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5 Yr Old with a 101.7 Temp, Should I Be Alarmed?? Please Read

My son woke up this morning complaining his throat hurt. We went shopping and he was fine.. When we got home he was complaining his head hurt. I normally dont give him naps but I told him it would help his head, when I went to cover him up I noticed that he felt really warm. So I took him temp it was 101, gave him motrin and he slept a bit. Woke up feeling better ate some chicken noodle soup. His temp is back up at 101.7 i gave him more motrin and it doesnt seem to be helping. Should I be alarmed?

I am a worry wart plus I have BAD anxiety when it comes to him, so I am prob over-reacting but I rather be safe than sorry ya know


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He started throwing up last night so we took him to the ER. They put him on an IV and did some bloodwork, everything came back negative so its something viral and they did a throat culture and that was negative. They prescribed him something for nauesous. He seems alittle better this morning, trying to keep liquids in him. He is hungry and doesnt understand he cant eat yet. Please keep him in your prayers for a quick recovery, I hate seeing him sick! And thank you to everyone that responded!1 I appreciate it!

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Continue with motrin and tylenol over night and have a strep test in the morning. Don't mess with strep!


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My son had a virus last week that was just like this, only his fever by day 2 was over 103. I took him to the doctor and they said that it was a virus and that his throat was really red. They tested him for strep, but it was negative. His fever lasted about 3 days and got as high as 103.2. The fever would always come back before I was able to give him more Motrin (you can give it every 6 hours to help with fever), so I alternated Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours to keep the fever down as much as possible. I don't know for sure what your son has, but at least here in TX this virus is pretty prevalent right now (according to the pedi). A fever of 101 is not all that high, so I don't think you necessarily need to be worried about it. Just keep an eye on him and if he complains of a sore throat or his ears hurting, take him in so they can check for infection. In the meantime, the Motrin won't hurt him (as long as you follow the dosing instructions) and may make him more comfortable until his body resolves the issue on his own. Fevers tend to be higher in the afternoons and overnight, so if he still has a fever, I would definintely give him some to help him sleep tonight.

Good luck! Hope your little guy feels better soon.

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Look, you really should take him to the doctor tomorrow and ask for a strep test. It does sound like strep to me, and you don't want to mess with strep! If it's a virus, then the doc will tell you. But strep requires antibiotics.

H., never ignore something like this. My mom took my little sister to a doctor who didn't have a quick strep test kit, and he misdiagnosed her, saying it was just a cold. It was strep and was left untreated. She developed scarlet fever. It was really bad. You NEVER want to ignore a sore throat and high fever. (My kids actually have had strep with no fever, to my doctor's surprise. So know that too.)

Good luck,

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My son started Sunday nite.. loss of appetite.. Monday his fever got to the highest of 103.7 today sore throat and come to find out he has hand-foot-& mouth disease.. or herpangina.... So I would take him in to the doc's if he doesnt get better w/ in a day or too.. What worried me was that I gave my son tylenol before school cuz he had a headache (i just figured long weekend, no real rest we traveled to Chicago.. so alot of fast food..etc) and then he was sent home w/ 101.1 fever from school even though he had tylenol in his system already.. So i guess it's common this time of year.. My littlest has 102.8 as of tonight.. I'm just waiting on my middle child to get it.. Good Luck :)

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All advice below good, and I concur that 101.7 isn't really all that high. Behavior is also important, call the doctor if child is lethargic (ie, more than sleepy, can't be roused).

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My ped says... kids with fevers more than 48 hours need to be seen.. so wait for 48 hours.. with my kids I actually wait longer as they tend to run high fevers for every virus they collect.

but if the child just has a fever and is generally OK.. eating a bit .. and acting somewhat sick but mostly normal .. I wait... If the child has a fever and is laying there not moving.. of course I would go to ER..

I treat fevers if the child is miserable.. and the fever is high.. so give him more motrin and I bet he will be better tomorrow.

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A fever (and yes this one is low) is a sign that the body is fighting something. You don't want to keep lowering it! I always call our ped, the nurses tell me what combo of symptoms to look for, and when to come in. 48 hours, dehydration, and behavior are all good guidelines. If he can't sleep then give the meds. Otherwise keep him comfortable and hydrated and let the fever do its job! Or the illness can continue or get worse...

Hi, H.:

Sounds like he has an infection. Take him to the doc. D.

My son had a similar issue Saturday...woke up with fever of about 101....responded to Tylenol, then it came back etc etc. He's OK today. I think the morning sore throat is often sinus drainage. Because after he was up & around & drank something--the throat part was fine and it didn't look red or spotty so I didn't get a strep test. Hope he's feeling better soon!

A great website that helps me is: www.askdrsears.com


Not yet. Give the Motrin a little more time to work. Keep up his fluids, have him take a luke warm bath, let him get lot's of rest. My son would sometimes spike a 103 temp out of no where and then it would be gone in a day or so. If it lingers for 2 or 3 days or if other symptoms pop up, then I'd get him into see the Dr. When my son is sick, I always try to be calm, because he can sense if I'm wigging out and I want him to relax as much as possible. I try to ooze love and sympathy, and it makes him feel better.

has anyone in his class had chicken pox? my kids all did this about a week before they broke out in spots lol

Continue with motrin and tylenol over night and have a strep test in the morning. Don't mess with strep!


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