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5 Month Old Teething

I have an almost 6 month old who is teething and waking up about 4 or 5 times at night, crying...we'll put her paci back in and she goes to sleep for a little while and then will wake back up and the same process repeats itself...she was sleeping thru the night until she started teething...I'm assuming this is what it is...any thoughts, advice or otherwise?
I have a 3 year old and she didn't do this...my younger just must be having a harder time of it? Any advice or stories would be great...I have to believe its going to end soon:)
Thanks so much for the help!

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i have a 15 month old daughter and when she was teething we got some night time baby orajel that we put on her gums before she went to bed and we also would give her infant tylenol for pain and that would help her sleep through the night or most the night. i hope this helped you some. good luck.


I highly recommend teething tablets. With my son I referred to them as personality transplants. With in a few minutes he would be behaving like a normal baby. I love them

Some little ones have a harder time getting those little chompers through the gums than others. All of my kids had a tough time and usually cut their teeth 2 at a time. When my 35 year old was having a miserable time teething, I was told to take a spoon and use it to cut the gum where the teeth were. (You could see them but they were just too stubborn to come through) Just the thought made me sick to my stomach and sent shivers down my spine so I just gave him a soup spoon to chew on. This worked on all 4 of my kids and they now use it for their kids.
When they get old enough for table food, the bone from a chicken leg works well too. I would take off that small bone on the side and the cartilage from the end and they would just chomp away.

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Have you tried rubbing a little tylenol on her gums before you put her down at night? This really seemed to help our son. We tried orajel but that actually made him even more cranky and upset.

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I highly recommend teething tablets. With my son I referred to them as personality transplants. With in a few minutes he would be behaving like a normal baby. I love them

When my sons were teething our pedi told us to take Chloroseptic and saturate a q-tip and rub it on their gums. It keeps it numb longer than Baby Orajel (which in my opinion dosn't work anyway...)
You might try teething tablets as well. They are a Homeopathic remedy.
We used both and they got through it and we got some sleep too.
Good luck!\

It will end soon...my husband and I went through the same exact thing with our (now 10 month old) son. After trying everything from comforting him to teething gel, we found a solution that worked!

Before Gavin (our son) went to bed we would give him teething tablets (can be found at CVS - they are all natural and have chamomille to help to calm them down) and some tylenol. This worked wonders and he started to sleep through the night (though it did take a few days)! Any time he woke up, we would give him the teething tablets to help ease the pain and calm him down as well as some Tylenol, as long as it was within the time specified OK to give it to him on the bottle.

During the day, frozen fruit in those mesh bags were wondeful and it gave him some vitamins and nutrients...I found that melon seemed to work te best because it didnt fall apart in little pieces.


Also make sure that you are "brushing" her gums with a finger brush and baby toothpaste (they come together in a package in the baby isle). Apparently the bacteria that can collect on the gums can cause pain while teething. Good luck!

Hylands all Natural teething tablets work for us...(and little teethers/orajel/anbesol on the specific area)

I have 3 boys and teething was a diffucult time. I gave my sons tylenol before bed to help with pain and sleep. My boys did not like the oral gel, but you could always try if your daughter likes it. During the evening after supper I also let my boys chew on cool rings. I had several and left them in the refrig until the needed it. I hope this helps.

Gentle Naturals Teething Drops

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