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5 Point Harness Booster Seat - Mount Bethel,PA

My son is now 4 and I need to switch him to a booster seat as he has outgrown is car seat. I do not feel comfortable putting him in a regular booster seat and using the lap belt. I would like to get a booster seat that is a five point harness. Does any one have a seat that their child loves, and is a 5 point harness?
Thanks in advance!

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My children use the Sunshine Kids Radian 80. It is a substantial seat and it rates good on crash tests. These tests prove that children especially 40lb children are NOT safe in belt positioning booster seats. Anyway, The sunshine kids seats are fantastic.

We LOVE the Graco Nautilus (sp?) car seat. It has a great 5-pt harness and later converts to a regular booster with or without the high back. My 3 1/2 year old (but only 32 lb) son can still sleep in it on the rare occasion that happens and generally likes the comfort factor. However, his favorite parts are the cup holder and the "race car cubbies" built into the side arms. It is much thinner and less bulky than the comparable Britex booster. I use it with two other seats for three across in my Honda CRV. Good luck!

My daughter has the Cosco High Back Booster seat. I am insistent on her being in the 5 point harness as long as possible. I actually just went and got two more to have a total of 3. She loves it. It has a cup holder with a snack spot holder attached to it. It's very easy to use and easy on the budget as well.


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You're absolutely right to feel that way! Children are MANY times safer in a 5 pt seat than a booster, even after the suggested MINIMUM of 4 yrs AND 40 lbs.
We recently got a Britax Frontier for our daughter (who's 6 1/2) to ride in. It's a forward-facing only seat that harnesses to 80 (or 85 lbs if you get the newer version) and then later transforms into a booster that will properly fit most children. (MANY of the 5 pt to "booster" seats on the market (ie: Cosco, Evenflo, etc..) will NOT properly fit most children & are therefor, extremely dangerous to use in booster mode. The NHTA recently released a report listing many of these seats as seats that they suggest not using. The Frontier, however, was listed as one of the Best Bets).
The Frontier also has a 9 YEAR LIFESPAN whereas most seats only have a 6 yr lifespan before expiring.

If you go to www.HipMonkey.com there are some excellent seats on there & you can often use the coupon code "Thanks20" (I believe!) to get 20% off!!!

Hope that helps! Good for you for doing your homework on this very important topic!

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Britax Frontier. My twins love theirs. Armrests, cupholders and they got to choose their own colors.

Word of caution, though: it is not a seat that can easily be moved from one vehicle to another. Once it's in correctly, it's like part of the car. It's heavy! I like the 5-point and other safety features on it.

It converts to a regular booster seat when they get too tall/heavy for the 5-point. Cheapest price I found online for them was Elite Car Seat.

We had them in the Britax Marathons before (still use them for hubby's vehicles since the kids aren't too big for them yet). The biggest difference from Mom's perspective is that the straps on the Frontier aren't as "stiff" as the Marathon and twist easier. Best way to deal with that is put the armrests up as you're getting your son out of the car and loop the strap over them.

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We have the Britax that is a 5pt harness. My son loves it!

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My 6 y/o daughter moved into he Britax Frontier a year ago. I trust the Britax brand - we have used the Marathon seat and now the Frontier. I have also tried the Regent (now discontinued), which I believe would work well for a "husky" or chubby child. Yes I believe some of the newest seats are achieving higher weight limits, but Britax has been manufacturing higher weight limit seats for a long time and I am more inclined to believe they are safer than the other new to the market seats. My daughter and I BOTH love her Frontier and I LOVE that it can be used as a 5 point harness until 85 lbs!

I have also heard great things about Sunshine Kids seats, but I have no personal experience with them.

Check out the web sites and see for your self.

Britax Frontier - http://www.britaxusa.com/car-seats/frontier-85
Sunshine Kids - http://www.skjp.com/products/97556/Car_Seats

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Hi. We have 3 different 5pt harness booster seats. We bought the Britax Regent 4 years ago when it was the only 5pt harness booster up to 80lbs. When our next daughter needed one we bought the Sunshine Radian80 b/c it got great safety ratings and was a lot smaller than the Regent. Now that we need another one for our third daughter, I just bought the Britax Frontier85. I would never buy the Regent again b/c this seat is HUGE and is heavy to move. But, it is safe. We have been happy with the Sunshine Radian80 and the new Britax Frontier85 (which is different than the older model Frontier). Good luck and so happy you're choosing to keep your child in a 5pt harness to 80lbs!!

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We got our daughter the Britax Regent about 6 months ago (on clearance as another poster said) but I went online to get another one a couple days ago and couldn't find them available for $150 any more. One website still had them but were selling them at regular price.... The Regent goes to 80#.

The Regent has been replaced with another carseat that goes to 85# and after that, turns into a booster where you can use a seatbelt till 120# ish........ I think that one is running about $280.

I highly recomend checking out the Britax carseats. They are GREAT!

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Congratulations for taking the safest and most responsible route for your child!

Britax has the best, the Regent, although it's seems to be discontinuing this, but do an online search. If you can find one, it'll be much less than the original price! They are THE roomest and safest and easily goes up to 80 lbs, 8 years. The Britax Frontier is ok, if you have a small, skinny child. They are narrow and no way would work with my larger 5 year old! The arm rests are what part of the problem is. I'm curious on what Britax will put out after the Regent. I would look at every site that makes 5 pt harness seats and find the largest one for each brand, and then compare stats. Write down the measurements of:

shoulder to rump
rump to top of the head
seat area, front to back
height of each shoulder strap slot
seat width

Compare all areas of the seats and find the largest one to last as long as possible and have the most room as we don't know how our children grow until they've already outgrown their seats.

Once you've got your top 2 or 3 seats, then look at safety ratings through Consumer Reports and other reputible companies. Price should not be a factor when it comes to your child's safety. Ask for family and friends to pitch, give money for birthday, etc.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets
(owner of 4 Britax Regents!)

events and chat within 2 hour radius

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I don't know if they make a 5 point harness booster, but the Britax one we have is the only one I found that has an extra piece that goes between his legs and hooks to the lap belt. It is to prevent slipping down under the belt in an accident. we like it, and it also has the true side impact protection which most don't...good luck in your search.

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