experience but I can't.

Have you been putting her down on her belly? even if she cries or fusses? Not saying to leave her like that for long periods of time but she does need the exercise to develope those muscles.

It wouldn't hurt to bring her to the Dr and bring up your concerns or even just call the nurse.

Hi i have a baby girl who turnd 7months on the 3rd she also did not like to roll over or crawl or sit up but i am working with her on that and we are makeing progress she still does not like to hold her own bottle she says words like dadda babba and she waves her hands in the air..i have a friend who has a baby just 4 days older then mine and her baby get's around haha..i would not be concernd one bit because when ever she is redy it will happen right now enjoy the freedom of not haveing to chase a baby around trying to keep her outta stuff and when the time is right she will my daughter rolls over from her tummy to her back now and we are working on her rolling from her back to her tummy it will be okay you'll see

While children all develop at their own pace I would contact her pediatrition. My son was slow to reach some of his milestones but it had alot to with being the first born and extremely well pampered. My daughter is 2 years younger and wanted to keep up with her older brother ever since she could see him.

good luck and best wishes



I would bring it up with your Pediatrician at the 6 month well check. It could be that your baby is just a late bloomer, but it would be better to have it checked out to catch anything early.

Best of luck,

My son was born at 29 weeks, which automatically made him developmentally delayed because he had to the last 11 weeks of developing he would have done in pregnancy out side then start his normal development. I learned a lot about developmental stages and milestones. Yes all kids do them at different times but there a BUNCH of things you can do the help them out. My son was seen by Early Childhood Intervention once a month and I believe it is because of the help of out therapist that my son caught up by age 1 and continued to surpass kids his own age. She teaches you things to help your child get to those milestones, things that yes my child would have eventually figured out on his own. I would start with your pedi and then can refer you if necessary.

Don't take this the wrong way, but is she a rolly polly? My nephews both rolly polly babies and didn't like it on their tummies they would scream and cry everytime my sister would even try to lay them down like that. She took them in at 6 and again at 9 and still nothing they both were walking before they could or (would) turn over. They are healthy 16 and 14 year olds now. Her other two boys would only lay tummy side down with their top part propped up on a pillow or on someone. Like from waist up. Good luck and kids do things when they get ready somethings take longer than others

I would recomind going ahead and talking to your dr. if there is something the sooner you find out the sooner you can get help... my son did theropy through first steps the first three years of his life.
not saying that there is something wrong, but if you are worried about it the best thing to do would be discuss it with her dr....

Hi, how are you? I would like to just encourage you to bring this issue up sooner than later. My son was not rolling over among other things and he has several developmental delays and was not put in treatment until he was 1. I feel if he were treated sooner he may not have some of the problems he has today. I hope this has helped. Have a great weekend.

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