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5 Year Old Needs Glasses!

Hi -
Ok - our 5 year old (in Pre K)- told us at Monster Jam "he needed glasses but did not want them- they are ugly"- he had some trouble coloring in lines etc.- so I took him to Optometrist last week- and he has Amblyopia in left eye (vision 20/25 right eye- 35/70 left). He is getting a strong eyeglass prescription. Is anyone familiar with this? And anyone have advice how to get him to LIKE glasses? He is so resistant to the idea of the everyday glasses- even the cool glasses he will get for sports. We try to tell him they are COOL- but he does not see any kids at his Pre K with them. My husband and I and older kids never needed glasses- so this is all new. Also, any advice on where to get glasses for a small child? They were so expensive at Opt office and our PPO insurance says "not medically necessary"- which blows my mind. He could not see out of left eye at all during test. Thanks for any info.
P.S. FYI - he had a pedi. eye check and Optometrist said NOT GOOD ENOUGH- even school checks...all kids should get a good eye exam- if you find Amblyopia past age 10- you can't fix it - and most children he sees at age 10 and up...(slow to do school work, headaches, etc.) end up just needing glasses. A ton of kids hide it as long as they can. We are lucky Griffin said something!

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Wow - first - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! This is all so NEW to me and I really could not ask for better advice - I already called his Pedi. to find a Pedi. Ophthalmologist. I had taken him to an Optometrist- did not know better...I asked for his prescription (we did already buy the $309 glasses in OD's office, but next time will try a more affordable route. I just wanted to get him help right away after seeing that he could not see out of left eye with right patch on...it brought me to tears!) I really appreciate all the helpful "hints" to get him to wear glasses and patch. I am LUCKY - he loves Jack Sparrow and pirates, so that is a breeze...we got a treasure chest and a call into Johhny Depp so Griff can show him he is a "tougher pirate" (Mom kind of hopes he calls..ha ha). Griffin looks like a red headed Harry Potter with his glasses...he does not like them... but his Grandma has some... and I showed him a few friends of mine... and we did see a 3 year old at the park, and we will notice more children over time. Thanks again, I wish I had asked sooner, and done the simple tests to find this... it shocks me how common and how many children are missed in school test and pediatrician tests. (We had both and did not catch!) We signed up for the amblyopia "club" too....so THANKS for that site too!
Again - Thanks so much for your help... our family really appreciates it.
Happy weekend to all of you - we are off to buy a cool strap and case for these
glasses that match his Rockies T Ball team! Blessings, S. & her zoo

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HI! My son is 2 and wears glasses. He has horrible vision and is extremely nearsighted. The first few days can be tough because the glasses are new and novel, but once he realizes what he can see with them on, he won't want to take them off. My son wears his all day long. It is really amazing how fast they adapt. I know it if expensive, but I would recommend getting his glasses from his Ped Optho b/c they will take extra time to help fit them to him and are more experienced with children. Good Luck!

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Hey S.! I have a 7 year old daughter that has worn glasses since she was 2 yrs old. I thought to myself...how in the world am I going to get to a toddler to keep glasses on. So, one of the first things I did was have my husband who wears contacts keep his glasses on all day so she could see daddy wearing glasses. I also called my dad to come up and visit b/c he wears glasses too. I was amazed how easy it was. Her eye doctor said she would keep them on b/c she will be able to see. He was right....she kept them on all of the time...even at night. I cried b/c all I could imagine was my baby struggling to see. Like I said earlier, she is 7 and still wears them. She is farsighted and it has gradually improved every year. I think kids are precious in glasses! Good luck!

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If you are in Miami-Dade/Broward ... Bascom Palmer has the BEST opthamologists in the NATION. My son sees Dr. Craig McKeown, a Pedi Opthamologist there and he was great with him.

Bascom Palmer website & clinic info: http://www.bpei.med.miami.edu/site/default.asp
Info re: Dr. McKeown: http://www.bpei.med.miami.edu/site/find/find_results_doc....

Best of luck to you!!!

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My 7 yo daughter also needs to wear a patch - and it was a HUGE battle every day. I recently came across a site that was created to help this - they have a DVD called the Eye Patch Kids, and it is a bunch of puppets that make a cool club that you can only belong to if you wear an eye patch. http://www.bjortandcompany.com/

We also discovered a bunch of sites that sell eye patches for kids - our favorite is Anissa's Fun Patches - http://www.anissasfunpatches.com/ - these are MUCH more comfortable, as they slip into the glasses themselves. We ordered a set of 4, and my daughter loves having some control over choosing which patch she will wear today.

I had given up on the battle before finding these, but your child's vision is too important! Do some searching around on the web - there are LOTS of people whose kids have this, and so many different approaches to getting kids to wear the patches.

Good luck!

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I'm going to talk to you as if you were my sister.....

PLEASE PROMISE ME that you will will follow up with a qualified Vision Therapist to check and be sure his vision development has not be disrupted! 20/20 vision is not enough, especially with amblyopia.

I recommend Dr. Dana Dean at the Center for Vision Development in Old Town or try another Behavioural Optomistrist recommended by PAVE (Parent's Active in Vision Education - they have a website). I know Dr. Dean does a free screening. Others might as well.

Vision development issues are very common with amblyopia. My daughter was 4 when she was patched and had glasses given to her by the head of the department at Children's. She's bright and when she had trouble reading I, of course, went to him. He told me it was the school's problem. It was not! After months of struggle and research we found she had a number of visual development issues brought on by the amblyopia.

After 1 month in Vision Therapy she doubled her reading scores! I was flabbergasted by what I found out she just couldn't see and the actualy physical pain reading caused her. Her case is not uncommon, and far too many children go undiagnosed.

Vision Therapy was a miracle for my family.

PLEASE CHECK IT OUT SIS! Better to find out he doesn't need vision therapy with a free screening than to find out later. You've got nothing to lose.

OK - Lecture over. Thanks for bearing with me. Now, here are some helpful links:

Website to buy patches: http://ortopadusa.com
More about vision therapy: http://4eyesight.com/vision_therapy.html
PAVE: http://www.pavevision.org

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This is soooooo familiar! We took our daughter to her 4 year well child check up & discovered that she could see nothing in her right eye. We were shocked. She had exhibited no symptoms. She was diagnosed at better than perfect vision in the left & 20/150 in the right. We were also told that she would probably not get much vision recovery since we found it so late (4 years). We found Dr Gross in Dallas. He is amazing & never gave up hope that she would get better vision with dilligent patching. She is now 7 years old & has 20/35 vision in her right eye. We started with 4 hours per day patching & have now gotten to 1 hour per weekday with weekends off. To get her to patch,we would let our daughter decorate her patches with stickers & markers. We usually keep patch time to when we are at home. She still gets embarassed when people ask "what happened". To get him to like his glasses, I dont know. Our child liked them because she could see with them on. Maybe make it a game, pretend they give him super hero x ray vision! I dont know what area you live in, but Dallas Youth Optical is simply awesome. They work very close with our doctor to make sure that the fit & prescriptions are exact. They are very good with kids & very patient! Bill uses puppets & to entertain the kids. Glasses are never cheap. Unfortunately we get a new lens prescription about every 8 months. My suggestion is to spend the money up front to get the titanium frames that bend & take a beating & just have the new lenses put in them each time. We live about an hour from the Optical shop so he mails me the new lenses. They are so helpful. You really need to have a pediatric optometrist & optical shop that are speciallizing in childrens vision. At 5, Griffin can still make progress with his vision, but it will take patching & wearing the glasses properly to get there. Also, I had read an article in Parents magazine about Amblyopia. The doctor in the article suggested that a child that plays a video game or has computer time while wearing the patch will get more exercise out of the eye because they are really having to focus. That is what we do when we are patching. Ryleigh has gotten more vision in that eye than Dr Gross ever excepted. I truly believe it is because of the computer time while patching. You may use it as a bargaining tool to get Griffin (adorable name) to patch. There are websites that sell decorated patches & a seller on Ebay that makes fun lense covers & reward charts. Just type in Ambyopia in the search box. I have probably rambled on but I wish I had had this forum when we discovered our Ambyopia. I hope this helps. Dr Gross phone 214/521-9300. If you are not in this area, he can probably refer you to another doctor.

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Being a grandma, I have seen a couple of our little ones go through needing different items to aid them in their life. I have found that if you point out their favorite TV heroes who wear glasses, they sometimes give in.
When Superman is trying not to give away his identity, he wears glasses as Clark Kent. Sponge Bob wears glasses!
If it is feasible, getting a tint for wearing them in the sun may make him feel cool. All movie stars wear sunglasses.
Last but not least, take a picture of him with them on, put it on your My Space and let family and friends write to him telling him how cool he looks. Alot of times if it comes from anyone except parents, it carries more weight.

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S., pls. try again with the PPO. Have the Dr. write a note explaining the need for the glasses. Make a copy and send the original to the insurance co. I hope you keep at them w/this. Most PPO will say no the 1st time, but be persistant. All they can do is say No the 1st,2nd,& 3rd time.

I don't know if this will work persuading your son to wear glasses or not, but let him know that Superman would wear glasses when disguised as Clark Kent. I think that what helped Superman with those xray vision!!

Just a thought about 4 eyes . . . tell him to let the other kids know he can see better with 4 eyes than 2, so he knows what they are up to because he's watching them! All of them!

Hope some of these ideas work for you. Being a mom is the most wonderful, heart-wrenching & loving job I ever had as a Mother. Now I'm a grandmother & still feel the same as I did when my children were young, just I get to do it over with a little more experence. - k

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my son got glasses when he was in kindergarten. he chose a thin rimmed frame so the kids wouldn't make fun of him. he sees really bad out of one eye, so the dr. had him wear an eyepatch over his good eye since he would squint and not use his bad eye. he only wore it at home. now, he weasr a blue frame that he picked out. we still catch him looking over his glasses and he's in 3rd grade now. good luck!

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I'm 27 now, but started wearing glasses around 4 years old. I had a lazy left eye as well.
Some things I remember:
I HATED wearing a patch and had to wear it all day. For one, a little girl at my daycare called me "3-eyes" which of course at 4 years old is very hurtful. Another reason was it hurt to take that sticky patch off. My dad would "pat" the patch before putting it on in the mornings so it wasn't quite so sticky and hard to get off in the evenings.
I also loved it when he would wash my glasses for me and they were warm and clean when I put them on ... we lived in Alaska, what can I say? :)

Also, around 12 years old, 7th grade, I started wearing contacts. That helped "straighten up" my eyes a lot. (I never had surgery or anything like that.) My eye would still wander some, but mainly just when I was really tired.

I know this is a ways off for your son, but I also remember when I went for my driving test. 2 things I had trouble with.
I had to look in this little contraption and read a list of 7 numbers. I only saw 4. I realized later that if I closed my right eye I could see the other three. basically it was like this (154(6)723) where you could see the 6 in both eyes but the others only in the right or only in the left. I guess since my right eye is dominant I only used it. I also had trouble with the depth perception test.

Hope this helps you!

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My daughter was diagnosed with a cataract in one eye during her Kindergarten year. Actually Dad figured there was an eye problem when she could not read the street signs while waiting for the bus; they played reading games at the bus stop.

I took her to the local optometrist which noticed the problem. He directly sent me to an Opthamologist. Since then, the medical insurance has kicked in.

My daugher was reluctant at getting glasses, too. But we took her to Lenscrafters and let her pick out any frame she wanted. Lenscrafters had a great deal (back to school sale). I can always get frames and lenses from them for only $100; this includes the non scratch and non breaking lenses.

I hope some of this helps.

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