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5 Year Old Daughter Who Is Always Constipated

My 5 year old daughter is always constipated, she has had issue with going #2 since she was first pott trained at 2. She used to hold and she said it hurt so she would hold it in as long as she could. Now it does not hurt her anymore but she only goes about once a week, and when she goes its very large, it will clog the toilet every time. My 4 year old son is normal and my daughter is not, i have tried changing her diet, giving her food with lots of fiber in it, limiting intake of cheese and milk (which she loves)and no matter what i do, nothing seems to change. My children eat the same food, and i don't understand why this would happen. My family recently started to eat only organic food, so that has seemed tohelp a little, becuase its more nutrious and has more fiber in it, but i want her to be normal. I think holding it in for that long is not healthy. Since its been a few years no, she does not feel that she needs to go because i think her colon has enlarged due to her holding it, and it now feels normal to her. Does anyone have any suggestions? or thoughts


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I have taken her to the doctor and they have put her on a prescription, the doctor said to wait until the weekend to start it. That was about 2 weeks ago and my daughter goes usually about 3 times a day, every day, normal size. she takes the medication with chocolate milk and loves it. She is so proud of herself that she goes like everyone else now. The only bad thing is that she has to stay on the meds for 6 months until her colon shrinks to normal size. After that she will be normal again. Thank you for all the responces...

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Hi A.,

Have you tried to give her more fruits and vegetables?

What about Yogurt for children?

What about the Probiotics for children?

Did you change her regular milk to soy milk or rice milk?

What about calling the CHKD hospital and talking to a nutritionist.

Hope this helps. Good luck. D.

Have you tried Plum Smart juice? It's better tasting than prune juice, but it acts similarly. It has done wonders for my son, who has constipation issues. 1 glass every day seems to help immensely. It's a bit tart, so you might try mixing it with apple juice if your daughter doesn't like the taste. I read another response that mentioned Miralax. I also use that for my son, if things get really bad. It was recommended to me by a Pediatric Gastroenterologist and, according to him, it is gentle and not addictive in any way.

I think you need to talk to her Doctor! Studies have shown that keeping waste in your body like this can cause cancer and other diseases in your intestines. The waste must be removed or blockages and too much absorption of waste your body is needing to remove. (I think Dr. Oz did a whole special on this subject.) Maybe you could add fiber to fruit drinks or add some fruit smoothies to her diet. Please look online and you will find more info. Good Luck!!

Hi A.,

Obviously her body is not functioning well in relation to what she's taking in. I've found in my holistic practice, that there's many factors, some fairly well known and some very obscure but critical.
I have had constipation issues throughout my life and whole grains, specifically whole wheat, give me problems in this area. Since I've been paying attention to foods that are in my blood type diet along with foods that are 'cooling' and 'sweet', it's not an issue. Often, the suggestions of what makes sense, is often detrimental. We are all so unique!

I know this may sound weird but if you would be open to sharing her birth time, date and place (privately of course), I can look in her design (from the Human Design System) and see if there's anything that might jump out. Also, if you know her blood type, you can begin there as well.

Medicines are beneficial to assist at times but I would suggest that there's something off on a foundational level for her. For her best health now and ongoing, it would be beneficial to see if you can root out the factors.

If your curious...more info is available at TheMythAndMysteryOfYou.com

Best to you!

Talk to her doc. THere is a medicine she can have that helps with it. My old sitter's daughter is on it. But becareful, it is really potent. Try yogurt or applesauce, both work for my kids. Mackenzie was the same way but now she has a bowl of applesauce for a snack and it keeps her regular. My son is the yogurt one, if he goes a day without yogurt, he will clog up for a week. He is really sensitive. We found out the hard way, that is for sure.

I went through this with my daughter and talked to friends and our pediatrician. We began giving her miraLAX mixed with juice. It's relatively new and very mild. First we gave it to her every 2 days but that didn't work so then every day for a while and she began pooping regularly because she couldn't hold it anymore. When it seemed she was becoming comfortable pooping on her own again we weaned her off (every 2 days, then every 3 days, etc...).

I don't know why it happens but it does. I have been the same way all of my life. I take her to the doctor and but get their advice first. There was nothing the doctor could do to help me but perhaps they can help her. It may be possible that that's just the way her body functions though.

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