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5 Week Old Daughter Spits Up/throws up After Every Feeding

We have a 5-week-old daughter who seems to throw up (more than just burping) almost every time I nurse her. She nurses fine, but I end up changing clothes (or at least needing to) several times each day. I'm not sure if it qualifies as projectile vomiting or not. Any tips or suggestions?

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Our daughter is still spitting up, but the pediatrician has called back and we're trying to feed more slowly with more burps in between. If it hasn't improved by Friday, I'm supposed to call back and he thinks is reflux and he wants to see her and talk about medications.

Thanks to everyone who responded. I didn't have this problem with my older daughter and was a little freaked out!

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I have twin girls, they are 2 1/2 now, but had the same problem as babies. The pediatrician said its b/c the muscle at the top of the stomach isn't fully developed and therefore can't hold in the milk very well. My daughters threw up constantly. The only thing that would help is to leave them sitting up for about 15-20 minutes after feeding. I put them in their car seats or swing after they were done eating. They still threw up, but not as bad. Hope this helps.

That happened with my daughter, and we had to put her on lactose free formula. She hasn't had any problems since.

is she losing weight ??? she may need something for reflux or maybe there is an allergy problem I would contact my doctor.

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Hi, I'm M.. I'm deeply involved with nutrition. I'd go that route first. If you drink soda it can go through you milk and upset her stomach. It may be an allergy to something that your eating so alternate your foods for about 3-5days and see if removing something from your diet stops the upset stomach. You could go to a nutritionist or nutritional store and pick up a probiotic and take it for yourself and see if you are high in bad flora for your digestive track. It won't hurt it is really good for your gut. And this can calm digestion in you and your baby, and helps with heartburn and indigestion. If you or your baby has white on your tongue (called thresh) probiotics help with that too. And last but not least check all your medications and see if they are acceptable to take while breastfeeding.

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My goodness did I go through the same thing. I also hear it all the time from my patients. I am a DC and work with pregnant moms and new bundles of joy. There are many reasons for the throw up. Mine were horrid, burp rags on every end of every piece of furniture for quick responses. Feel reassured it will get better. Also, check your diet. I have had several patients cut dairy down and replace calcium and magnesium with other sources. start by cutting it out completely Give it a week or two then re-introduce milk, am. cheese, sour cream, yogurt, etc. Your baby just may have an "allergy," more like "sensitivity" at this age. I have one very happy mommy whom removed most dairy for 1 month and is fine now. Does the baby sleep ok on her back, does she cry continuously or with pain after spitting up? Those could indicate irritation in the throat and esaphagus. Get that checked out. Do you have one breast that's crazy? I did and it seemed that I would drown my poor boys and then they would let me have it back!! Good luck let me know if you need anything else.

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Have you had the pediatrician check out milk allergies yet? My son, now 23, did the same thing as your baby. It turned out that he was allergic to all dairy products. Once I eliminated all dairy products from my diet, he was able to keep my milk down. We never supplemented. He nursed until he was about 13-14 months old. m

Hi A.. Everyone has given great advice. I did want to throw one extra thing in here as my friend just went through this. Her newborn was throwing up constantly. Everyone kept telling her it was acid reflux except for me. Just the way she described it, it didn't sound like reflux. The doctor had her switch formula's, etc. After 3 weeks of not getting better, I told her she really needed to see the pediatrician and he ended up having something wrong (can't remember the name). Its common but it did require surgery. Just a little FYI. If you are concerned, I would discuss with your pediatrician.

If your switching back and forth between formula and breast milk that could be upsetting her stomach. If you are just breast feeding then it might be a problem with your breast milk you might want to check with your doctor.

I also had this same thing (my daughter is now 7 1/2 weeks old. I had called her doctor and he wanted to see how things progressed by her eight week appointment. She was projectile though, but anyway I took her to a chiropractor. He was able to manually push her stomach down, and it helped tremendously. She went from projectile or spitting up every meal to one time a day and knock on wood, but for the past two days she has not projectiled anymore and spitup is very minimal. I hope this helps.

I remember being very concerned with the same kind of thing with my 2nd child. I took him to our pediatrician. They told us that it could be something small- like acid reflux- but they sent us over to Children's Mercy for some testing. They found that his digestive system just wasn't fully developed. It is very common and they grow out of it after just a few weeks. My son was about 10 weeks old when he stopped vommitting after eating. (I can't remember all of the correct medical terms- but basically it's where the intestines meet the stomach, there's like a little flap and opening where the food drops into their stomach. My son's opening was just too small.) So, we were told to just feed him less at each feeding time and feed him more often. That way they digest smaller amounts each time and are less likely to throw up. It worked for us and when he was about 10 weeks old, we went back to normal feeding amounts/times. If you have any questions or if you are really concerned, I would definitely call your pediatrician :) Good luck!

I can totally symphazize with your daughter's feeding issues. My four month old had the same problem. I have a couple questions first...does she seem to get really irritable and fussy after feedings as well?? My daughter is allergic to milk, and when she was 10 days old, I figured out that it was dairy products that I was eating that was causing her so many problems. I would suggest first...literally cutting out every dairy product out of your diet. There are many babies who have a hard time digesting the milk protein in dairy products...and this does go into the breast milk. My daughter also has acid reflux though, which I believe was exacerbated by the milk. Do you hear gurgling up of what sounds like stomach juices? Or does she cry out in pain in the middle of the night? Or occasionally have issues with stopping breathing? If so, you need to go to your pediatrician. I'm not a doctor, but I learned a lot with my little one.

is she losing weight ??? she may need something for reflux or maybe there is an allergy problem I would contact my doctor.

My daughter is now 2, and I breastfed her till she was 1. She threw up quite a bit as an infant. I call it throwing up, not spitting up, because of the volume. Here are a few things to try: 1. Burp her more frequently during feedings. This will slow her down & prevent large air bubbles from bringing it back up. 2. Try not to put much pressure on her little tummy after feedings, such as tummy time, over the shoulder holding, ect. 3. If she's gaining weight fine, then she's keeping down plenty of food. Don't let her go too long between feedings because then she might gorge herself.

side note: I used to keep a bucket of soapy water in the laundry room for the sour clothes & burprags. This way they didn't stink throughout the day & I'd just do one load at the end of it. Odds are, if you're changing her then you're needing a change yourself! And, she'll likely grow out of this in another month or two anyway.

I feel your pain! My daughter was the same way. She was the baby your friends didn't want to hold because she would throw up all over you. I thought it was normal and kept on nursing and quit wearing nice clothes. However I did notice that whenever I ate tomatoes that it made it so much worse. So you might want to keep a food diary and see if something is upsetting her tummy. It took my daughter loosing her "voice" at around 5 months before they said she had reflux. We had to take her to an ENT to make sure her vocal cords were ok and he said that the constant throwing up was making them red and inflamed. They had us put her on Zantac, but it has a really bad aftertaste and it didn't seem to work that well for her. And since she was old enough to be eating baby food they gave her Prevacid. It was wonderful! The throwing up finally stopped. And after a year or so on it she didn't have the reflux anymore. So take your little one to the doc if only to ease your worry. Oh and if you are planning to switch to the bottle when you go back to work get some infant rice cereal and put a teaspoon of dry cereal for every ounce of breast milk or formula in the bottle and shake it up. It was another thing the ENT said to do. It makes it thicker and heavier in her tummy so less will come back up. It didn't stop the reflux from happening, but it did reduce how much was coming back up. HTH!

My 6 month old spit up after every feeding until about four months old. Now it is about every other feeding something will come out of his mouth. Try keeping a bib on your daughter during each feeding. And when you burp her you can have a bigger cloth available to catch the spit up as it comes out. I read somewhere that the closing to the esophagus doesn't completlely close for a few months in babies.

Changing baby clothes is a tedious task. I just leave my kid in spit-up clothes until we have to go out somewhere, and then I change him right before we leave the house.

My daughter did that as baby - isn't it fun. She had acid reflux and had to take Zanex. So you may want to ask your doctor it is could be something like that. If you are bottle feeding there is a formula for babies who spit up, it's thicked with rice cereal (?) and it may help. We did try it with our daughter and it did help with the spitting up, but it didn't come in soy formula and she had to had soy. So she didn't spit up but she did scream and cry because she had a belly ache. The spitting up lasted for about a year and did get better as she got older. She lived in bibs and I usually changed clothes a couple of times per day. But keep in mind it will get better!

Good Luck
S. - Mom of Audrey (6) and Natalee (4)

Sounds like both my girls! I nursed them both for 18 months and they were pukers too. It is a frustrating issue, because in all honesty noone wants to be puked on every couple of hours! LOL

Anyhoo - the lactation consultant and I decided that they were just piggies! They ate too much and didn't realize they were full. Then their little tummies had to get rid of some of the excess. My milk let down fast, and I made alot of it. They sometimes had a hard time keeping up and would choke a little. If I pumped a little off before the feeding that helped with the choking. The other trouble was they overate, and so I would take them off the first breast after 5 minutes and burp. They could then go to the other breast for 5 minutes. If they still truly seemed hungry we'd do that again. It was a little more time consuming and hard to get used to at first because I didn't want to deprive them. It helped a lot with the puking however. I decided that puking couldn't possibly feel good and so we kept up with it and it worked for us.

Are you using a lactation consultant. I found mine invaluable when things like this came up. We were lucky in that our hospital provides her service for free! :)

Good luck!

Breast is best, so keep at it. Try burping more often (every 3-5 minutes nursing), and make sure her head is always higher then the rest of her. As long as she keeps most of it down and she is gaining weight, I wouldn't worry. God bless!

My son did the same thing - from day one. With every single burp he threw up. Our doctor told us it was because the little flap on his esophagus was immature (or weak or something) and wouldn't hold the formula or milk (I did both breastfeeding and formula because he was always hungry). What finally helped was when I started him on rice cereal because it was more solid and didn't come up as easily as the liquid. The cereal also ended up helping him sleep through the night and feel more satisfied so it was an awesome fix all the way around! And yes you CAN start babies on cereal that young despite what everyone says. Best of luck! I do remember also that the older he got, the less he threw up because the flap on his esophagus became stronger, but the rice cereal definitely helped.

You might want to have her checked out for acid reflux. My now 3 year old son had it as a baby. He was put on Axid. He outgrew it about 9 months old. Just ask your DR and tell him you're concerned. Maybe she's allergic to something your eating...soda, cheese, milk? If you try cutting dairy out of your diet for a week and by week's end, it hasn't improved, then that wasn't it. just some ideas. Good Luck!

J. in Kansas

That happened with my daughter, and we had to put her on lactose free formula. She hasn't had any problems since.

Sounds like you could also be dealing with some allergic reactions. I know that breast milk is supposed to be the very best for our babies; however, it could be what's making her throw up like that. Try a can of soy milk just for kicks and grins to see what happens. It can't hurt anything and you'll at least have ruled that out before you go to the doctor. You'll be in my prayers.
God Bless,

My baby girl is the same way. Unless she seems uncomfortable or cries, it's probably due to weak sphincter muscles in her esophogus. My baby is 6 months old, but her spit-up (I also called it barf) started at about 1 month old and continues to date. If she isn't barfing, she's sticking her entire hand in her mouth and making herself puke, which, I understand is common with her age. It's gross & you'll do tons of laundry for both you and her. You might have strong let-downs or any number of things out of your control. Sadly, there's not anything you can do to make it stop. I even tried keeping her upright for 30 minutes after nursing but that did nothing. I even make her rice cereal like cement, but she can barf that up too. I've read that some kid's muscles don't strengthen properly until they're about a year old! Stock up on bibs.

Sounds like my son - diagnosis: Gastroesophogial Reflux (GERD). We dealt with it with little meals, not laying flat or bouncy movement after meals, and prescription Prevacid. He eventually outgrew it (12-18 months?) I would check with the ped - if it is GERD and is not addressed, she won't be getting proper nutrition and will be cranky (from hunger and b/c the reflux doesn't feel good).

Best of luck!

Have you tried nursing her more often, and for shorter periods of time....that might help.
more time to love on her.

Hi A.,
My little one has reflux so I've seen the symptoms you're describing. However, if she is gaining weight well and does not seem to be bothered by the spitup, there's no reason to put her on medication. My doctors told me some babies spit up more than others and as long as she's thriving, not to worry.
It will help to slow down her eating. Stop her after each ounce and burp her. It will slow her down and the less gas she has in her stomach the less likely she is to spit up. Also, keep her upright after feedings for half an hour (as much as you can). Put her in a bouncy chair or swing or hold her upright. Of course this isn't possible in the middle of the night. Also, prop up one end of the mattress with a wedge or towel folded under it. This helps gravity keep that milk in her stomach when she's laying down.

A. P.

Watch her wet a poopy diapers. That's what I would gauge it by, to make sure she's keeping enough in.

I hope it gets better soon!


I had the same problem with my now 9 year old daughter. I found that I was feeding her too often. I produced so much milk that she got what she needed, then when I'd think it was time for her to eat again and she'd cry, I'd feed her. She wasn't actually hungry but just wanted something to suck on. She was a big time "binkie baby". I really didn't like starting her on a pacifier, but even the pediatrician said to. Some kids just have more of an oral fixation than others. My second daughter was just the opposite. She never took a binkie (much to my dismay as she was cholicky and cried all the time!). Anyway, hope that helps.

I would have her checked for acid reflux. I used to work in childare and a couple of the little girls had the same symptoms.

Definitely sounds like GERD. Talk to your ped about it, and there are tests that be done to check. If you don't do anything about it your baby's esophegeal lining could get damaged, plus reflux burns. My doctor just gave us regular mylanta for our son. He is six months now, and is finally growing out of it. It will get better. One thing that also helps is baby sleeping on an incline. Gravity does wonders

has she been evaluated for acid reflux? i'm a peds nurse and we see a lot of that. implement reflux precautions: keep her head up at least 30 minutes after every feed, burp her in between while she's eating (just pull her off and burp her) and raise the head of her bed with a rolled up blanket or something under it, that should help. projectile vomiting is serious, could be a sign of pyloric stenosis, call your ped and ask for an abdominal ultrasound to rule it out if you are truly concerned...better safe than sorry!

yes, our daughter went through this too, at about the same age. Dr. first prescribed baby zantac, and that didn't seem to work as my clothes were then just spotted with the granuales! So they finally sonagrammed her to find that the muscle that goes from the stomach to the small intenstines (pyloric sphincter) was more narrow and shallow than normal and she was border line on requiring surgery. The Dr.'s felt she had a good chance of growing into her pyloric sphincter so we opted not for surgery. I took her off the baby zantac and just fed her less at a time, but more frequently, and that worked the best. The projectile vomiting did get worse if she got a cold, and we had no more problems once she reached 6 mo. As she has gotten older, 5 now, we've noticed her stomach gets quite large and bloated afer meals, but she poops alot and seems to eliminate fine. I am going to look into her bloated stomach to make sure it's not aggravating her small pyloric sphincter and causing a "backup" for lack of a better word.

My son, now 2 1/2, did the same thing. With him, there were times when it was definitely projectile! Scary at times. I remember talking to the Doc and he asked if I wanted reflux med for him. He was so tiny I could not imagine giving him meds already. I opted not too and eventually things settled down. It is a personal choice you may have to make, but I advise giving her body a chance to figure it all out by itself before going with meds.
I know I started keeping an eye on what I was eating, I stayed away from onions, garlic and other real flavorful foods for a while.

Good Morning A.
I know what you mean when they spit up what
they just nursed. I worked with my son for 2 months
I would let him nurse shorter times but that didn't
work either so I bought the alreday mix up formula
and it solved the biggest part of him spitting up and
throwing up what he nursed. Their is a formula that my
friend uses and its called Good Start she uses it
for all of her kids. I hope this has helped you out.
Have a great week. B. K.

Congrats on the new little one. It sounds like your formula doesn't agree with your little one, you should contact her doctor right away and get her formula changed. we had to do this with my last granddaughter, she is lactos intollerence. They changed her formula and now is growing like a weed.. Good luck.

My son is allergic to dairy AND soy PROTEIN. He never nursed well (similar symptoms) and no one suggested that I cut soy out of my diet. This would include all fried food(vegetable oil is soy, most processed/packaged foods and the obvious things that contain soy. It's not a common allergy, but you may want to mention it to your pediatrician.

First honey think about what you have been eating or drinking make sure you have not added something to your diet that could be upseting her little tummy. Or maybe she is eating more than her tummy can handle, or may need to talk to ped. about it. I believe its just something little but always be safe with our pride an joy..Good luck

My daughter did the same thing for about 3 months. She lost so much weight. She would projectile all over me. I was changing clothes all the time. The doctors ran some tests and told me that she was fine. I knew she wasn't because she looked unhealthy. Finely someone suggested I take her to a chiropractor and I freaked out. Then I decided I had nothing to lose. We went 5 times and she was all better. My daughter was breech and we turned her before my delivery and the chiropracter said that her digestive system was just a little off track at her neck. All he did was put her on his shoulder and rubbed her neck in the right spot. She screamed the first two times and then she felt so much better it was so worth it.

I have twin girls, they are 2 1/2 now, but had the same problem as babies. The pediatrician said its b/c the muscle at the top of the stomach isn't fully developed and therefore can't hold in the milk very well. My daughters threw up constantly. The only thing that would help is to leave them sitting up for about 15-20 minutes after feeding. I put them in their car seats or swing after they were done eating. They still threw up, but not as bad. Hope this helps.

my daughter did the dame thing... it was projectileish... my doc told me to let her sit up for a few minutes after each breast and burp her everytime in between each feeding... sitting up seemed to help her and help the milk settle in her stomach. worked like a charm and the spit up stopped.

it could be a million things, but my son was the same way almost from day 1 - i still think his problem was he didn't stop when he was full. i was told it was reflux, i was told to switch to soy formula, etc etc etc...we finally just started feeding him tiny meals (2-4 oz at a time) more often. he was a horrible spitter, up until we switched completely off the formula. he's 18 months now and we still tell the stories! his spitting up was borderline projectile too, sometimes he got quite a bit of distance. i would talk to your pediatrician, sorry i can't offer any better advice, but some babies just do spit up a LOT. your ped. may be able to narrow down a specific reason for it. good luck!

I work for 2 chiropractors, one in Shawnee and one in Overland Park. We had a mom that was so frustrated with her 6 month old spitting up all the time, she happened to mention the issue while in for her adjustment. Thats when the doctor explained that children benefit from chiropractic adjustments as well as adults. He palpated down the little boys' spine and noticed that at T4 and T5 (vertabrae in the mid-back--nerves that exit this part of the spinal cord go directly to our digestive system) the boy would arch his back when touched. The doctor gave a specific, gentle adjustment and they rescheduled him for 2 days later. The mom was beaming when they came in for the next appt. She said he showed major improvement. Doctor gave him one more treatment and the mother tells us that he will occasionally spit up now, but no more than normal babies do. She told us her pediatrician had prescribed an acid reflux medication for him and she was so happy that she didn't have to go that route. Daily medication for a six month old!! If you are interested in talking further, I'd be happy to. Or if you'd like a recommendation for 2 excellent chiropractic physicians, let me know. Good Luck with your choice for your daughters health,
R. B.

Hi A., my second daughter did the same thing and it was right at 5 weeks old that I finally took her to a pediatric gasterointestinal doctor at Children's Mercy. Turns out she had reflux and had not yet developed the protien needed to digest milk or soy. We had to put her on Prilesec and Neutramagin formula. If was a bummer because I had enjoyed nursing my oldest daughter for 10 months and now had to stop at only 5 weeks with her. But the most important thing is to do what is best for baby - she did well on the new formula and medicine and started gaining weight quickly. She still struggled with some spit ups but nothing nearly as bad as before. Her allergist now said that we possibly saved her from developing a milk and soy allergy. she is fine now and can tolerate both, so it was certainly worth it (albiet much more expensive!!). If you've tried altering your own diet and nothing has worked (eliminate dairy and onions and broccoli) then you may take it a step further. Good luck!!

My daughter was doing that and we called the doctor. They said to feed her a little at a time (5 minutes feeding, 5 minutes not for 30 min.) and see how she handled the milk. Between each feeding we had to keep her upright. We did this only a few times and found she had be eatting too fast. Now she rarelly spits up, drinks 4 ozs without stopping, but we still keep her upright on our shoulders after eating for at least 10 min. The longer though the better. Just a trick that worked for us. Hope everything goes better.

If your milk supply is really good then the likely cause is overfeeding/profuse let down (too much milk coming out too quickly...not your fault, just really good milk supply:) This tends to correct around 2 months of age. As long as she is not super fussy with feeds or throwing up and she is growing well this is the likely cause. If she seems in PAIN or is not gaining weight well then she may have acid reflux and then you should talk to your pediatrician. Hope that helps!

Yup -- you've got to burp her more often.

Change her diaper between breasts, too, to wake her up and get the gas out.

Cherish every moment of this special time.

A. -

You need to look into Acid Reflux. My son has the same problem and that is what he was diagnosed with. This can be fixed...she just may need to go on medicine such as Previcid (what we use) or Zantac. She may grow out of it howeve, so there is hope!

Having had a similar experience, I would guess the volume of spit-up is much less than you would think. I suggesst taking 2 oz of water and pouring on a towel. How does that compare with what you are seeing as spit up.

As far as changing clothes, my mom had a special t-shirt she put on when she held my daughter to protect her street clothes.

I hope it turns out to be "normal" spit up.

A....I have three grown children now (31, 19, 17) My oldest did exactly the same thing, as did my middle child. Only the youngest kept all my milk down and nursed the longest.

Turns out, my first two that always threw up, are both lactose intolerant. Of course, we did not know until they were older!!


When my son was young, he did the same for me but not my husband. One day, my husband was home when I was feeding him. I burped him afterward, and my husband said, "Stop. He's done." I was burping him for a time period, but after the first little burp came out, he was happy and did not vomit. I thought he needed to burp again, but if I burped him more, he would just vomit. Try burping him just a bit, until the first little one comes out. See if that helps. It helped me, helped my neighbor with her son, and helped some other people in our community, too!

As a mom of a child with GERD (gastroesophoeal reflux disease) it is easy to worry. try to use a spit cloth and measure how "much"/ big the puke is. Also watch her weight. And don't worry about making the doctor crazy, they might get flustered until they see the projectile/ splatter art on the office wall. If it persists then request an abdominal ultrasound. This will show how much food is left in the stomach after a few hours and let the doctor know what needs to be done. Also do try just expressing for a few days and add just a little rice into the milk. Hope all goes well and not too much is wrong.

My daughter did that until she was 10 months old. The doctor said she has acid reflux because that valve hasn't closed up yet. She did get better around 8 months but still does it occasionally. We tried prevacid and that helped a little. I also stopped nursing and went to formula and we now think she might have a dairy allergy. But again- it will get better. just buy those full body bibs and leave them on her ALL the time- Good luck! J.

Both of my daughters "spit-up" after nursing &/or eating. Most commonly, it's overeating... extremely common!!!! My oldest had reflux pretty significantly (projectile at times)& she grew out of it. (as the muscles of the mouth & troat go stronger, it happened less & less). Really, the only "problem" it caused was waiting a little longer to introduce foods to her. ...along with the universal reflux precautions: don't lay them flat... always at an angle (45 degrees perfered), wait at least 30 min (maybe more) before letting them lay down after eating. That's all I got!

Could be reflux. My son had that and was very fussy as well. He was put on Zantac which helped a lot. Check with your doctor.

T. M.

Sound's pretty normal

I would check with her doctor, she may have reflux. I know my oldest had this and her doctor had me feed her a half of a smashed banana every day or try giving cereal. He said that this would thicken up the contents of her stomach and it helped. We ended up doing the banana suggestion because we tried cereal and she didn't like it at all! Good luck.

We had this issue with a baby that didn't burp well. She also would overnurse and be too full, puke, and then nurse again. We realized that she just needed to suck more, so we did give in to the pacifier. My first nursed baby NEVER took one, I couldn't get him to even though I thought every baby was suppose to have one. The next child needed it. Others have also done this overeating/vomiting thing, and that one gets a pacifier. This 7th baby would not overeat, but would cry himself to sleep because he didn't want anymore milk, but still wanted to suck to go to sleep. So, with the suckie, we have no more tears at naptime.

She could have acid reflux. I had to start giving my daughter a bottle after feeding or before feeding with breast milk and cereal to give her something to weigh down her milk in her belly and that helped her from vomiting all the time. Her doctor wanted to start her on medicine to prevent this from happening, but one of my friends suggested the cereal approach. My daughter is now almost a year old and she almost never vomits anymore as long as I give her a little cereal.

My son did the same thing and when he was about that old I took him to the doctor and was diagnosed with acid reflux. He was given medicine which helped some and he eventually outgrew this after turning 6+ months old and eating more solid foods. I also limited how long I nursed him as he tended to eat really fast and eat too much too. Definately call your baby's doctor and make an appointment. Good luck!

She might be getting too much milk. Try cutting back some & see if that makes a difference & you should also check your diet to make sure your eating correctly for her as well as yourself. Good luck & God Bless!

I had 2 babies with this trouble and it was not untill the second one that we learned that the problem was acid reflux. My youngest (now 7) would also gag, cough and choke untill our pediatrician put her on Zantec. She took the med. for about 9 months and then outgrew the need. (I breastfed all mine so it was not an allergy or intolerance to formula.)

HAve you tried Mylicon drops? My son had an extremely week stomach and did the same thing. He aslo had to be burped after every one ounce of milk. Both of those together kept him from throwing up. We also had him on Soy milk.

Hi A.,
My son did that as well. I didn't nurse him, but it seemed like after almost every feeding he would spit up--not just a little but a lot. I had to change his clothes about 2-3 times a day. I talked to his doctor about it and he said that it is normal and it will stop when he starts eating real food and he is upright--and it did. It did seem to get a little better once he was put on cereal with his bottle which was when he was 2 1/2-3 months old. I know it seems like a long time away, but I hope that it helps knowing that someone else has gone through the same thing!

Hi A., I have 3 children and I nursed all three of them. My daughter never spit up, because she drank only what she needed, but the boys drank until they were stuff and they always had extra coming up. With nursing, you really don't know how much the baby is consuming. One day I extracted one side of my breast as I was nursing and I got 8 oz. out of it. Because the boys were drinking and deflating one side. So, that explained why the boys were constantly spitting up and throwing up, considering they tell new moms to give only 2-4 oz initially of formula. I wouldn't worry about the spitting up. It's just the baby's way of saying "oops I ate too much", but if it really bothers you than I would suggest you time yourself on how much the baby drinks. Just hang in there with the extra washing. Hope that helps! L. :-)

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Sorry to hear you and your new little girl are going through this. I am sure it is very frustrating. I think I would definitely call your pediatrician. It could be acid reflux and that is easily treated. Whatever it is, I am sure your pediatrician would have some ideas for you. Then you & baby can enjoy feeding times again! :)

I had the same problem with my son. I finally called the lactation consultant for advice. She said that it was likely do to me having a forceful let-down of milk and him having to gulp the milk to keep up. Therefore he was swallowing too much air. She suggested I lie back in a recliner or lay down in bed with him on top to nurse. It didn't stop the problem entirely, because I still had the forceful let-down, but it did help and he did eventually get old enough to be able to handle the flow of milk. He nursed with until about 13 months. If this doesn't help, contact the hospital where you delivered or your doctor to get in touch with a lactation consultant. She may have other suggestions you could try. Don't give up! Good Luck!

You may want to make sure she is not allergic to something, could be the reason for this.

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