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5 Week Old Daughter Spits Up/throws up After Every Feeding

We have a 5-week-old daughter who seems to throw up (more than just burping) almost every time I nurse her. She nurses fine, but I end up changing clothes (or at least needing to) several times each day. I'm not sure if it qualifies as projectile vomiting or not. Any tips or suggestions?

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Our daughter is still spitting up, but the pediatrician has called back and we're trying to feed more slowly with more burps in between. If it hasn't improved by Friday, I'm supposed to call back and he thinks is reflux and he wants to see her and talk about medications.

Thanks to everyone who responded. I didn't have this problem with my older daughter and was a little freaked out!

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I have twin girls, they are 2 1/2 now, but had the same problem as babies. The pediatrician said its b/c the muscle at the top of the stomach isn't fully developed and therefore can't hold in the milk very well. My daughters threw up constantly. The only thing that would help is to leave them sitting up for about 15-20 minutes after feeding. I put them in their car seats or swing after they were done eating. They still threw up, but not as bad. Hope this helps.

That happened with my daughter, and we had to put her on lactose free formula. She hasn't had any problems since.

is she losing weight ??? she may need something for reflux or maybe there is an allergy problem I would contact my doctor.

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Hi, I'm M.. I'm deeply involved with nutrition. I'd go that route first. If you drink soda it can go through you milk and upset her stomach. It may be an allergy to something that your eating so alternate your foods for about 3-5days and see if removing something from your diet stops the upset stomach. You could go to a nutritionist or nutritional store and pick up a probiotic and take it for yourself and see if you are high in bad flora for your digestive track. It won't hurt it is really good for your gut. And this can calm digestion in you and your baby, and helps with heartburn and indigestion. If you or your baby has white on your tongue (called thresh) probiotics help with that too. And last but not least check all your medications and see if they are acceptable to take while breastfeeding.

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My goodness did I go through the same thing. I also hear it all the time from my patients. I am a DC and work with pregnant moms and new bundles of joy. There are many reasons for the throw up. Mine were horrid, burp rags on every end of every piece of furniture for quick responses. Feel reassured it will get better. Also, check your diet. I have had several patients cut dairy down and replace calcium and magnesium with other sources. start by cutting it out completely Give it a week or two then re-introduce milk, am. cheese, sour cream, yogurt, etc. Your baby just may have an "allergy," more like "sensitivity" at this age. I have one very happy mommy whom removed most dairy for 1 month and is fine now. Does the baby sleep ok on her back, does she cry continuously or with pain after spitting up? Those could indicate irritation in the throat and esaphagus. Get that checked out. Do you have one breast that's crazy? I did and it seemed that I would drown my poor boys and then they would let me have it back!! Good luck let me know if you need anything else.

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Have you had the pediatrician check out milk allergies yet? My son, now 23, did the same thing as your baby. It turned out that he was allergic to all dairy products. Once I eliminated all dairy products from my diet, he was able to keep my milk down. We never supplemented. He nursed until he was about 13-14 months old. m

Hi A.. Everyone has given great advice. I did want to throw one extra thing in here as my friend just went through this. Her newborn was throwing up constantly. Everyone kept telling her it was acid reflux except for me. Just the way she described it, it didn't sound like reflux. The doctor had her switch formula's, etc. After 3 weeks of not getting better, I told her she really needed to see the pediatrician and he ended up having something wrong (can't remember the name). Its common but it did require surgery. Just a little FYI. If you are concerned, I would discuss with your pediatrician.

If your switching back and forth between formula and breast milk that could be upsetting her stomach. If you are just breast feeding then it might be a problem with your breast milk you might want to check with your doctor.

I also had this same thing (my daughter is now 7 1/2 weeks old. I had called her doctor and he wanted to see how things progressed by her eight week appointment. She was projectile though, but anyway I took her to a chiropractor. He was able to manually push her stomach down, and it helped tremendously. She went from projectile or spitting up every meal to one time a day and knock on wood, but for the past two days she has not projectiled anymore and spitup is very minimal. I hope this helps.

I remember being very concerned with the same kind of thing with my 2nd child. I took him to our pediatrician. They told us that it could be something small- like acid reflux- but they sent us over to Children's Mercy for some testing. They found that his digestive system just wasn't fully developed. It is very common and they grow out of it after just a few weeks. My son was about 10 weeks old when he stopped vommitting after eating. (I can't remember all of the correct medical terms- but basically it's where the intestines meet the stomach, there's like a little flap and opening where the food drops into their stomach. My son's opening was just too small.) So, we were told to just feed him less at each feeding time and feed him more often. That way they digest smaller amounts each time and are less likely to throw up. It worked for us and when he was about 10 weeks old, we went back to normal feeding amounts/times. If you have any questions or if you are really concerned, I would definitely call your pediatrician :) Good luck!

I can totally symphazize with your daughter's feeding issues. My four month old had the same problem. I have a couple questions first...does she seem to get really irritable and fussy after feedings as well?? My daughter is allergic to milk, and when she was 10 days old, I figured out that it was dairy products that I was eating that was causing her so many problems. I would suggest first...literally cutting out every dairy product out of your diet. There are many babies who have a hard time digesting the milk protein in dairy products...and this does go into the breast milk. My daughter also has acid reflux though, which I believe was exacerbated by the milk. Do you hear gurgling up of what sounds like stomach juices? Or does she cry out in pain in the middle of the night? Or occasionally have issues with stopping breathing? If so, you need to go to your pediatrician. I'm not a doctor, but I learned a lot with my little one.

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