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6 Month Old Baby Not Sitting up Unsupported Yet, or Crawling Is This Normal?

Hi moms with my oldest child she did everything ahead of scheduel, she got teeth at 3 months, she crawled at 4 months and walked at 9 months so im a little worried with my 6 month old daughter. She refuses to crawl, she wont even try, she just lays on her belly and rolls over until she gets mad and cries, and she still can not sit up unsopported alone. She does sit up well when she is sitting on my lap and im right there behind her, but every time i try to get her to sit up she throws herself backwards and slams her head on the floor or she falls to the side. What should i do? Did any of you other moms have a baby who was slower at these things as well. I know everyone says every baby is different, but im beginging to worry a little. Also have any of you tried Bumbo seats i heard those work for helping baby to sit up. Are they worth the money? Thanks in advance moms, you always have the best advice.

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Hi moms thanks for all the great advice and imput. The other day we had a friend over who had a 9 month old baby with her and for the first time my 6 month old daughter sat unsupported to play with him. i had been trying with her for days to get her to sit up with out falling over immediately and it hadn't worked at all. It was so cute i think she just wanted to show off for him, but she has been doing well with it since. Thanks again moms

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I have a 6 month old and she doesn't do those things yet either. I'm not concerned yet. She appears to be a perfectly healthy normal baby who is simply not interested in being mobile yet.

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I remember my daughter was about 7 months when she could sit up on her own. Can't remember the crawling, but all three started walking around 14 months. Their verbal skills, however, were amazing. No worries!

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My son did not it unsupported until 7 mos, and did not crawl until 9 mos. Every child is different, and your daughter will do things in her own time. I wouldn't worry unless she's a year and still not sitting/crawling. Give her time & relax!! :)

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My son was right on "normal" schedule for these milestones, and he didn't sit up til right around 6 mos and crawled at 7. He walked at 11 mos, so he was certainly not behind, so I doubt yours is either. Your first just sounds VERY advanced. Don't worry, I'm sure she is fine. As for the bumbo, they don't really help teach them sit up as far as I could tell. It just seemed more like a way to let them sit up on their own before their muscles could do it for them. I have one, and used it for a very long time, but you may not get enough use out of it at this point to make it worth buying. My son is on the small side and once he stopped liking it to sit in (around 6 mos) I took it to my mom's house to use as a feeding chair there. He still fits in it at 2, but like I said, he is small. And we only use it as a booster. If your daughter is larger, her legs may not fit in the opening for very long.

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I can't remember when my kids sat up unsupported (I know my daughter was late), but my son didn't crawl until he was 8 months (and it was rolling over to the object he wanted from 7-8 months) and my daughter didn't crawl until she was 11 months old (she didn't walk until she was 19 months either, she just wanted to be coddled and do things at her own pace, and 6 years later and she is perfectly fine). We did use a bumbo seat for my son, but that was mainly for my sanity so I could let him sit up while I did something else (never put it on a raised surface though). Can she hold her own in a bouncer or activity station?

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I would not worry. I think your daughter is right on track. In order to encourage her to sit up, I would try a boppy pillow, or a bumbo seat. They even have tray accessories for the bumbo seat now. I think she is fine.

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I've NEVER heard of a baby crawling at 4 months.....the average is 7-9 months. I think babies usually sit around 7 months too. Don't worry--it sounds like everything's just fine!!! I know it's hard not to compare your children (I have 4), but it's better for them if you don't (especially if your first-born is such an "over-achiever" like mine is!!). :)

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My daughter sat up at 6 months, but didn't roll over until 7 months, crawl until a year old, and walk at 16 months. She is now 26 months. She started talking around 18 months and can now out-talk most 3 year olds. She also knows all of her colors, letters, and can count to 7 most of the time. Her fine motor skills are also very impressive. She has a perfect pencil grip and can pick up the tiniest things off the floor.

No need to buy a Bumbo seat at this point! They are great, but mostly for when they are able to hold their heads up until they can sit up independently....which is a much longer time than the next month or so you may have to wait for your daughter.

I would suggest putting a Boppy (or a couple of pillows) behind her so if she does fall backwards, her head is cushioned. A Boppy will give a little bit more support, but if you don't have one see if you can borrow one from a friend. Bumbo's are around $45 - $50 and Boppy's are around $30.

You could also sit her on the floor with the base of the couch behind her and give her a few toys to play with. Then, move toys away so she has to do something to get there.

My daughter was just so easily amused with the carpet and watching everyone else that she felt no desire to move. She just isn't a physical kid, but it appears an academic one. :)

No need to worry at this point. I read today that only 50% of kids hit the TYPICAL milestones that we associate with their ages. Also remember that we don't put our babes to sleep on their tummies anymore and they don't have that body strength they would have had if we did.

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My son did not sit unsupported until some time right around then either. I don't think it is that unusual. Something to consider when assessing her development is her size (height/weight). If she is a heavy/chunky or taller/longer baby, it may take her a bit longer, because it will require more muscle tone and control to support her weight or the distribution of her height. My son sat up later than I thought he "should" (judging by when my nieces seemed to sit up and what I was reading at the time), and I was wondering when the crawling would start too.. but the did. But he was walking.. well almost running... by 10.5 months. He was a "larger" baby at birth (8' 12") and stayed solid throughout. He had very strong legs early on... but just didn't have the upper body development yet for the balancing and control to sit alone.
Just be sure to give her lots of practice (just a few moments here or there, throughout the day -- not all at once), and she will get there.

Unless there is more going on that in total concerns you, then I wouldn't stress too much over her needing a little help still. If you are truly concerned, then ask her doc at her 6 month check-up.

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hi R.,
don't worry! everything is totally normal and all babies really are totally different. the best thing you can do is not use your first child as a benchmark but just watch how your second develops. it sounds like your first was waaay ahead of the "norm." my first and second are also very different. my second did not sit unassisted until seven months and didnt' crawl until nine months. now she's ten months and all over the place, pulling herself up and almost walking. with my first, he never crawled, just walked! he didn't move that much, didn't like to pull himself up, etc. but he's a very active and completely developed two and a half year old now. so don't stress, just try to tune into your baby's personality and respect how she does things.

good luck :)

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