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5 Year Old Boy... Won't Go to Bathroom First Thing in the Morning...

ok. is it me or is it a perfectly normal involuntary reaction to go to the bathroom as soon as you wake up in the morning. My five year old (new five --as of Jan 1) doesn't wet his bed. doesn't pee on himself ever. has great control. But... every day. first thing in the morning. I say... go to the bathroom. He refuses. He says. He doesn't have to go. Once I make him go of course he goes... but if I were to let him wait, he'd wait a good hour before going to the bathroom on his own in the morning. Is this weird or is it me? Should I just leave him alone.

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Thank you all for your responses...the consensus...Leave him be. He'll be fine. I was worried because he could develop a UTI or something like that but you all tell me the same thing...this kid has better bladder control than I do. Counting my blessings. Thanks all.

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He's five years old and he doesn't wet the bed? I'd say this child is in control of his bodily functions and knows when he's "got to go". I bet if you leave him alone, this issue will disappear.

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My daughter is three weeks younger. Does the same thing! Drives me nuts because I keep thinking about UTIs, etc. I just treat it as continued potty training and remind her to go. My husband does same. Keep reminding him until he just does it.

My 6yr old did the same thing when he was five. His daddy started saying he was going to beat him to the potty and go first. That was all it took! (competitive little boys...husband included!)I was worried too, thats why daddy stepped in but it seems like its pretty normal from all the responses you've gotten! Good luck!

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He's five years old and he doesn't wet the bed? I'd say this child is in control of his bodily functions and knows when he's "got to go". I bet if you leave him alone, this issue will disappear.

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Just leave him be. If he doesn't pee his pants then he obviously knows when he has to go. My 4 year is the same way. Sometimes he'll go, if he sleeps in, but usually he doesn't. It's an hour or more sometimes. As long as he's not peeing his pants, why does it matter?

Leave him alone unless he starts having accidents. My 25 year old son doesn't "go" first thing in the morning, but I do. It's just that wonderful diversity of life. There are more important battles to select ;)

My son is 6 and has a similar "habit" in the morning. When he first gets up he is not interested in going, although I am sure he has to. He is often very slow to wake up and begin moving. However, once he starts getting dressed & the cold air hits his parts, it is a mad dash & I better not be in his way.

If he is not wetting his pants, leave him alone. Perhaps he just doesn't like to be told when to go. AF

Sounds like my son who is 7. He won't refuse he just tells me he doesn't have to go but will go if I make him. He's been doing it since he was 2 1/2. He would wake up with a dry diaper and not go to the bathroom til 11. He's had days now where he'll go to the bathroom at 7:30 before bath and not go til 3:30 next day after school if I forget to remind him in the morning and by then he is bursting. I can't figure out why he won't go either. But usually he goes around 10 or 11 next day still a good 12-15 hours. With him there are better things to do than go to the bathroom I guess.

My son just turned 5 on December 21st. He does the same thing. I honestly have never viewed it as a problem. He just goes when he has to go. He has always been able to hold it from an early age so this is not unusual for him. He will pee before bed and then can got 1-2 hours (sometimes more) before he will pee in the morning. I try not to let him go past the 2 hour mark but I normally don't have to remind him. He goes running to the bathroom when he is ready, lol. Now, if we are going to be going out running errands etc., then I make him go BEFORE we the house but other than that I let him do it on his own.

My five year old daughter is the same way. She takes awhile before she goes to the potty in the morning, usually about 1/2 an hour after she wakes up, right before she has breakfast. I think what causes this is that our bodies are producing anti-diuretic hormone while we are sleeping (this is what keeps adults and kids from wetting the bed while asleep) and it takes a bit longer for it wear off in children than adults. I have to go right when I wake up, especially if a cat is laying on my bladder! Maybe the ADH is a bit more concentrated in kids than adults because their bodies are smaller. I don't nag my daughter about, she does go before she leaves for school. So I wouldn't worry about it in your son.

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