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5 Week Old Wants to Sleep on Me

My son is just 5 wks old and wakes up minutes after I lay him down. He sleeps great and for longer stretches with me in my bed. I know this is a huge 'no no', but the only way I can get more than 1 1/2hr of sleep at a time. Of course, I don't get sound sleep this way. When I get him, I know he isn't hungry because he quits crying and goes back to sleep on me. Any advice on getting him to sleep pin his bassinet? p.s. I do swaddle and give a paci. Thanks in advance!!

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the warmth and the heart beat is what he is after. There are sleep toys for babies that have a heart beat try one.

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They have this little thing that looks like a big spring cloths pin that you can push the button and it vibrate the cradle or crib and makes a little humming sound. This worked for my son, and when he was a little older, a few months old and in his crib I got him one of those white noise machines, and he would sleep through the night. He just needed those little white noise sounds like when he was in the womb I guess.

Have no ideas to give you, I did this with my son, as he got bigger I could eventually lay him down to sleep on his own, actually in a swing.
I did notice you have a 16 month old and a newborn, my kids will be 18 months apart and I am scared about how I'll manage, do mind me asking what has been the toughest part?

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Oh have I been there. Try this. A good friend of mine suggested that my son was waking up b/c of the temperature difference of me vs. the crib. Get a heating pad, just a plug in general one from CVS and lay it in the crib about 15 min before you put him in it. Let it warm the crib up, and then take it out just before he lays down, and it worked like charm for my son. We used it for the first 3 months. Swaddling also might help, but for us, the cold crib was what would snap him awake everytime. Good Luck! Juat remember to take it out and turn it off!

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I hope you will take the advice of those who have offered suggestions for heart-beat bears, hot water bottles and white noise machines. And follow your instincts and information that acknowledge the dangers of co-sleeping. Listen to the advice that you received from Ruth C. (July 6th) - who gives you personal information about the dangers (via her sister) and check out this website: www.cpsc.gov/CPSCPUB/PREREL/PRHTML99/99175.html

I am surprised at the dowla's lack of knowledge. The mothers who recommend co-sleeping can only do so because they are NOT among the parents of an average of 64 children, < 2-years of age, that die annually in incidents related to sleeping in adult beds. These deaths are NOT all due to drugs and obesity - as some have suggested.

Also, the privilege - that we are a nation that is blessed enough, economically, to allow MOST families the adequate space and provisions to avoid co-sleeping - seems to evade most respondents. Because it would be very difficult to obtain global statistics, I don't know if there are studies that record accurate facts regarding the number of deaths from co-sleeping in cultures that have no other options (due to overcrowding, space limitations or poverty.)

I am not opposed to sleeping with children CLOSE at hand - in a bassinet or other protective place. But I believe in doing everything possible to avoid the "accidents" that are verifiable facts - and tragedies, in the lives of some. "Google" the dangers of co-sleeping and read through. Anyone who has been on the "wrong" side of the outcome will not advise it; the others are lucky (or blessed.)


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Hi K.,

If you are getting more and more sleep deprived, then you have a BIG chance of falling deep asleep and rolling over, either on him or not waking if you shift and he falls off... Its just not a good idea. The first 8 weeks are tough, really tough, when it comes to mama getting enough sleep. Keep in mind that his stomach can't hold that much food and he should be eating every 2 hours for the first few weeks. So if he's waking up every 1.5, he's probably hungry in addition to missing the sound of your heart beat.

Please don't co-sleep. Its so dangerous.

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the warmth and the heart beat is what he is after. There are sleep toys for babies that have a heart beat try one.

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You're right about it being a no-no. You have some good advice here, but make this a mission to figure out - not something optional. I'm mostly responding to some of the incorrect stuff in the responses about co-sleeping. There are a few people who've written books who have ignored facts & the realities of modern living. I've mentioned this on another board too, but co-sleeping, especially for such small babies is dangerous. I've done it myself occasionally and I'm not judging anyone at all, but this info doesn't seem to be common knowledge as it should be.

My brother is a pediatrician and he had a patient (and knows of several others) who died because they were suffocated in their parent's bed. They weren't obese or on drugs. Just normal tired parents in the modern american type of bed. These cases are so awful. Little babies can't fight their way out if we roll over on them, or they can get stuck between the headboard and the mattress among other things.

The parents always think they will wake up, that they could never possibly not notice something like this - but there's no way to be responsible for our actions as we sleep. People who advocate co-sleeping talk about how it's common throughout history and other cultures. Well, they didn't have headboards, a bunch of pillows and plush mattresses. There's just too much complexity in modern beds and opportunity for a little one to get trapped or smothered.

My 5 cents again on co-sleeping. I've done it myself before I knew. It's comfortable & convienent, but not worth the risk.

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Both of my boys co-slept form day one. It is most definetly not a big no-no if you use your head about it. LOL.
My oldest is 5 now and sleeps in his own room. My baby is 22m and sleeps in his own room.

I would let your son co-sleep until he is like 6 months old or longer then start sleep training him.

I don't think co-sleeping is a no-no, I did it with both of my kids and intend to do it with this one too. If you feel uncomfy get one of those co-sleeping spacers for in the bed or an Arm's Reach Co-sleep or Co-sleeper Mini (I bought a mini for $60 at a resale shop). Keep in mind that America is one of the only countires in the world who does not recognize co-sleeping as the best way to go... most other countries don't live in houses with as many rooms as we do, so families are closer from the get go.

Good luck!

I see someone already mentioned the heart beat bear! I'd try that one. It may be enough to help your little guy sleep.

Blessings and congratulations on your precious baby boy!
M. S. (Mommy to Connor-13 yrs., Nathan - 13 yrs., Faith - 9 yrs. and Fabian - 5 yrs.)

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