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5 Year Old Bad Urine Smell, No Infection

My five year old daughter's urine always has a strong smell and generally looks cloudy. I had her checked recently for an infection when she had her Well Checkup and the doctor said she didn't have an infection and there was nothing to worry about. But, if I wanted I could send her to a specialist, but he didn't see the need as she doesn't have any other symptoms. No fevers, no pains when peeing, etc. I am trying to get her to drink more water. Does not eat asparagus. She does not smell like urine and she never wets the bed. Should I be worried?

What can I do next?

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Just have her drink more water. I know if I don't drink enough water, my urine gets a REALLY strong smell.

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She needs more water. Good luck.

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I'd say it sounds like her urine is just strong. My granddaughter doesn't drink much water and has strong urine. My grandson drinks water like crazy and has nearly clear urine that doesn't smell at all.

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Actually, strong smelling urine is not associated with diabetes, at least not type 1.

If no infection is present, keep doing what you are doing! Most likely increased water intake will take care of the strong smell.

Added: strong smelling urine (sweet smell) can be associated with type 2 diabetes. I don't think this is something for you to worry about.

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If the doctor didn't think it was a problem I wouldn't do anything except drink more water. The only other thing is to look at what she's eating/drinking. Some foods can make your output smell more than others.

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if she smells like urine the first thing I would do is check her bed to see if she is wetting it at night. some kids think if mom and dad don't know it happened then they can ignore it. they put on new clothes and wala all gone. however the smell is still there lol. so check her bed. in the middle where she sleeps and see if there is a urine smell there. she may be having accidents.

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does she drink water.. or drink a lot of anything.. my daughter does nto drink much... stinky peee.

my son drinks a ton.. and has clear not stinky pee..

just have her drink more.. if she will

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Water water water! Her urine is probably just ultra-concentrated. Mine was that way because I drank virtually no water, only soda and sweet tea. I am now down to about 2 sodas a week and my urine no longer smells or looks cloudy.
My doc said that Dr. Pepper is the world's worst drink on the kidneys (because it contains similar ingredients to antifreeze). Turns out with my last bladder infection, my kidneys were pretty swollen. It was enough to scare me out of DP for quite a while. So if your daughter drinks DP, try to get her weaned.
Good luck!

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More water is very important. Your daughter's urine is probably pretty strong because she doesn't get enough fluids (specifically water.) This happened to a family member of mine when she was around 5 or 6, if I am remembering right. She actively resisted drinking water (being difficult) as a protest of being told what to do. Her folks had to withhold privileges until she drank water in order to get the problem with her bladder under control. And yes, they had to do diagnostic testing along with an IV on her, too. Amazing how going through THAT didn't make her understand that you drink water to help prevent having to do that test over again... ah, the mind of a 5 year old...

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If she drinks soda all the time instead of drinking water, that will do it. It's lack of water.

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well it could be diabetes. I know that can cause strong smelling urine. It could be that she doesnt drink enough water.

I would not be. Doc said she is fine. Unless she has symptoms, I would not do anything.

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