5 Year Old Peeing Himself

Updated on October 07, 2010
J.S. asks from Huxley, IA
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Within the last 2 weeks it seems, my son has started peeing his pants during the day, almost every day. He seems upset or just embarrassed about these episodes because he tries to hide it from me. One day he came home from school and he wreaked of pee. (His pants were already dry) He hadn't changed himself even though he has a change of clothes at school. I imagine he just didn't want to let on to his teacher or classmates that he'd had an accident. It seems so weird because this never used to happen, though he still needs to wear a diaper every night. Nothing has changed in our lives for this to start occurring. I try to ask about it but I don't get any convincing answer. I would understand more if it just happened outside when we're not around a bathroom, but it is also happening at home.

Anyone have any answers? I'm getting really worried!
Thanks in advance.

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answers from Dallas on

The most likely thing happening is that your son has grown again. Little boys especially have this trouble; their bladders don't grow equal to the way the rest of them have grown. So whenever they go through another growth spurt they have to gain control of their bladders all over again. Then you add in the fact hat kids can be super sensitive and you have a child that is either too embarrassed to ask to go to the bathroom during class or too embarrassed to tell th teacher when they have had an accident. I agree that changes in routine can really upset a child, but my child is in second grade and had an accident too. When I asked the nurse about it she said that it is not uncommon for her to see children all the way up to the fourth grade still struggling off and on with that.

Be sure to give your child some understanding that he is normal and that everyone has accidents at some point. He needs the confidence to speak to his teacher so he can get cleaned up and changed and the other kids don't tease him and you can help him have that confidence by showing your support.

Another thing you might want to do is meet with the teacher and just let them know that you know it is going on and the two of you can maybe work out a system where the teacher tells your son (privately of course) that he should go to the bathroom periodically through the day.

Good luck and remember that you all are not alone!

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answers from New York on

Check for urinary infection, also talk to the teacher about it. make her aware so she can send him to change(discreetly) if necassary and watch for signs that he may meed to go. Also make sure he knows where the school bathroom is and that he's allowed to use it.

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answers from Sacramento on

As children grow, they do not grow in proportion. Sometimes their kidneys grow and increase production before their little bladders can get up to size. Just gently remind him that he needs to go to the bathroom more often for awhile. You can help give him time markers (getting up in the morning, after snack, during recess, after lunch, etc). Empower him in the solution.

Just in case, have him checked for a UTI.

Remind him that accidents happen, be calm and supportive, and help him to find the solution. This will pass.

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answers from Minneapolis on

This brings back memories I'd like to forget. In kindergarten I had a couple of accidents only because I was too shy to use the public restroom. If his accidents only occur at school this could be a possibility.

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answers from Rapid City on

When my daughter was in the first grade she started having accidents and I took her in to the doctor. They did tests and found she is prone to UTI. I also found out that the teachers had a stop light on the board and everyone is in the green. If you misbehave or need to go to the bathroom not at the scheduled bathroom break they moved you up to yellow.... then red. My daughter would go in her pants rather then be moved up to the yellow. Needless to say I was "visiting" with those teachers pretty fast. Check to see if something like this is happening at school. If he is having accidents at home also he could have an infection or just not paying attention to the feeling of needing to potty. Also, if there is something bothering him, a bully at school, someone being improper with him, parents fighting, this could also make him start having accidents. I have a nephew who would go for visits with his mother and come back and mess his pants all the time when he was your son's age. He felt the stress of two households.


answers from New York on

If he's peeing his pants numerous times during the day, at school and at home, I'd take him in to be checked for a UTI.


answers from Minneapolis on

i have a 7 year old daughter and i have been dealing with accidents for 2 years now. she has never been dry at night and her pull up usually soaks through every night. 2 years ago, she started having poop accidents. i thought she was too lazy to go to the bathroom. i took her to the doctor and it turned out she was constipated. then she started peeing in her pants-especially at school. she told me there are times when you are not allowed to go to the bathroom. even if you raise your hand, you are told not right now. i can understand this from a teacher's standpoint-if one kid needs to go, suddenly the whole class needs to go. but if you have to go, you have to go! i think it is absurd that they make elementary kids hold it! we talked with the teacher and came up with a solution for doing the sign language sign for toilet-only her and the teacher would know that means I HAVE TO GO NOW!! (which btw is a sign language T and then you shake your wrist back and forth) that took care of the problem-at school. she would still pee her pants when playing with friends. (i guess this can also happen from being constipated. the poop backed up inside of you can push on your bladder and make you wet yourself) well all of the accidents stopped for a while and i was hoping we were done with it but just in the last week, she has been peeing herself again. yesterday she came home with wet pants (they were dark so no one could tell but she stunk!!) she told me it was during math when they aren't allowed to use the bathroom (we have not had the toilet sign talk with her new teacher this year yet) then last night she told me when she pees, it feels like she needs to pee more but nothing comes out-a sign of a bladder infection. i am hoping that is the problem and we can easily fix it with some cranberry juice!! your son's problem could be for a number of different reasons, but the easiest things i think are to start giving him some cranberry juice and ask him if there are times when he is not allowed to use the bathroom at school and talk to his teachers. see if that helps if not, bring him to the doctor's. sometimes someone just talking to them about it-other than mom or dad-can help. good luck and know that you are not alone!!!


answers from Dallas on

You mentioned that your son is 5...has he just started kindergarten? Sometimes big changes in comfort zones can manifest themselves physically. You might check with his teacher to see f he's transitioning well in class and how he's adapting socially in this new environment. Maybe check with your pediatritian to keep him/her in the loop and to make sure there are no problems there.


answers from Minneapolis on

bring him to the drs.this does not sound right for a 5 yr old...he might have an infection-you really have to pay attention to the red flags



answers from Des Moines on

Go to a urologist to rule out any infections.


answers from Rochester on

It might be a good idea to talk to your doctor. A friend of mine has a 6 year old don who was diagnosed with Type I diabetes this summer. The first sign that something was wrong was that he started having wetting accidents.

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