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5 Week Old Son That Has a Heart Murmur

My husband and I just went to our son's one month doctor's appt and found out he has a heart murmur. The dr. doesn't think it's anything to be concerned about but we are seeing a pediatric cardiologist next week. I want to know if any other mom's out there has a child with a heart murmur? If so, is it really nothing to be concerned about?

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Thanks for sharing all your stories!! My son has an innocent murmur and the cardiologist thinks that it will be gone in about a year. He has no restrictions either. Great news!! =)

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I was born with one and was also told it would probably subside as I grew. I'm 40 now and have never had a problem.

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Hi D. --

Congrats on your beautiful new baby! You have plenty to be thankful for this holiday!

Pediatric heart murmurs are REALLY common. Many resolve on their own without any intervention, and many of those that don't are harmless (as you have already read!). Both of my kids had them, and they both went away -- it appears to be genetic.

Anyway, DO go to the cardiologist, but STOP worrying. You have enough on your plate as it is, and the chances that this is just a minor thing are very, very good.

Hugs and warm wishes!


Hi D.! I know you are feeling; at my son's 4 month appointment the doctor noticed a heart mumur and said, as yours, that it isn't anything to be concerned about. He said there are 2 kinds of heart mumurs; the kind you worry about and the kind that you don't. They are just keeping an eye on it, but we've been to a couple other regularly scheduled appointments and nothing has changed! After telling some of my family about it I found out that my Nana had a heart mumur all of her life!!!

Take care & I hope all goes well with the pediatric cardiologist!


My daughter was diagnosed with a heart murmur at about 4 weeks old. My doctor also said it was nothing to worry about. I took her to a pediatric cardiologist as well. I think it's a great idea just to be sure that is all you are dealing with. My daughter is 2 now and doing great. It does seem to be nothing to worry about(knock wood) but I know how scary that news is when you're looking at your brand new baby. Good luck.

Hi D.
My mom has had a heart murmur since she was born. she is now 73 years old with few health problems. she has traveled the world over hiking, backpacking, she has even hiked the chilkote trail in alaska as well as machu pichu and ayers rock. she even worked in antarctica for 12 years!! her mom kept a close eye on her when she was younger, but didnt limit her activity. good luck!!

Same situation with my daughter. They said it would be gone by the time she was school age. She is 4 now. I wasn't reminded of it until her first visit to the dentist, while I was filling out the forms. If you have any heart condition, you cannot have your teeth cleaned without having a dose of antibiotics first, because of the risk of infection. I digress. Anyway, I took her back to her pediatrician and he cleared her. She is great. Good Luck!

My son was born with bicuspid heart valve which was the cause behind his heart murmur. Heart valves normally are tricuspid (3 flaps) but he has only 2. He is now 16 and it has not affected his growth or developement and has never precluded him from sports or whatever he has shown interest in or wanted to do. He is seen every 2 years by a pedi cardiologist but his tests have always come back ok. Hopefully your cardiologist can determine the cause and you can go from there. Good luck and try not to worry.

Hi D.,
I can't imagine what you are feeling with news like that. My mother still shares with me when she learned a day after I was born in the hospital in 1969, I was born with a heart murmur. At first they thought I had a hole in my heart. Back then medicine was very different. I being the first child my mother FREAKED. My mother did a lot of research looking for the right dr for me. She found dr after dr who wanted to put me under the knife to repair my valve. She finally found a great dr in San Jose for me. I have mitro valve prolapase. "leaky value". Where blood doesn't pump all the way into my heart there is a backwash of blood and that is the murmor. There are many different kinds of murmors I have learned. Im 39 now have 2 healthy babies and never had my heart repaired to this day. I have to take an antibiotic when I had my ears pierced at 12 and when I get my teeth cleaned just to make sure there is no infection from these procedures. I had normal pregnancies. I do have to have an ekg and echo done once a year. Ive been in aggressive sports all my life, waterskiing, snow skiing volleyball, Soccer, softball. Never had issues. when I was 28 I caught a life threatening staph infection that got into my blood stream. I was at Stanford for 40 days fighting for my life. I was told later since I was on life support on a feeding tube the dr's worried about the staph going to my heart value and killing me as staph effects the weakest part of the body and they were going to crack open my chest and repair it right then and there. They never did and I lived through the ordeal with no perm damage. I hope that gives you some hope that I have lived with this for almost 40 years and never had had any issues. Many people have heart murmurs. Make sure you find the right dr who has good bed side manners and has been in the field for a long time.

Good luck to you.

SAHM, 39 with a super funny active 3yo son & a 5 month old son who is full of smiles and bubbles.

My daughter had a moderate ventricular septal defect and had a very pronounced murmur. She has seen a cardiologist every few months until she was a year. They will probably do an echocardiogram and EKG, both of which are painless and easy. Then they will let you know what the diagnosis is. It really is likely to be nothing serious at all, but it's good to find out what's up. Then there's the very minor chance it's something more significant, but still nothing you can do until you have a diagnosis.

My daughter's VSD is closing well on it's own with no medication or surgery.

I hope it's nothing at all!

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