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5 Month Old Bones Cracking When Getting Picked Up.

My son is going to be 5 months and almost everytime we go to pick him up his bones crack. They mainly in his shoulders and arms. Is there any liquid vitamin i can give or any other suggestions about vitamins for a 5 month old?

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It's not a big deal. My kids did that too.
Hope this helps,
Mom to 4, soon 5 through another adoption, and hopefully more :o)

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Hi S., my chiropractor told me that this is actually normal. I doubt that a vitamin would actually help. You could take him to a chiropractor just to see if all is in alignment- it never hurts to be informed:)

The same thing happened with my daughter (just turned a year) and the pediatrician said some kids' just have more fluidity in their bones and that's what causes the cracking. If your child doesn't seem to be in any pain, I wouldn't worry about it. If you're concerned and your pediatrician can't assist you, try a specialist.

Yeah, this is not anything to worry about in and of itself. It's also not anything a vitamin (or chiropractor) would help anyway. I crack and pop in just about every joint and, not surprisingly, so does my son. It can be off-putting to people who don't know what it feels like, but I have never experienced any pain with it and actually sometimes feels pretty good -- like stretching.

But, it also won't hurt anything to mention it to your pediatrician at your next regular visit and you can also discuss any need for nutritional supplements at that time as well.

my sons shoulders would pop all the time. i think it's ok/normal.

My daughter went through a phase where every time I picked her up her back would crack. She never seemed in pai. I talked to her pediatrician and my chiropractor and they both assured me it is normal and if there is no signs of pain to just keep on with normal daily life.

My son went through this as well. There's probably nothing wrong. Enjoy picking him up as long as there is no sign of discomfort in your son! As your son grows, his muscles, bones and ligaments will get stronger and this will go away. Although it can be gross to listen to (and concerning), it will pass. It did with my son!

Chiropractic. It seems ridiculous, I know, but I had to start bringing my oldest starting at 7 months because he had a twitch. Some chiropractors recommend that kids get adjusted right after birth because of the trauma of childbirth.

Bottom line is know your options and do what you think is right. Every kid is different and every parent is different, but somehow most of us turn out okay.

Hi S.. I'm a doctor of chiropractic.
I would recommend having your child evaluated by a pediatric chiropractor.
The popping and cracking you hear may be a sign that he needs care.
Check out www.ICPA4KIDS.com to find a qualified practitioner.
You are also welcome to check out our website at
www.YostFamilyChiropractic.com and view a child's adjustment.
As far as vitamins, is your child nursing? If so, he's getting all the nutrients his little body needs from you. If not, you'll need to supplement. A liquid multi called LyFlo and Innate Choice Omega-3's.

Sounds like a vitamin or mineral deficiency. You son might not be getting something that he needs or more likely (since he is an infant) there is a block in this body's absorbtion of that vitamin or mineral and no liquid vitamins are going to help. An intuitive homeopath can give you the answers and solution in 60 seconds or less :)

Both of my daughters had the same thing and it really isn't a problem. They are growing and developing normally. Also this didn't hurt them, does your son seem in pain from the noise? There are basic children's liquid vitamins at any of the major stores (Target, Walmart, etc).

this sounds normal. my sister had a shoulder that would come out of joint until she was like 10 or something. she got to the point where she would put it back in all by herself. however, this is only popping for you, so i really wouldnt worry about it. joints get a little off during a vaginal birth, so if this is the case for you, dont worry as your son grows it should go away. even csec birth they could have pulled an arm or something and its just loose.

i guess you could talk to your doctor to be sure, but im thinking its fine and you shouldnt have to worry about it.

I also had this with my infants. When I mentioned to the chiropractor he told me this was a natural adjustment for babies and not to worry. Also he restressed the importance of not keeping them confined to bouncers, car seats etc. and to allow for movement, tummy time, rolling time, exploring and the like. It won't hurt to take him to a chiropractor if you are so inclined.

S. - I would recommend you consult a chiropractor. Chiropractors know more about nutrition than most medical doctors and can help you find a solution that works for you. My personal favorites are Dr Craig Couillard, Lake Marion Chiropractic in Lakeville and Synapse Clinic in Eagan MN.


Consider finding a great chiropractor. I know it sounds scary with an infant, but they even treat newborns! Your son may have something out of alignment and that could also be painful. If you are hesitant, get a recomendation from someone in your area and just schedule an informational appt. I think you'll be pleased. :-)

I used Gerber liquid baby vitamins, but they are hard to locate. Most recently I had to order them off the internet. I don't know if vitamins will help with the cracking sound, but they helped keep my baby's stool a nice firm consistency.
Make sure your pediatrician is OK with the bone cracking sounds. Good luck.

It's not a big deal. My kids did that too.
Hope this helps,
Mom to 4, soon 5 through another adoption, and hopefully more :o)

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