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5 Year Old with Acne

My 5 year old daughter gets acne on her lip in almost the same spot. It looks like a white head but hurts her if I touch it. I dont try to pop them but just to put something on it hurts her. Well I noticed her babysitter also gets this from time to time but I havnt noticed them on anyone else she watched or on my youngest daughter. I am wondering if maybe it is herpes or something weird like that. I want to ask the babysitter but I dont know how to ask that kind of queastion. Am i over reacting or should I try to take her to the drs. I need some guidance...someone help! Thanks so much!

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Sounds like what I get with acid frits and juices, Especially orange juice. I brea out and hae canker sopres inside mouth whendrink acid fruit juice or eat acid things...tomato sauce, oranges, etc. I alsoi get hives from shellfish and tomato hot sauce. Stay well J. L

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I guess it could be a cold sore, but there's really no mistaking a cold sore for a whitehead. If it looks like a pimple, it probably is, barring any other more serious sore, like MRSA, etc.
When you are with your child and sitter just casually say "does this look like a cold sore to you? Gee...she keeps getting these..."
Again, a cold sore gets kind of crusty and flakey, not like a whitehead on a pimple.
She probably makes it worse by touching it. You could try a little witch hazel, a natural astringent, once you determine if it IS a pimple.

I'd ask the babysitter myself, but if not, maybe have your daughter mention it in front of you and her to start the conversation on it. You'll feel alot better knowing!!

Sounds like a fever blister to me. I get them and they hurt so bad. Is it the end of her top lip in that corner/ Try blistex or something. Sometimes getting a cold comes out like that.

It sounds like it may be a cold sore - I've never had one, but heard they can be very painful - when she gets one again take her to the doctor so he/she can see it first hand.

Sounds liek inpetago to me and it is very contagious. A little boy had it in daycare and my daughter got it. You need to take her to the dr.

I was just reading in Parenting magazine, about how children get cold sores on their mouths from adults who kiss their face and/or lips. This happened to one of my nephews, but my sister&husband never knew who it was because they never saw anyone else with an outbreak.

No harm in taking her to the doctor the next time it appears, and finding out for sure. If it turns out to be cold sores (herpes), then you can decide at that time to discuss with the sitter.

I can't imagine it being acne at age five. I'd take her in and let the doctor know of your suspicion. You may be correct and it may need to treated.

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I could be wrong....but, it sounds kind of like fever blisters or cold sores. My friend and her 9 year old son get them. They can be contagious and painful. You can read about them on webmd.com. I think you should take her to the doctor to find out exactly what you are dealing with.

I'm not medically trained, but the herpes virus you get on your lip is a cold sore. They do hurt, but they are basically a reaction to acidity, as in too little or too much vitamin C. I little baking soda on them can neutralize it; but mostly they just have to heal. They also do not look like pimples.

Pimples on your face are caused by infections in the pores, and the body is pushing the infection to the surface, hence the pussy white "head". A little clearasil could go on them, or the most recent one I've heard is to put a little bit of white pasty toothpaste (as opposed to gel) on them at night. Not all pimples hurt, but big ones DO hurt. Your daughter could be touching that part of her lip regularly, and that could cause a pimple, just like if you rub your nose a whole lot, you'll get pimples on your nose.

Sounds like what I get with acid frits and juices, Especially orange juice. I brea out and hae canker sopres inside mouth whendrink acid fruit juice or eat acid things...tomato sauce, oranges, etc. I alsoi get hives from shellfish and tomato hot sauce. Stay well J. L

I would talk to your doctor and find out what it really is and ask all the ways she could have gotten it. Express your concern about the babysitter. Maybe the doctor can help ask your daughter some tough questions. Then after you talk to the doctor, you should talk to the sitter if you still feel the need.

I would take her to the Ped and ask about it. If it is a contagous thing like Herpes I would address it with your daycare worker. It could be as simple (and wrong) as sharing a lipgloss with your daughter to much more. It is worth investigating. If it is Herpes, people would /will wonder how a small child go it.

It shouldn't be that uncomfortable to ask the sitter. Lots of people have "herpes" on their lips, also known as cold sores or fever blisters. I wouldn't ask her if she has HERPES, I would ask her if she gets "cold sores" and let her know that you think your child may be getting them now. It doesn't have to be an extremely difficult conversation, herpes simplex on the lips is pretty common and usually is not from sexual activity.

Maybe it's a cold sore?

I have a home daycare,so I am coming at this from a daycare perspective as well as a parent.Just ask the babysitter if she has a cold sore and what she does to treat it.My husband gets them a couple of times a year,and the rest of us have never gotten one.
Is it possible it is spread by casual contact,meaning if your babysitter had one open,she touched it,and touched your daughters lip,maybe to wipe her face,or even just a loving touch??

It sounds like she has a cold sore (AKA Herpes Simplex 1). There are some OTC meds that you can put on it, but before you do, I would take her to a doctor the next time she gets one to make sure that she does have cold sores. This is nothing to be too worried about...you may actually have them as well, but may never show signs of it. It's easily passed, so I wouldn't blame the babysitter. She could have gotten it from any family member or friend who she has kissed or shared chapstick with. Good luck!

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