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5 Yr Old Can't Breathe Through Nose for a Solid Week

My 5 yr. old daughter has had a stuffed up nose for a solid week. I took her to the doc on Monday and he said to give her Sudafed. I've done that and it hasn't worked at all. I've rubbed Vick's on her feet, put a hot cloth on her face, used the humidifier, even used the 'booger sucker' to try to suck out the goo. So far, nothing has worked and she is miserable. She can't sniff or blow her nose at all even though it is still running.

Do you moms have any suggestions to get my baby girl well? She really wants to go to school Monday and I want her to be well enough to go.

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Thank you for all your suggestions! My daughter can finally breathe through her nose again after 7 days of misery. We used the saline spray several times a day and had the humidifier by her bed at night. It took a while, but it finally worked.

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I like the Neilmed sinus stuff although I dont know if a 5 year old will stand for it... This stuff is going around and seems to last a good two weeks.

Question- why vicks on her feet? I've always used it on the chest/throat area so the vapors help... 5 is a tough age... she may have a sinus infection which is what my son and myself wind up with... This is cleared up by antibiotics...

The neti pot will help, but since she is clogged, it can't get to where it needs to be to help. Trust me, I had this issue last night. I'd try hot steamy showers in the morning and at night to get her nose clear, and then use the netti pot. They work wonders. Maybe sleeping elevated would help also...a bean bag or something comfy. You just need to get an opening in there.

Good luck, poor little girl.

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Try giving her a nasal mist, like Simply Saline. My son had a stuffy nose and the mist worked. As long as she isn't easily susceptible to nosebleeds or ear infections, it may help with the stuffy nose. I would continue with the humidifier too.


Not sure if you have tried saline drops those work really well or a steam room (run the shower on hot while she is standing in the bathroom with the doors closed) I hope she feels better soon

Try putting vics in the steaming water. So boil water an put vics in it. Also use whats called ocean Saline spray. Spray that up her nose twice each nostrol try to wait 5 mins than use the nose suckie or have her try to blow it out. Also see if she goes out side if something opens for her. If what you pull from her nose is yellowish its and infection or if its florecent green. If her eyes start to look blood shot or get gunky with discharge. There is a sinus infection going around that has the eyes resemble pink eye. I would take her back to the dr.'s on monday if you try all of the above and she still isn't better.

Have you tried Breathe Right Strips? I know they sell them in a smaller size for children. If it doesn't get better by Monday, I'd take her back to the doctor.

I would try the childrens netty pod its a saline solution system specifically for clearing out the sinuses and nasal cavity. We use them in our family and they work great. you may want to give her some extra general vitamins and vitamin c to support her immune system. You can get the netty pod at Walgreens.You may want to try it yourself so you can easily help your daughter, or look on line for homemade recipes. Good luck. K.

Hi E. - this will sound really weird but a saline solution squirted up the nose works really well. My 12-year-old permanently suffers from allergies and colds and this really helps. You can buy a kit from the drug store which has got all the sachets and the wash bottle - it might take her a few times to get used to it but I think it will help get rid of all the rubbish up her nose. It's called NeilMed Sinus Rinse. Hope it helps - Alison

If she has a truly congested (boogers) nose, I would suggest a Neti pot. You can buy it at Meijers. It looks like a little tea pot. You fill it with room temperature water and one pack of the saline mix that comes with it. You have your daughter tip her head forward and slightly to the side and you pour the water into her nostril. Gravity will push the water up into her sinus and force the "boogers" out the other side. This is a natural remedy to clear congestion.

Did you buy the sudafed behind the counter or on the shelf? The only one that works is behind the Pharmacy counter! On shelf doesn`t work AT ALL! Have you doen the salt water? (saline) I make my own and use a medicine dropper-put in each nostril. That helps too!

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