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5 Year Old with Itchy Eyes (Seasonal Allergies) Looking for Relief

My 5 year old has Seasonal Allergies and her eyes are really bothering her. This isn't unexpected as this happened the last few years but I'm concerned about the intensity this year. The strange thing is her eyes themselves are not red but the skin around them and her cheeks are red, I think partially from rubbing them. I know the allergies will pass but wanted some ideas on how to help her. She says a wet washcloth helps but you can't carry this around 24/7. The least amount of drugs the better, but if it comes to that I think she's uncomfortable enough that we may need to go that route. Thanks! T.

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We found out why her allergies seemed so bad this year. On top of dealing with that, she has the flu which is going around. She's spent late yesterday and today sleeping with a fever so I think her immunce system is working overtime. A few of her classmates have had this very recently without the itchy eyes and such, just fever/flu sypmtoms. While she is asleep she isn't rubbing her eyes and only blotting her eyes with the washcloth when she wakes. Right now she's on the couch in the living room so I'm taking the opportunity to wash her bedsheets and clean her room. Thanks everyone for the advice, I have a feeling I may need to go through it in the future, during the times her allergies are the worst. Take care, T.

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My 5 year old has seasonal allergies,too. She gets a nasal drip that makes her cough and snort at night, not letting her sleep so we finally did to the children's Claritin and it did help. I use it only when she needs it at night.
Another thing the doctor said which you might try is bathing every night before bed and changing her clothes when she comes in from outside to get the pollen off her hair and clothes. A real pain if you child is in and out a lot!
good luck!


T. hi:

i have three boys, and the oldest has allergies and asthma. he gets relief by carrying with him in a zip block bag two tea bags of chamomile , it helps him clear the eyes, soothes the skin and uses vaseline for the eyes and lips at night. he also drinks lots of water and avoids things that can cause him allergies, like mushrooms ..
good luck!

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I have a 4 year old with the exact same problem. We have found that BioAllers allergy formula. It's homeopathic and can be found in any health food store or Whole Foods. We get the general tree pollen or grass pollen one. It's just a few drops under the tongue and it doesn't really have any flavor. My son likes it and it seems to really help. We do the washcloth almost every night and morning.

I've also bought a bottle and taken it to school in case it happens during the day.

Hope this helps you too. D.

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My daughter had severe allergies and i am one of those that stays away from meds as much as I can... i took her to a great homeopathist... although her allergies are not gone, they are now tolerable.....it took a year, but it really helped.... before I would give her what our western doctor prescribed and it just made her drowsy.... I have used our homeopath for various things and am very happy with the results... the thing however is that it is a slow process and you need to be patient....

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I had serious allergies and 2 surgeries, was on year round meds for $300 per month. It eventually got so bad that I went in search of alternative healing methods. I learned Quantum Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, and Reconnective Healing. I am completely free now and could teach or give sessions if necessary. But the important thing for you to know is that you and she can learn how to do it for yourselves.

I see you are with a cleansing company, has she done one? That could be beneficial and perhaps keeping her off of milk and gluten which are mucous forming. There are a lot better ways of getting calcium than from milk which is something that they add calcium and D to in order for it to be a marketing ploy. It is not naturally high in either.
Love, L.

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My son has seasonal Allergies and his eyes would swell up like little ping pong balls. This started around 2 years of age. He would brake out in hives and his nose would run all the time. When it was very bad I would give him something like Benadryl or Claritin. I took him have acupressure which helped to relive some of the problem. They get the irritant (pollen etc) on their eye lasses, hair etc and then into their little eyes. A wet wash cloth really helps and to change there clothes after being outside and have a shower. He would get it on his clothes and then transfer it onto his bed and other places. So at night he would get hives. So doing away with stuffed animals etc. can help. The bad part was that he had to stop playing baseball and other outdoor activities. I am now taking him to Dr. Chips. He is having allergy shots (not fun) but he is responding well. The shots work a lot like homeopathy. Dr. Chips said that he should someday even be able to have a cat. Dr. Chips is highly recommended if you decide to go that way. I hope you find your answer.

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I have a 5yo son who had seasonal alergies (itchy on his torso, face, eyes), asthma, and red bumps on his tushy. He immune system is just sensitive, his mom had it worse when she was a kid.

This has been affecting his quality of life. Itching interferes with his sleep, which makes him cranky, it is a downward spiral. About 6 weeks ago, I decided to experiment and see if there is anything I could do to help.
6 weeks later, he is almost itch-free. The only thing that still ocassionally bothers him is his eyes.

The treatment that worked was replacing all beauty products with no-alergen versions, thoroughly cleaning him in the salt bath every night, and applying moisturizer afterwards. I am not sure what part of the treatment was the key, I do not want to mess with success.

Every night, he takes a lukewarm bath before bed. I make the bath water salty with himalayian salts. Other salts might work too, this is just what we had lying around when I started. There, he cleanses his eyes by going under water with a snorkel, and keeping them open under water for a bit. This does not work perfectly, his eyes are still a bit itchy after, but it helps.

Then I soap all the itchy parts, torso, face, tushy, and really clean them well.
After bath, he gets a moisturizer treatment all over. And we are done!

I've found the non-alergenic products by going to Environmental Working Group's Cosmetics Database, and searching for products that have zero hazard score. We ended up with Kiss My Face soap, a hemp-based moisturizer, and California Baby shampoo.

His body itches are completely gone. He still gets red cheeks by the end of the day, that are gone by next morning. Tushy bumps are almost non-existent. The only remaining itch is his eyes, and even those are a lot better.

You can carry a damp wash cloth (the colder the better) in a zip lock bag. Put it in her bag or back pack. For the irritated skin, Vaseline works best for us. apply it liberally and often. She wont rub as much cuz it feels wierd, but mostly it's very soothing. I have my little one splash cold water on his face and wipe it with a towell after then Vaseline and he's good for hours.

Hi, I have a 12 year old son with seasonal allergies. When he was 5-6 the allergies were most prominent, and he eyes suffered the most, as well as my heart. The warm washcloth REALLY helped, and I used it in the morning, after school, and at bedtime...even if the allergies didn't seem bad that day. Some told me that the "bad days" were actually from the allergies the day BEFORE. So, I "trained my brain" to act as a preventative mom.It seemed to help, actually. I washed/changed his pillowcase often. I always had a "wipey's" in the car for him to "rub his eyes". And what I think really worked was Zicam nose spray at night. This way he would wake up clear. Now he is older and the allergies are getting less, but now I can use Afrin for him . We tried Zyrtec and Claritin for YEARS! I cannot tell to this day, if they really helped at all. I thought Dimeatapp helped. I tried not to use Benadryl unless it was a weekend. Someone also told me to put SPOONS into the freezer, and when his eyes were puffy and itchy pull out a spoon and let it press on the eye for relief. I had spoons ready to go, but never tried it. Hope all this helps. Good Luck!

My 5 year old has seasonal allergies,too. She gets a nasal drip that makes her cough and snort at night, not letting her sleep so we finally did to the children's Claritin and it did help. I use it only when she needs it at night.
Another thing the doctor said which you might try is bathing every night before bed and changing her clothes when she comes in from outside to get the pollen off her hair and clothes. A real pain if you child is in and out a lot!
good luck!


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